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12 Best SPANX Leggings 2024

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Whether you’re a gym rat or enjoy comfortable clothing, you’ve heard of the brand SPANX. This woman’s brand sells everything from shapewear, to bras, to their famous leggings.

If you’re looking to add a new pair of leggings or two to your wardrobe, SPANX is a brand you need to shop for. Check out some of the best SPANX leggings!

1: Booty Boost Active Leggings – Best Overall

Booty Boost Active Leggings

The Booty Boost Active Leggings (compare prices at SPANX and Nordstrom) are some of the most popular leggings by SPANX. You want these if you’re looking for something classic, comfortable, and functional.

SPANX uses its signature sculpting fabric to ‘boost your booty’ and help you feel more secure, no matter where you wear them. These leggings will help eliminate muffin tops, are sweat-wicking and breathable. They’re also perfect for working out as they aren’t see-through.

Even though most people choose these leggings as gym attire, you can wear them anywhere! They come in several neutral colors that will enhance your wardrobe. Black is by far the most popular color because it matches everything.

You can also choose from other colors like dark palm, navy, gray-blue, and graphite dust. The leggings fall right at your angle, giving you the most coverage you can get from a pair of leggings. 

These naturally slimming leggings run true to size according to most people who own them. SPANX offers sizes ranging from extra small to 3XL.

While the brand offers several sizes, you might not have as many size options if you shop at another retailer. You can always check their size guide to ensure you’re getting the perfect fit for you.

2: Faux Patent Leather Leggings – Premium Option

Faux Patent Leather Leggings

SPANX Faux Patent Leather Leggings (compare prices on SPANX and Amazon) are the best premium option you can buy. These are some of the brand’s most expensive leggings, but most people would agree they’re well worth the investment.

These faux leather leggings are super shiny and are sure to make a statement. They’re the perfect legging to wear when you want to look nice but be comfortable at the same time. Even though they use a faux leather material, you won’t feel uncomfortable or like the leggings are too tight.

Unlike other faux or real leather leggings, these don’t have any zipper or button. All you have to do is shimmy them on like you would with any other legging. Even though these are faux leather leggings, SPANX still uses their signature booty sculpting fabric to ensure your behind isn’t flat.

It comes with a hidden contour waistband to add a unique look and more support. People love that there isn’t a center seam, meaning you don’t need to go about your night worrying about camel toe.

The material is incredibly shiny and different from their other faux leather leggings. On SPANX’s website, you can order the leggings in black, but other retailers, like Amazon, have a ruby color, but black is the most popular.

Unlike other brand leggings, these aren’t true to size. Most people say they run a little small, so it’s best to size up if you plan on purchasing these leggings. These leggings come in sizes from extra small to 1XL, but you can also choose between regular, petite, and tall lengths, which are lovely.

3: EcoCare Seamless Leggings – Budget Option

EcoCare Seamless Leggings

The EcoCare Seamless Leggings (compare prices at SPANX and Macys) are our choice for the best budget SPANX leggings. Usually, items made with recycled materials are more expensive, but not these leggings. You might be looking at the leggings and thinking that they’re just another pair of black leggings, but they’re more than that.

Sure, they look similar to many other black leggings offered by SPANX and other brands, but these are made with SENSIL® EcoCare nylon. So, these are leggings you can feel good about purchasing while looking amazing.

The eco nylon is smooth and will move with your body, providing a flexible and flattering legging. It has a four-way stretch that moves with you, whether you’re working out or running errands with the family. The legging extends to your ankles and can easily fit into a boot that’s your chosen shoe.

Like some of SPANX’s other styles, it doesn’t have a center seam, so you never have to worry about a camel toe embarrassing you when you’re out. While most people opt to get the classic black legging, they also offer this style in a heather gray camouflage pattern.

You can choose sizes for the EcoCare Seamless Leggings from extra small to 3XL. One thing about these leggings is that you can only choose a regular fit. They don’t offer a petite or tall option. Another thing to note about the sizing of these leggings is the fit.

These leggings also run a little small. The best thing is to follow their size guide and size up to make sure you find them comfortable and they fit you well.

4: Booty Boost Perfect Pocket Active 7/8 Leggings

Booty Boost Perfect Pocket Active 7 8 Leggings

If you love theBooty Boosty Active Leggings, then you’ll love the Booty Boost Perfect Pocket Active ⅞ Leggings (compare prices at SPANX and Nordstrom). The leggings are pretty similar to our best overall choice but with some slight differences, which is why they’re still on our list, just further down.

The main difference between these leggings and the Booty Boost Active Leggings is that they fall a little shorter on your legs. Depending on your height, they’ll hit right above your ankle or between your ankle and calf. And arguably the best feature of these leggings? The pocket!

