Best Boxers For Women

10 Best Boxers For Women 2024

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Why should men be the only ones to enjoy the comfort of cotton boxers? For lounge and sleepwear, boxers are the most fashionable and comfortable choices a woman can make.

Cotton boxer briefs, boyfriend boxers, and sleep shorts are among the comfy and cute options for everything from daily wear to weekend relaxation. Flaunt Your Fashion offers this roundup of the best in women’s boxers.

MeUndies Boyshorts – Best Overall

MeUndies Boyshorts

Sure, MeUndies women’s boxers are made of super-soft, sustainably made fabrics in many solids and patterns. They also have a no-roll waistband. While those are great features, MeUndies gets the Best Overall prize for having so many great features. Comfort, sustainability, and the option of wearing MeUndies as sleepwear or under your favorite fashions with nary a panty line.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Vivid colors and fun prints
  • No-roll waistband


  • MeUndies boxers don’t have the feminine look some women want

PJ Harlow Silk Boxers – Best Premium Option

PJ Harlow Silk Boxers

These boxers do cost as much as some complete outfits, but PJ Harlow makes these out of the smoothest silk. These premium boxers are loose and flowing but not baggy. The result is softness with comfort and a great fit – perfect for pairing with a cami or silk T-shirt for luxury lounging. This California fashion brand is known for luxe fabrics and loose, feminine designs.


  • Luxury fabric
  • Loose, flowing, and feminine
  • Pretty for sleepwear or lounging


  • PJ Harlow boxer shorts for women can be expensive and aren’t designed for wearing under clothes

Hanes Ultimate Classic Boyfriend Boxers – Best Budget Option

Hanes Ultimate Classic Boyfriend Boxers

Tagless, no-ride-up boxers made of soft, comfy cotton in pretty florals, solids and basic white makes these classic boyfriend boxers a steal. Wear them under your favorite clothes for a no-show look, or wear them for lounging, relaxing, and sleeping. These may not have the cache of silk, but Hanes is known for great basic undies that feel comfortable, are machine washable, and last.


  • No-ride-up design
  • Durable
  • Pretty prints and solids


  • While pretty, the Hanes Ultimate prints don’t have a sophisticated look

Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs

Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs

These plus-size boxer briefs from Fruit of the Loom are basics for women, but that doesn’t mean their colors are boring. Beautiful pastels are available, as are neutrals to coordinate with your wardrobe. These boxers for women are economically priced, easy to wash and dry, and comfortable. They have just the right amount of compression for a smooth look under the clingiest clothing. 


  • Easy care
  • Comfortable


  • Fruit of the Loom boxers can show wear faster than other women’s boxer shorts we reviewed

Champion Boxer Briefs

Champion Boxer Briefs

These boxers for women have a sporty vibe thanks to the manufacturer, Champion, a sporting brand. This breathable, lightweight fabric is made for movement, making these boxers for women perfect for wearing with athleisure wear or pairing with a sports bra for yoga or under leggings or running shorts. 


  • Full range of motion
  • Breathable fabric
  • Sporty style


  • Champion boxer shorts might show under fashions that are sheer or light-colored

Hanes Boyshorts

Hanes Boyshorts

Think of this multi-pack of undies as abbreviated boxers for women. If a thong isn’t your thing, boyshorts made from smooth, comfortable cotton might be. These tagless cousins of boxer briefs come in a rainbow of solid colors and prints and are designed to be as comfortable as they are cute. Wear these boyshorts with a cami for sleeping or under your favorite jeans on the weekends, and you’ll be in style.


  • Tagless for comfort
  • Smooth, soft fabric
  • Flirty boyshort design


  • These boxer shorts aren’t designed for full coverage

Reebok Boxers for Women

Reebok Boxers for Women

These long-cut slip shorts give women a comfortable alternative to wearing a slip under fashions. Designed by the athletic shoe company Reebok, these boxers for women allow freedom of movement, breathability, and comfort. Wear these under pencil skirts or slacks for a smooth look. Or pair them with a T-shirt for working out at home or sleeping.


