Best 90s Style Hats

7 Best 90s Style Hats 2024

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The 90s were memorable for wearing funky hats of all colors and fashions. From neon bucket hats to punk rock band caps, you could find hats for every outfit.

In this article, take a step back throughout the decades to discover our ultimate roundup of the best 90s hats, sure to spruce up your modern-day attire.

The Unisex Print Reversible Bucket Hat – Best Overall

The Unisex Print Reversible Bucket Hat

This reversible print bucket hat (BFreshGear and Amazon) screams 90s style and features a colorful display of 90s graphics, sure to turn heads. This unisex retro hat comes in 6 styles and makes the perfect 90s-styled accessory for all your outdoor summer fun, from hiking to beachwear.

This lightweight polyester hat is not only breathable and comfortable. But it also protects against ultraviolet rays while making a trendy retro fashion statement.

The unisex bucket hat measures 22.4 inches wide (57 cm) and can fit most adults and teens. Because this hat is foldable, it is an ideal solution for camping, vacationing, or any other outdoor activity where making a fashion statement is a must.

The reversible bucket hat is a must for any 90s-style outfit and offers style, affordability, and comfort.

Panama Belt Buckle Fedora Hat – Best Premium Option

Panama Belt Buckle Fedora Hat

This Panama belt-bucked fedora hat (Amazon and Lucky) is a 90s-style hat that would make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Celebrities in the 90s often wore fedora hats to add character and style to their attire. Such as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, or Gwen Stefani. These sleek-looking hats can still make a fashion statement today, no matter the occasion.

This soft polyester fedora hat comes in several colors and measures 22.6 inches wide (58 cm) to fit most adults. The belt buckle design adds a touch of sophistication to this lightweight and fashionable hat.

Get ready to look your best in your 90s-styled Panama fedora hat on any occasion, including formal or casual outdoor activities.

Adjustable Unisex 90s Cap – Best Budget Option

Adjustable Unisex 90s Cap

This adjustable 90s cap (Amazon) comes with a loop and hook snapback closure for an easy fit and is suitable for men or women at an affordable price.

Budget-friendly, trendy, and perfect for outdoor adventures, you can’t go wrong with this eye-catching 90s hat.

This multi-colored cap measures approximately 22 to 23 inches wide (55 to 59 cm), protects your hair, skin, and eyes from the harmful effects of the sun, and is sure to help make a retro fashion statement for anyone who wears it.

The Galaxy 90s Fishing Hat – Best in Comfort

The Galaxy 90s Fishing Hat

A crowd-pleaser, the Fishing Cap (Macy’s and Amazon) is the perfect 90s accessory. Not only is this trendy hat ideal for fishing, but it will also match any attire from music festivals to pool parties or active wear.

This polyester 90s hat comes in several colors and measures 22.4 inches wide (57 cm) to fit adults and teenagers from medium to large. This galaxy bucket hat is the bomb for a one-if-a-kind 90s-style addition to your wardrobe.

We award this 90s hat the best in comfort because it is not only lightweight and breathable. But it also features two brass eyelets to allow airflow and ventilation during outdoor events and makes an ideal 90s-look fashion accessory.

Classic Tweed Newsboy Cap – Best in Warmth

Classic Tweed Newsboy Cap

Are you looking for a unique 90s-style hat to add to your collection? This classic tweed newsboy cap (Walmart and Amazon) is the perfect addition to your fall and winter 90s hat collection to keep your head warm and cozy during your outdoor adventures.

Blend of wool and viscose with a cotton liner, this 90s hat is not only warm, but it is also stylish for those cool evenings out. Follow the size chart to ensure proper fitting.

This classic plaid newsboy cap is suitable for all outdoor activities, such as outings, hiking, fishing, gardening, or midnight strolls under the stars.

Wool Cloche Hat With Bow Accent – Best in Style

Wool Cloche Hat With Bow Accent

Look stylish, no matter the occasion, in this beautiful wool cloche hat with a bow (eBay and Amazon) made of felt and wool for a clean edge.

This vintage hat features a mixture of style and class with an attractive ribbon and comes in six colors to match any outfit. This fancy 90s hat makes an excellent gift for Christmas or birthdays for that special lady on your shopping list who has an affinity for women’s fashion.

Plaid Baseball Cap – Best Casual Option

Plaid Baseball Cap

Believe it or not, plaid baseball caps have been around for decades and still make a trendy fashion statement today.

This classic plaid baseball cap (Etsy) has an adjustable back closure to fit men and women comfortably. It measures approximately 21 to 24 inches (54 to 60 cm) and comes in seven colors to match any outfit.

Ideal for casual wear, outdoor walks, biking, and more, this unisex hat is windproof, absorbent, and protects your face against the elements.

What To Look for in 90s Style Hats

Before shopping around for the best 90s-style hats, here are some factors to consider in helping to make your purchase a little easier:


The material of your hat is a crucial factor to consider depending on the weather you plan to wear the hat.

If you are searching for a summer hat, a light, breathable material, such as cotton or polyester, is ideal. However, if you are searching for a fall or winter hat to keep your head warm, wool or fleece is a better option.


Hats come in several sizes to fit men, women, and children. It’s always important to measure the circumference of your head before searching for the perfect 90s hat to ensure your selection will fit.