You get two deep pockets on both sides of your legs when you wear these leggings. They’re perfect for placing your phone, keys, or anything else when working out or running errands. Unlike other leggings with pockets, these ones are discreet and easily blend into the leggings.

The leggings have the sculpting booty boost that people love and are sweat-wicking to keep you feeling cool throughout their wear. It has a contouring waistband to keep them from sliding down, isn’t see-through, and is flattering on all body types.

The Booty Boost Perfect Pocket Active leggings fit true to size. Whatever your usual size is, you shouldn’t have an issue with that. But, some reviews state it runs small. You’ll want to use your best judgment and their size guide when purchasing.

The one thing is that these only come in a standard option and are not petite or tall. You can choose sizes from extra small to 3XL. The one thing some people complain about with these leggings is that they only come in black. But, if you love black leggings, you might not think this is a problem.

5: Look at Me Now Seamless Leggings

Look at Me Now Seamless Leggings

Another classic from SPANX is their Look at Me Now Seamless Leggings (compare prices at Zappos and Amazon). These are great everyday leggings you can wear to work out while you get things done around the house when you run errands or on a casual outing with friends.

They provide a comfortable fit thanks to the high-quality stretchy nylon they make the leggings with. They make these leggings with a firm control waistband to hold you in and ensure that the leggings aren’t constantly sliding down. They are normal-length leggings that will fall right below your ankle.

They hold you in without discomfort and have slimming effects on most people. They’re not considered high-waisted leggings, but the waistband does hit a little higher than your average legging, so it can help flatten your tummy.

One of the many reasons this is a popular option from SPANX is their color and pattern choices. Of course, they come in classic black, but you can also choose from navy, gray, and maroon colors.

Besides that, they have several camo patterns, animal prints, and more. The good news is that these are some of their more affordable options, so don’t feel bad if you want to purchase more than one color.

As for the sizing, these leggings run true to size according to all the reviews. They offer sizes from extra small to 3XL, and unfortunately, they’re not available in tall or petite options as of now.

6: Faux Leather Leggings

Faux Leather Leggings

If the Faux Patent Leather Leggings aren’t your speed but you want something similar, the classic Faux Leather Leggings from SPANX (compare prices at SPANX and Amazon) might be what you’re looking for.

The main difference with these faux leather leggings is that they’re not nearly as shiny as our premium choice. That doesn’t mean they don’t look like leather or aren’t beautiful; they are. But these are a better option if you’re into more fine leather. Plus, they’re far more affordable than the premium pick.

Despite being made of faux leather material, these leggings are incredibly comfortable and contour to your body. The contouring waistband helps the leggings stay up and holds your tummy in so you feel more secure without a muffin top.

As with most of their other leggings, you’ll have the added benefit of their booty sculpting, so your behind will look great. These are the leggings you should wear with friends or for an event, not necessarily when working out.

You never have to worry about having a cameltoe with these leggings because they removed the center seam. They only offer these classic faux leather leggings in black, but that just means you have more styling options and can get creative.

Like their other faux leather leggings, these best-selling leggings run a little small. It’s best to size down to ensure a great fit. You can choose a size from extra small all the way to 3XL and then between regular, petite, or tall.

7: Every Wear Active Icon Leggings

Every Wear Active Icon Leggings

Another classic legging from SPANX that thousands of people like is their Every Wear Active Icon Leggings (check out the price at SPANX). You can never go wrong with a classic black pair of leggings to workout in or wear out and about.

The Every Wear Active Leggings combine all the best features from some of their other leggings that people enjoy. They’re ideal for working out or when you’re being more active since they have breathability that some leggings don’t have. Even SPANX states that these are better leggings for the gym than anything else.

They have a four-way stretch that allows you to perform more strenuous exercises without worrying about your leggings ripping. SPANX uses its performance fabric to ensure that the leggings hold up no matter what you do during your day. Most women love the core sculpting magic of these leggings.

The band is tight enough to hold your tummy in without providing any discomfort to you. These are full-length leggings, so they should fall right under your ankle with the perfect fit.

You’ll want to double-check the size guides when you’re considering buying these leggings. While SPANX states that they run true to size, there seems to be a divide with purchasers if it’s true to size or if it runs a little small.

These leggings don’t come in petite or tall options, but they have SPANX full range of sizes, from extra small to 3XL.

8: Velvet Leggings

Velvet Leggings

Velvet is making a comeback, and the SPANX Velvet Leggings (compare prices at SPANX and Amazon) are perfect for several occasions. These super soft black leggings are perfect for the fall and winter or a night out on the town, but you can wear them whenever you want.

These leggings are so famous because they look elegant but are effortless to wear and style. They’re full-length leggings, so they’ll be able to keep your legs covered. Many women like to style them with boots, and they will easily tuck into whatever boots you want to wear.