  • Slip shorts provide coverage and a smooth appearance
  • Breathable fabric
  • Can be worn for working out or sleeping


  • Reebok waistband might show through fashions that are sheer or light in color

Calvin Klein Boxers for Women

Calvin Klein Boxers for Women

These boyshorts from fashion designer Calvin Klein are a feminine version of tighty whities. Designed for full coverage, these boxers for women are lightweight, comfortable for wearing under fashions or sleeping, and cute with that famous Calvin Klein waistband. You could even wear these with low-rise denim to let the waistband show for a fun, flirty look.


  • Fashion throwback to popular 1980s style
  • Designer brand
  • Lightweight fabric       


  • Basic look at a designer price

DKNY Boxer Briefs

DKNY Boxer Briefs

The DKNY brand is known for comfortable, tailored, and functional fashion, so why should DKNY’s boxer shorts for women be any different? These smooth women’s boxer briefs in neutral colors are perfect for wearing under form-fitting fashions. Comfort and a little compression make these boxer briefs for women a wardrobe basic. 


  • Neutral colors hide under form-fitting fashions
  • Comfortable
  • Slight compression provides a smooth look


  • These boxers for women don’t have the fun fabrics some seek

Just Love Sleep Boxers

Just Love Sleep Boxers

Just Love has a slew of women’s drawstring boxers designed for sleeping, and these are among the prettiest. Trimmed with lace and designed with soft printed fabric, these boxer shorts for women will bring you sweet and stylist dreams. They’re extra pretty when paired with lace-trimmed camisoles, and they’re comfortable, too. 


  • Lace-trimmed
  • Comfortable fit
  • Wide range of pretty solids and prints


  • Some women say the Just Love fabrics are not as soft as they’d like

What To Look for in Boxers as a Woman

Women shopping for boxers have special considerations. While some men may just order the first package of boxers they come across, women generally have a few more key considerations when buying boxers.

Cut, fit, purpose, care, and price are just a few of the essential features women think about when buying boxer shorts. This list of considerations will help you find the best boxer shorts for women online and in retail shops.


Women want comfortable underwear and loungewear. The best boxers for women should feel like wearing nothing at all. No pinches, itchy tags, rolling waistbands, and other irritants should be a part of the best women’s boxers.


Women want stylish boxers. Fabrics that are as pretty as they are soft, design that has an elegant flow, and special touches such as buttons and lace can make women feel beautiful in their boxers. Neutral colors are also favored by women since beige, ecru, black, and white can be worn under fashions without showing. 


Having a fit that’s comfortable but accentuates a women’s figure is important for boxers to make the Best Boxers for Women list. Key fit factors include a waistband that sits flat against the skin without pinching or chafing, not cutting into the thighs, and not riding up throughout the day. After all, who wants to wear uncomfortable boxers all day or sleep in itchy shorts?


Do you want a loose pair of boxers for lounging or sleeping? Or do you want to wear boxers or boyshorts under your favorite fashions? This can determine whether boxers for women are designed similarly to biker shorts for a smooth appearance or loose for a pajama look. Having both options in your wardrobe is a fashion plus.


Women want to get the most out of their fashion dollars. Prices are a consideration, although a fashion splurge can be part of many women’s budgets. Some may want most of their clothing budget going toward fashions that show, but the truth is that foundations such as a good pair of boxers for women make all your fashion choices look better.

Multi-packs or Singles?

Some boxer shorts are sold one pair at a time, while others come in packages of two, four, or more. Multiple pairs of boxer shorts for women in one package can make stocking up on these fashion basics easier. More expensive pairs of boxer shorts for women are most often sold as singles to make adding them to a wardrobe easier on the pocketbook. 


Women who wear boxers and boyshorts as underwear want them to last. Nothing is more aggravating than buying boxers that wear out after a few months. Holes in boxer shorts are the bane of every fashionista. The best boxer shorts for women are durable even with frequent washing and wearing, providing a great value for their price. 


While pajama-style silk boxer shorts for women will likely need handwashing, many other boxer shorts for women can be machine washed and dried. Since a busy lifestyle calls for easy care, the best boxer shorts for women can go in the washing machine and dryer without sorting or special cycles for easy, time-saving care. 