Sometimes images can be misleading when shopping for products online. Even though the hat may look like it will fit by comparing it to the model, referring to the size chart is advisable to ensure a properly fitting hat.

Check customer reviews for comments about the hat being true to size, too large, or too small to ensure a successful purchase.


When shopping for the best 90s hat, it is also important to stick within your budget and search for items that you can afford. This factor is especially true when shopping online because you can never be 100 percent certain of what you will receive.

Shopping within your means can ease the financial burden if the hat is the wrong size and you have to return it and wait for a refund.


Buying a hat that suits your preferred style is another factor to consider when shopping for the best hats. There are several styles to choose from, so shop around and compare brands, colors, and features to ensure you pick a hat you will love.

For instance, if going on a beach vacation, a floppy sun hat or a lightweight bucket hat would make a great addition to your wardrobe. However, if you are going to a formal party, you would require a fancier hat, such as a fedora or a stylish felt hat that matches your attire.


The brand of a product speaks for itself. When spending money on a new 90s hat, shop around for a brand with an excellent reputation for quality and style that is sure to turn heads when you walk into the room sporting your new 90s headgear.

There are several excellent brands of 90s-style headwear on the market, ranging in price from budget-friendly to extravagant, depending on your spending limits. So, shop around to find the best brands out there.

Best Brands of 90s Hats

Throughout history, hats signified the era and statute of each individual. Several styles of hats graced the heads of celebrities and regular folks, making a character statement with one glance.

In the 90s, classic hat styles, such as fedoras, bucket hats, and bright-colored baseball caps, were all the rave. Recently, the business industry saw the 90s fashion trend resurfacing as shoppers top up their shopping carts with 90s-styled hats.

Here is a list of some of the best brands of 90s hats that are currently on the rise:


Established in 1894, the Barbour clothing company opened its doors in South Shields, England. Today, Barbour has retail stores worldwide and offers a wide selection of 90s hats designed to fit any wardrobe.

Some of the most popular 90s-style Barbour hats include bucket hats, beanies, tweed hats, and sports caps, sure to suit any clothing style.


Opening its doors to the public in 1922, the first Bailey Hat Company was in Los Angeles, California. George Bailey, prided himself on serving his customers with the finest quality hats in the area and a vast selection of one-of-a-kind styles.

Soon, the hat franchise was booming and the trendy brand served customers from all walks of life, such as farmers, fishers, cattle ranchers, movie stars, and business people. Some repeat customers of the Bailey Company included Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart.

Specializing in Western hats, such as fedoras, outback hats, gamblers, and western cowboy hats, Barbour hats were stylish in the 90s and remain trending among hat-lovers today.

Brixton Hats

The Brixton Hat Company began in Oceanside, California and today we can find its stylish hats worldwide. Drawing inspiration from ordinary people, such as travelers, musicians, and tradespeople, the Brixton Hat Company offers a vast selection of trendy 90s hats.

Some hats you can find at Brixton include fedoras, beanies, berets, porkpie hats, and newsboy caps sure to suit any attire.


This Seattle-based clothing company first opened its doors in 1850 and features an extensive brand of headwear to suit any lifestyle.

Popular Filson 90s-stye hats include the Stetson hat, the rain cap, beanies, packer hats, and baseball caps.

Christy’s London

Founded in 1773, Christy’s London has been a longstanding clothing company that features a vast selection of 90s-style hats, such as the fedora, Panama, flat caps, and military headwear.

Spanning over 200 years in business, Christys London still features one of the best hat brands in the world.

New Era

Opening its doors in 1920, the New Era Clothing Company features a vast assortment of sporting headgear worn by several major baseball leagues worldwide.

Some 90s style hats New Era offers include the snapback baseball cap, the casual classic cap, and the low profile fitted hat.

Goorin Bros.

Founded in 1895, this iconic hat company started strong as a family-owned business and has continued to thrive ever since.

Today, they offer a wide selection of 90s-style hats, such as bucket hats, fedoras, flat caps, and beanies, sure to suit your desired attire.


Borsalino is one of the oldest hat companies in the world. Opening its doors in 1857, this legendary company offers several styles of 90s hats popular among many customers worldwide.

Featuring several 90s-style hats, such as fedoras, beanies, flat caps, berets, and bucket caps, Borsalino is a much-loved celebrity favorite shop. Although some of the headgear is higher priced than others, Borsalino is also a growing retro trend among teenagers today.


A newer business, Nike, opened for business in 1964 as Blue Ribbon American Sports. After launching the Nike brand running shoes, the company attracted an extensive gathering of new customers looking to get in on the ever-growing trend of new footwear on the market.

The company continued to grow in popularity and was a much-loved footwear of the 90s for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, expanding its franchise to include hats for all occasions.

Some of the most popular Nike 90s-style hats include beanies, bucket hats, baseball hats, and visors. Nike hats are still as popular today as they were decades ago.

Top 90s Style Hats, Closing Thoughts

The 90s offered us a vast selection of cool headgear, from fedoras and floppy sun hats to beanies and bright-colored bucket hats. There was a hat to match every wardrobe and every budget. Every couple of decades, fashion trends usually pop back around to make another appearance and give us the pleasure of experiencing all the unique fashion statements over again and again.

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