Even if you want to pair them with beautiful heels, you’ll look elegant and stand out. We love the hidden core shaping technology that keeps your tummy in without constricting movement. The slimming aspects are a huge draw to these velvet leggings.

In addition to the core shaping aspect, there’s no center seam, so you can say goodbye to cameltoe. SPANX only sells their velvet leggings in black, but that means you can match them with almost anything in your wardrobe effortlessly.

Much like their other leggings, you can order the velvet leggings in a range of sizes from extra small to 3XL. They don’t offer velvet leggings that are tall or petite, though.

As for the sizing, some people say it runs small, while others think it fits true to size. SPANX recommends sizing up if you’re between sizes to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Whether you want to dress them up or dress them down, these SPANX leggings are one of the best.

9: Jean-Ish Ankle Leggings

Jean-Ish Ankle Leggings

Not everyone loves wearing jeans, but SPANX’s Jean-Ish Ankle Leggings (compare prices at SPANX and Amazon) are a game changer. The Jean-Ish Ankle Leggings have the same color and appearance as skinny jeans but are far more comfortable.

They slide right on and even have pockets and belt loops like authentic jeans would! They’re the perfect solution to a night out when you’re running errands or just want to feel a little bit more put together. The pockets aren’t huge, but they look appropriate for the legging.

SPANX uses a soft knit fabric to create the appearance of jeans while still being as comfortable as your favorite pair of leggings. An interior shaping panel SPANX uses for these leggings helps fit you in all the right places while providing some slimming properties.

These leggings hit right at the waist and are the perfect option when you don’t want high-waisted or low-rise jeans. They’re full-length leggings and will hit right below your ankle, making them the ideal jean substitute.

Something people love about SPANX’s Jean-Ish Ankle Leggings is that they come in three different colors. You can get them in a standard, dark blue denim hue or black or white. If you can try one, we’re sure you’ll rush to buy them in the other colors.

They fit true to size and range in sizes from extra small to 3XL like the rest of their products. Similar to real jeans, you can choose between regular length, petite, or tall.

10: Mama Ankle Jean-ish Leggings

Mama Ankle Jean-ish Leggings

Pregnant women don’t need to miss out on all the hype surrounding SPANX’s jegging; they have a Mama Ankle Jean-Ish Legging (compare prices at SPANX and Bloomingdales). SPANX offers this maternity legging that is ultra comfortable, no matter where you’re at in your pregnancy.

These leggings have almost all the same features as their standard Jean-Ish leggings but with improved features specifically designed for pregnant women. The Mama Jean-Ish leggings are easy to slide on and have no zipper or buttons for you to have to deal with.

You’ll still have access to the perfectly sized pockets, and they provide a slimming element that won’t constrict your belly. Instead of SPANX’s traditional waistband, they use their Mama Magic waistband, which completely stretches from the top of the jeans over your baby bump.

The best part is that you can wear these leggings throughout your pregnancy and even postpartum to make you feel more confident with your mama’s body. While they are very low-rise jegging, the Mama Magic waistband makes up for that in many people’s minds.

Like their non-maternity Jean-ish leggings, you’ll get to choose between three colors. You can purchase a traditional denim hue, black, or white. If you love them, getting them in all three colors will allow for a wide range of outfit ideas. The denim and black jeggings have a dark belly band, while the white features a nude band.

The sizing is a little weird with these leggings, though. They come in extra small to 3XL, but you can’t get them in petite or tall. There’s no general consensus on whether these leggings fit true to size or run too small, so the best thing is to follow their size guide and size up to prevent them from being too tight.

11: Look at Me Now High-Waisted Seamless Leggings

Look at Me Now High-Waisted Seamless Leggings

Most SPANX leggings have core support; their Look at Me Now High-Waisted Seamless Leggings (compare prices at SPANX and Dillards) take it to a new level. While these are excellent SPANX products, they’re not as great as the others on our list, which is why it’s closer to the end.

The Look at Me Now High-Waisted Seamless Leggings are another classic black legging that is perfect for working out, lounging at home, traveling, or running around town. Anyone who prefers to secure their lower belly area will love how supportive and slimming these leggings are.

The waistband of these leggings is designed to hit right below your bust. Remember that depending on how long your torso is, it might hit higher or lower than this. Despite being slim, these are very comfortable leggings you can wear all day.

These leggings have no seams, giving them a sleek appearance. Yes, this means no center seam and no camel toe. A complaint some people have is that they only offer these high-waisted leggings in black. The good news is that they’ll go with everything in your closet.

Like their other products, you can buy these leggings in all available SPANX sizes. They’re available in an extra small to 3XL.

If you’re considering buying these leggings, remember they run pretty small. It’s best to size up at least one, maybe two sizes, for the best fit possible. They do offer exchanges if you happen to purchase the wrong size.