No Lines

“I want panty lines,” said no woman ever. The best boxer shorts for women provide the design and fit that give a smooth look under everything from office-worthy pantsuits to athleisure wear for the weekend. Slimmer boxers for women can make for a smooth look under tailored skirts and clingy dresses and slacks. 

Best Brands That Make Boxers for Women

Brands that make the best boxers for women range from gender-inclusive brands such as TomboyX and MeUndies to well-known staples such as Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. Fashion brands such as PJ Harlow have boxers for women that are part of a dreamy line of sleepwear and loungewear. 

Sports brands have jumped into the women’s boxer shorts arena, with Reebok and Champion offering sporty boxers for women. Not to be outdone, designer labels including Calvin Klein and DKNY also have boxer shorts for women.

Learning more about these manufacturers of boxers for women can help you find the best fit and fashion. Keep reading to learn more about these famous women’s boxer brands. 


Founded with the idea of making underwear that fits well, is sustainably made, and is gender-inclusive, TomboyX also has some of the softest, most comfortable boxers for women around. A certified B Corporation,

TomboyX takes sustainability in sourcing fabrics and manufacturing seriously. That may make its price higher, but those who wear TomboyX boxers for women say they’re worth every penny.


This gender-inclusive underwear brand makes women’s boxer briefs from modal fabric manufactured sustainably from Austrian beech trees. Not only is this fabric eco-friendly, but it’s ultra-soft, breathable, and beautiful.

MeUndies is a favorite brand of Generation Z and Millennials, but their boxers are a fashionable choice for anyone. MeUndies feature fun prints and neutrals, too.


HanesBrands, the manufacturer of Hanes, is a brand known the world over. With more than 61,000 employees in 47 countries, Hanes can be found easily online and in a variety of retail locations. Hanes has launched efforts to reach 2030 goals in sustainability and eco-friendly production.

Hanes is known for high quality as well as comfort features such as tagless clothing and no-ride-up underwear.

Fruit of the Loom

A well-known name in American manufacturing, Fruit of the Loom is headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Fruit of the Loom makes affordably priced leisurewear and undies for men, women, and children.

Fruit of the Loom fabric is soft and moves with you during the day. Easy care and comfort are other features Fruit of the Loom boxers for women have. 

PJ Harlow

Boxers for women designed by a woman are what you’ll find at PJ Harlow, a California fashion brand known for buttery-soft knits, silks, and satins. A luxury brand, PJ Harlow has loose and flowing boxer designs for women that are comfortable yet feminine and elegant. Soft pastels and relaxing hues make PJ Harlow leisure styles a luxury worth the price.


This manufacturer got its start in Britain but gained international fame from its Reebok Freestyle women’s aerobics shoe in the early 1980s. Since then, the brand has branched into other athletic shoes and athleisure wear including boxer shorts for women. Freedom of movement, light compression, and sporty style make Reebok boxers a must for your workout wardrobe.


A global brand for athletic wear and activewear, Champion got its start in 1919. The Rochester, N.Y., manufacturer became the brand of choice for colleges in the 1950s and 1960s and is the official outfitter of the NBA. With the cache of the sporty brand, Champion’s women’s boxers pair nicely with other Champion items such as sports bras and T-shirts. 

Calvin Klein

A throwback to the 1980s, women’s boxer shorts by Calvin Klein are still a fashion statement worth making. Comfortable, breathable, and stylish, Calvin Klein boxer shorts for women are a way to add a famous name to your lingerie drawer. These iconic boxers can make sure nothing comes between you and your Calvins. 


Founded in 1984 by designer Donna Karan, DKNY is a fashion house favored by career women and fans of versatile, classic fashion.

DKNY was started as a younger version of the Donna Karan label, so it makes sense that DKNY would include boxer shorts for women in its collections. Sporty brights or neutrals, these designer boxers for women will add style and versatility to your closet.

Top Boxers for Women, Closing Thoughts

Women love boxers for the same reasons men do. Comfort, softness, and versatility make boxers a fashion staple. Don’t think you’ll look like one of the boys, though. The best boxers for women fit a female body comfortably and with style. 

Every woman has her own fashion sense. Myriad designs, fits, and colors of the best boxers for women provide a wide range of choices for women. 

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