Most Comfortable High Heels for Wide Feet

10 Most Comfortable High Heels for Wide Feet 2024

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Finding comfortable heels feels like a battle more often than not, but finding comfortable heels for wide feet feels like an all-out war.

If you’re struggling with finding stylish and comfortable shoes due to the shape of your feet, then check out these super comfortable high heels for wide feet.

Allegra K High Chunky Heel – Best Overall

Allegra K High Chunky Heel

The Allegra K High Chunky Heels are hands down the best overall. They are super comfortable with a gently curing base to support your toes, wide straps that won’t dig in, and a chunky heel to make walking easier. Not only are they super stylish, but they come in 15 colors too! These shoes are deliciously affordable and incredibly easy to pair with outfits.

They have a clean and casual look that can fit almost any occasion and a medium heel to add length to your legs without putting you off balance.

Since the toes and sides are open, you won’t have to worry about your feet feeling confined. The velvety faux suede material is also very soft. Additionally, these shoes are sized for wide feet, so you won’t have to worry about fudging the size.

Sophia Webster Black Chiara Heeled Sandals ­ Premium Option

Sophia Webster Black Chiara Heeled Sandals

For those of you who don’t mind spending the big bucks to get the best of the best, the Sophia Webster Black Chiara Heeled Sandals are definitively the best.

Just look at these absolutely gorgeous heels! The color, the shape, the height, it’s all so magical. Not only do these shoes have fabulous three-dimensional fairy wings, but they also look beyond elegant. If you can afford the luxury of it all, why not treat your wide feet to this fashionable pair of heels? Just because you have wide feet doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to basic pumps.

The high contrast pinks, oranges, blues, and purples framed by dramatic black are striking against any skin tone and compliment any leg shape. The high stiletto is classic and refined, while the crisscrossed toe straps and butterfly wings add a dash of whimsy.

While these may be the most expensive on the list, they are undoubtedly the most fabulous too.

Jenn Ardor Closed Toe Pumps – Best Budget Option

Jenn Ardor Closed Toe Pumps

If you need heels ASAP but are having trouble finding an affordable pair that fits, then look no further. These pumps get the job done without breaking the bank.

While they’re no designer shoes, these heels still have a bit of style. The inside of the heels and toe tips are adorned with reflective material to give a gold-like finish. They also come in five different colors.

The rubber sole might get a little sweaty, but it’s well-padded and comfortable for wide feet. The plastic outer has leather-like texturing and a medium gloss finish. These are quality shoes for a more than fair price, and they offer all the elegance you could want.

These heels will serve you well for formal, business, and casual occasions and are practically a steal at their current price. The seller suggests sizing up a half size for wide feet.

Glitter Over the Knee Boot

Glitter Over the Knee Boot

We all know that heels come in many shapes and styles, and not everyone will be satisfied with a basic stiletto or pump. If you’re in the market for comfortable heels, but want something with a bit more coverage, then you’ve come to the right place.

These Glitter Over the Knee Boots are just the ticket for those looking for some fashionable stilettos with height. The boots reach up above the knee and have a crumpled, yet soft appearance – no trash bag boots here.

These boots have savagely sharp toes and a knife-thin heel. The upper can accommodate any size or shape of the leg, and the sole is made of recycled leather. What’s not to love? Let’s not forget about the glitter either. Who wouldn’t want a boot that shimmers like sunlight on a lake?

Considering the quality and style of these boots, they are also very affordable. Keep in mind that these shoes don’t stretch or have a zipper, so you may need to order one or two sizes up.

Bottega Veneta Almond Leather Pumps

Bottega Veneta Almond Leather Pumps

If you are looking for a high-fashion, yet simplistic shoe, then check out the Bottega Veneta Almond Leather Pumps. These bad boys are top-of-the-line shoes that offer a sleek and futuristic look while remaining a subtle and understated addition to any outfit.

The low, curved heel and straight angle of the shoe give this heel a unique quality that you won’t find elsewhere. The smooth layout and Italian craftsmanship promise that this shoe will fit like a glove.

The price point is quite high, but the quality and elegance more than make up for it. The upper and sole are smooth leather, and the rubber heel blends perfectly with the design. The almond shape makes these shoes feel organic, while the sleek design adds a modern and minimalist touch.

Mary Jane Faux Suede Mesh

Mary Jane Faux Suede Mesh

Sexy heels, while striking, aren’t for everyone and can be particularly cumbersome to work into more casual outfits. Stilettos are sexy and elegant, but that isn’t appropriate for all situations. Whether you’re looking for something more versatile, or just want something cuter, these Mary Jane Faux Suede Mesh heels will be perfect for you.

With chunky heels, rounded toes, and polka dot mesh sides, these vaguely Lolita-style shoes are ideal for casual, cutesy, and professional looks. The soft faux suede and rounded appearance give these shoes a more approachable and friendly vibe but still retain striking style through their thin ankle straps and mesh sides.