12: Booty Boost Active Skirt Around Knee Leggings

Booty Boost Active Skirt Around Knee Leggings

Our final product isn’t for everyone, but the Booty Boost Active Skirt Around Knee Leggings (check the price at SPANX) are still popular for many women, especially if you play tennis. This legging option is for people who want to wear an athletic skirt but prefer more coverage.

Instead of wearing a pair of leggings and putting a skirt on top, these leggings are the perfect solution. They’re far more comfortable than two separate pieces of clothing and provide a more elegant and seamless look.

These leggings offer the booty-boosting features that their iconic Booty Boost leggings do but in a skirt. The leggings hit right below your knee, wrapping around it. These are the perfect tennis leggings when it’s a little cooler out, and you want more leg coverage but still want to wear a tennis skirt.

We love that these skirt legging combinations have pockets large enough to store a tennis ball in. They’re secure; you won’t drop whatever’s in your pockets. Besides the pockets, the moisture-wicking fabric is perfect for exercise, so you don’t get overheated.

You can purchase the Booty Boost Active Skirt Leggings in white or black. This way, you can wear whatever color top you want, which will always match.

Regarding sizing, it’s not clear exactly how these leggings fit. Going based on other SPANX products, it’s safe to assume it probably runs a little small. Be sure to check their size guide before you purchase!

What To Look For in SPANX Leggings

SPANX is one of the most popular legging brands out there. But, even though they’re a top brand, you’ll want to consider some things before you purchase a new pair of SPANX leggings from SPANX or another retailer.


SPANX isn’t known for being the cheapest legging brand, but they still have affordable styles. Depending on where you shop, you can get discounts or a different price point. For example, many SPANX brand leggings might have a lower price on Amazon than on the actual SPANX website.

The best thing to do when you find a style you like is to shop around. You can check other retailers to see if they have better prices or promotions for free shipping or other discounts.

SPANX is a high-quality brand; you’ll always get what you pay for with their leggings. It just depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Even if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on leggings, the quality will last long, even though they’re more expensive than some options.


These leggings are always made from high-quality fabric and are known to be pretty durable. Of course, assessing durability comes with the style you want and what activities you plan on wearing the leggings for.

Their leggings are more for workouts or an athleisure vibe and are very durable, and can withstand squats and other exercises. On the other hand, their faux leather leggings are durable but not durable enough for strenuous workouts, not that you’d wear them for a workout.

Reading through reviews of other purchasers can help you better understand how durable the SPANX legging you want is. 


SPANX has more than just your seamless and stretchy leggings. They have leggings made with faux leather, velvet, and more. They even have a pair that mimics the appearance of jeans but is far more comfortable than regular jeans.

You’ll want to consider the style of the legging before purchasing. Whether you’re looking for workout gear, everyday wear, or more of a statement clothing item, you’ll want to think about these things.

The Fit

When shopping for any clothing item, you want something that fits well. You don’t want it to be too tight or loose; it must be the right length on your legs. Luckily, SPANX offers most of its styles in regular, short, and long options.

Most of their leggings are true to size, but reading through reviews can help you decide if you should order the size you usually would or need to size up or down.

The Best SPANX Legging Brands

The official SPANX website is undoubtedly the go-to destination for purchasing SPANX leggings and shapewear. However, if you want to explore other options, you can also find SPANX leggings at other popular retailers.

  • You can find a vast collection of SPANX leggings on Amazon. The e-commerce giant offers a range of colors, sizes, and styles of SPANX leggings, making it easy to find the perfect pair that meets your needs.
  • Bloomingdales is a department store that carries a wide selection of SPANX leggings. They offer various styles and sizes, and their expert stylists can help you choose the right pair that complements your body type and personal style.
  • Dillard’s is an excellent option if you’re looking for SPANX leggings at a more affordable price. They offer a broad range of SPANX leggings, including classic faux leather and denim styles.
  • Macy’s is also a well-known retailer that sells SPANX leggings. They offer an extensive selection of sizes and styles that cater to a broad range of customers.
  • For those who prefer luxury shopping, Nieman Marcus is an ideal destination. They offer a range of high-end SPANX leggings made from high-quality materials that offer both comfort and style.
  • Lastly, Nordstrom is also an excellent option for finding SPANX leggings. They offer a range of styles, including crop leggings, faux leather leggings, and velvet leggings. Additionally, Nordstrom offers excellent customer service and easy returns, making the shopping experience hassle-free.

Top Spanx Leggings, Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of leggings to workout in or a nice pair to wear on the town, SPANX has amazing leggings to choose from. Since opening in 2000, SPANX has grown into a multimillion-dollar company.

You can shop for these leggings on their website or browse other retailers to look for faster shipping and maybe even a better price. No matter the occasion or style you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with the above nine leggings from SPANX.

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