Unlike other heels, these shoes look good with or without socks and are super comfortable for all-day wear.

These shoes are extra wide and made for plus-size people. They can take a lot of downward pressure and still fit just as comfortably, no matter your shoe size. They come in sizes 6 to 13 double-wide.

Sofia in Emerald Suede

Sofia in Emerald Suede

The Sofia in Emerald Suede are some of the most delightful strappy heels. They come in black as well as two unique patterns. While they are a bit pricy for heeled shoes, they are downright cheap compared to designer shoes.

These heels have a wildness to them that promises fun whenever you put them on. They’re perfect for parties, summer days, and romantic dinners. They come in slim, regular, and roomy fits in sizes 6 to 10.5.

The ankle strap has four points of adjustment to fit any leg size, and the arch support is phenomenal. The suede under your toes is exceptionally comfortable, and the leather sole is durable and flexible. The insole also has extra padding.

Soncino Ankle Strap Sandal

Soncino Ankle Strap Sandal

For something fun and flashy, try these popping Soncino Ankle Strap Sandals. While they come in black, white, and silver, you’ll want to get the painted green tie-dye pattern. These strappy heels are a statement piece in any wardrobe.

The thick straps, low heels, and wide fit make these shoes incredibly comfortable. The ankle strap is adjustable, and the toe strap is nicely curved to avoid digging in.

These glossy heels are suited to a red carpet event or beach-side restaurant outing. They are casual and fun while also retaining a certain air of formality.

They come in several widths and sizes from 5 to 13. The insoles are padded with memory foam and have built-in arch support.

Simmi London Wide Fit Melina Ankle Boot

Simmi London Wide Fit Melina Ankle Boot

The Simmi London Wide Fit Melina Ankle Boots are affordable shoes with a twig-thin stiletto and unique woven design. These ravishing boots are faux leather and zip on smoothly. The crisscross weave of the upper is almost akin to snakeskin but has a more geometric and structured look.

These shoes are undeniably stylish, with a sleek and cohesive appearance that boasts a high-fashion edge.

The wide fit is comfortable and secure feeling, with plenty of height in the heel. These boots work wonderfully in any season with casual inner or outerwear. There is no adjustment or stretch to the boot, so people with thicker calves may need to size up.

So Nude Slingback Sandal

So Nude Slingback Sandal

To finish off the list, we have the So Nude Slingback Sandals. These classy shoes are perfect for any occasion. They lack an ankle strap, so there is nothing to break up the long look of your leg, but they’re held on securely with a heel strap.

These heels come in powder pink, making them an excellent choice for any skin tone. On darker skin, they contrast as a pale pastel, while on lighter skin, they can work as nude heels. These shoes look particularly lovely for formal, casual, business, and special occasion events.

The overall design leans to the subtle side with thin straps and an even thinner base. The heel is a stiletto, and while there are no adjustments in this shoe, there is a small piece of elastic in the heel strap to help them fit more snugly.

The upper, lining, and sole are leather, and these shoes are made in Italy, so the price reflects that.

What to Look for in Heels If You’ve Wide Feet

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying heels to find the most comfortable ones for your feet.

Sizing and Fit

Obviously, the most important aspect of shopping for wide feet is finding shoes that fit well and are true to size. Some brands offer width sizing options while others don’t.

In instances where width sizing is an option, finding the perfect fit is only a matter of measuring your foot and selecting the appropriate size. Many stores sell regular and wide versions of shoes, and some even have several width options.

In cases where there is only one width, however, determining the fit can be tricky. If a shoe fits true to size, then it will likely be too narrow for wide feet, but might be passable depending on the design. Shoes with open sides and adjustable straps are easy to fit, but something like a boot might be trickier.

In some cases, you can simply size up half a size or one size, but if it gets too big then the shoe won’t fit at all.

Always check reviews and descriptions to see if the seller lists measurements or suggestions, or if other customers have had trouble.

Heel Height

Heel height is an important consideration for anyone buying heels. If you have any foot, leg, hip, or back problems, difficulty walking in heels, or a tendency to trip, six-inch heels probably aren’t for you.

People with wide feet generally find two and a half to three-inch heels to be the most comfortable, but it’s mostly up to personal preference.


Let’s be honest, unless you have money to burn, the price will always be a consideration. You don’t want to be dropping hundreds on an ill-fitting shoe. Unless you have the money to spend on luxury, sometimes you just have to settle.

Fortunately, shoes for wide feet are no more expensive than regular shoes. Even plus-size shoes are affordable. That said, if the price drops too low, the comfort and quality of the shoe will also diminish.

Arch Support

A big problem people often face when buying heels is the lack of arch support. You’d think, based on the fact they have high heels, that there would be built-in arch support, but that’s not often the case.

If you have flat or wide feet, finding shoes with arch support can make a huge difference in how comfortable they are, especially if you plan to wear them all day.


One often overlooked aspect of high heel comfort is the cushioning. You may have noticed that most heels have no cushioning at all. The insole is often very thin and can be considered a mere layer of fabric at best. This doesn’t have to be the case, though.

Many high heels on the market today use modern methods like memory foam and high-density cushioning to add some padding to heels without adding bulk. Make sure to look for shoes that have some built-in cushioning, especially around the toes, arch, and heel.

Toe Room

One of the most problematic areas of any shoe for people with wide feet is the toe box. The sides of the shoes press on the bones right where your toes start, and it’s often quite painful. A sign of a properly fitting shoe is when you can feel the shoe on the side of your feet, but there is no pressure.

Likewise, boxy-toed shoes often fit wide feet better than pointed shoes.

To find the best fit, determine what part of shoes often causes the most trouble and look for shoes that are wider by design in those areas.


You may not have thought about it, but the material of a shoe can be a cause of frustration to wide-footed people.

If you find you have the most trouble with leather, vinyl, or pleather shoes, then it’s likely due to the rigidness of the material. Soft, malleable materials can offer some give and alleviate some of the pressure that other shoes can put on wide feet. Materials like suede are especially good because they stretch and reshape over time to fit the wearer.

Just be careful that they are not suede stuck onto a plastic base because they won’t stretch. Look for shoes made with canvas, wool, or natural fibers that will shift and stretch.

Heel Style and Stability

This goes for people with any size or shape of feet, but especially those with wide feet. Look for a shoe with a stable and comfortable heel. If the heel position, size, or shape is wrong, it might be forcing you to roll your foot and balance more on the inner or outer edge.

For people with wide feet, walking in a way that puts pressure on the edges of your feet can cause a lot of pain, and walking in an unfamiliar fashion is exhausting.

If you aren’t used to heels or have poor balance, always go for a chunkier heel. Stilettos can be comfortable, but you need to find ones that place the heel directly below your heel. Sizing up can cause problems when it comes to this, because if your foot slides forward, the heel will be too far behind your center of gravity.

Best Brands That Make Comfortable High Heels For Wide Feet

If you liked any of the above shoes, then you might want to check out some others from the same brands. These brands have shoes made especially for wide feet and plenty of sizing options. The biggest difference between them is the types of shoes they sell and the price tags.


Ssense offers a wide variety of apparel, including heeled shoes. While they focus on high-end luxury footwear, they also carry a wide variety of styles. The sheer magnitude of the store promises a great many fits and shapes suitable for any type of foot.

Because there is such a wide range of heels, you’re sure to find more than a few things that will fit. While the price of such luxury is out of reach for many, those who can afford these shoes can rest assured that they’ll be buying quality, long-lasting footwear.


Nordstrom is a renowned brand home to high-quality, high-end items. The heels from Nordstrom as always well-made, often use recycled materials, and come in a wide variety of sizes. The site offers many filters to sort out shoes for you, including eight shoe width options.

Nordstrom shoes also often come in many colors, so you’ll have no problem finding one that works. Additionally, these high-quality shoes are fairly affordable and usually have a focus on comfort.


Net-A-Porter offers a curated selection of designer shoes with a vast array of styles. They have everything from casual platforms to elegant heels to fantasy costume shoes. The range of styles is incredible, and the sheer volume of shoes is overwhelming.

Net-A-Porter is quite an expensive store, but you won’t find these shoes anywhere else. The large selection lends itself perfectly to people with wide feet.


Torrid is a plus-size store that proves size doesn’t have to limit your style. They have lovely sensible shoes and fun, freaky, and fabulous shoes as well. Additionally, they’re all super affordable; not a single pair reaches triple digits.

Because Torrid is a plus-size store, people with wide or large feet don’t have to worry about sizing up or contending with the sizing chart. It’s all made for you!


Inez is a comfort-focused shoe company that delights in making heels that you’ll love to wear. It sits in the middle price range with most shoes around a couple hundred dollars, but you can see where the money goes in the shoe. Each shoe has extra padding in the insoles, molded arch support, and high-quality, soft materials. Each shoe comes in narrow, regular, and roomy widths.


Asos is where it’s at if you’re looking for affordable shoes. None of their shoes are over one hundred dollars, and most of them have a wide or square design to prevent your toes from getting pinched or crushed.

Most of the shoes at Asos are casual, but many of them can be dressed up to pair with more formal attire. Their shoes are modern and fun but usually more sensible than luxury brands.

Most Comfortable High Heels for Wide Feet, Closing Thoughts

Did any of these shoes strike your fancy? If so, then check out this guide to the best stores like Macy’s to help you find your next pair of heels or other apparel today.

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