Best Jeans For Plus Size Women With A Big Stomach

8 Best Jeans For Plus Size Women With A Big Stomach

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Jeans are a fashion staple, but just because you buy a plus size pair doesn’t mean it will fit your body. Finding the proper fit can be challenging, especially if you have a big stomach. The right jeans will keep you covered and comfortable so you can rock any look, from casual to glam.

Plus size jeans have different fits, so you want to make sure you’re getting a pair made for women with big stomachs. The eight pairs on this list will make you feel comfortable and stylish.

Wrangler Plus Size Straight-Leg Jean – Best Overall

Wrangler Plus Size Straight-Leg Jean

Wrangler is a brand well-known for its jeans, so these jeans are the top choice for best overall plus size jeans. The straight leg option looks flattering on all body shapes. It’s also a great style of jeans to wear for casual dinners with friends or dress up for a night on the town.

The denim is high quality, made of 64% cotton, 19% rayon, 16% polyester, and 1% spandex. This mixture gives you a durable fabric with a bit of stretch to ensure it fits comfortably. It’s also easy to toss these jeans in the washing machine with your other laundry without worrying about shrinkage.

Women with big stomachs will especially appreciate these jeans from Wrangler because of the contoured waist. The designer has crafted a flattering, comfortable waistband, and most importantly, it won’t gap when you sit down. If you’re tired of pulling up your jeans before you sit down or hate trying to pull your shirt to cover your backside, you’ll appreciate this waistband.

Despite being such a popular brand and offering top-quality denim, these jeans aren’t expensive. You can invest in a pair knowing that you’ll get countless wears out of them without seeing any loss of shape or style.

Lee Plus Size Relaxed Fit Jean – Premium Option

Lee Plus Size Relaxed Fit Jean

This straight-leg offering from Lee is premium because it has the highest percentage of cotton on the list. With denim made of 100% cotton, you’re getting a pair of durable jeans. They’ll look great even after years of wear and washing. Cotton is also a soft, natural fabric that feels nice against your skin so you can wear them all day without chafing.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay big bucks for this premium option. Depending on size, it’s only a bit more expensive than the Wrangler jeans reviewed above. Lee, a respected denim manufacturer, also makes them. It’s well worth the extra money to know you’re getting a pair of jeans that will last for years.

Similar to how the Wrangler jeans suit many different styles, these straight-leg jeans are also flattering on various women. The relaxed fit gives you room to breathe while the waist securely covers your stomach.

You can buy the jeans in a wide range of sizes, starting at 14 and going to 30. In addition to that variety, they also offer jeans in petite and long options. This specificity helps you get the inseam you want so the jeans will hit your ankles right. This size inclusivity shows how committed Lee is to making jeans for everyone.

Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size High Rise Jean – Best Budget Option

Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size High Rise Jean

It might seem shocking that as big of a name as Gloria Vanderbilt is the budget option, but these jeans are incredibly affordable. They’re much less than the first two options but still offer a classic style.

These high-rise jeans are perfect for women with big stomachs because the front and back rise are both large, ensuring the waist stays as high as you need it to. The front covers your stomach, and the back won’t show your back or bottom when you sit down.

Though listed as tapered, the fit closely resembles the straight legs of the Wrangler and Lee options reviewed above. The taper is very subtle, so the hems aren’t tight around your ankles. This similar fit means you can buy this budget pair of jeans to try the style and see how it suits you without breaking the bank.

Size choices range from 16 to 26. They consist of 73% cotton, 25% polyester, and 2% elastane, so you’re getting a good mix of quality and stretch. The pockets are functional and there are belt loops if needed, but these jeans stay in place throughout the day. Best of all, you can toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes.

Levi Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Levi Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Levi is another big name in the denim market, and these skinny jeans for plus size women offer style and durability that make them worth the purchase. The high-rise waist covers your stomach so you’ll feel confidently covered all day long.

The fabric comprises of 60% cotton, 22% viscose, 16% polyester, and 2% elastane. Viscose is an excellent blend because it’s lightweight and drapes well. For skinny jeans, this level of comfort is a must! Though the cut of these jeans is extremely fitted, you won’t feel like they’re cutting off your circulation because the fabric is so soft and breathable.

Levi has an impressive range of sizes in their plus size offerings, starting at 26 and stopping at 40. In addition to the different waist sizes, they also offer each pair of jeans in short, regular, or long. This helps women find the right size and the right length of jeans to make them look fantastic.

The first three jeans on this list were straight-leg options because that’s a classic fit to go for. But if you want to rock a more eye-catching style, skinny jeans are the way to go. These jeans hug your curves and make you feel stunning. Depending on the occasion, you can dress them up or down and know you’ll look fabulous for any event.

Lee Plus Size Bootcut Jeans

Lee Plus Size Bootcut Jeans

As previously mentioned, Lee is a big name in denim, so it’s no surprise they’re featured on this list more than once. Besides the classic, straight-leg style reviewed above, they also have an excellent bootcut option. These jeans fit closely at your waist and thighs before gently flaring out to sit nicely over tall boots.

These jeans are 78% cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% spandex. While the last option was 100% cotton, don’t think this pair is of lesser quality. The polyester and spandex ensure these jeans keep their shape throughout the day so you don’t lose the slight flare look.

If you’re looking for the casual style of denim, you can get these jeans in a dark blue with distress lines at the tops of the thighs. However, if you want something comfortable that you can wear to work or for dressy occasions, these pants also come in black. You’ll get the ideal fit of a pair of jeans in the slimming darkness of black pants.

Bootcut jeans are an excellent choice for women with big stomachs who don’t want straight-leg pants to call attention to their shape. The slight flare of these jeans attracts the eye and makes the rest of you look curvy as well. With the flare balancing your stomach, you’ll feel sexy and stylish in bootcut jeans.

Wrangler Plus Size Mid Rise Stretch Bootcut Jean

Wrangler Plus Size Mid Rise Stretch Bootcut Jean

It seems like Lee and Wrangler are constantly fighting to be the best of the best. These bootcut jeans from Wrangler are mid-rise, so they don’t cover your stomach as much as high-rise options. However, they have Wrangler’s signature contour waist, so you don’t have to worry about the waistband gapping when you sit down.

The rest of the jeans fit just as well as the waist does. The fabric is a blend of 64% cotton, 19% rayon, 16% polyester, and 1% spandex. They skim your thighs and start a slight flare at the knees, but the real difference is at the leg opening. You’ll see how easily these jeans fit over taller boots.

Thanks to the spandex, the flare also helps your body look curvy, giving the jeans a bit of stretch. Instead of accentuating your stomach, the fabric keeps it hidden while the bootcut flare pulls the eye down your legs.

The stylish embroidery on the back pockets adds a unique look to these jeans. Another difference is the number of pockets, period. While most jeans have five pockets, this pair has six, so you have an extra place to store essential items.

The sizing of these jeans is also different from others on the list. You can choose your size and inseam, so you’ll know the exact measurements instead of choosing petite or tall. The waist sizes range from 18 to 26. You can choose from a 30-, 32-, or 34-inch inseam with each waist size.

Lee Plus Size High Rise Flare Jeans

Lee Plus Size High Rise Flare Jeans

These jeans’ high rise and mini flare make it look like your legs go on for miles. Like other Lee jeans on the list, these have high cotton content so you know they’re durable and long-lasting. The fabric blend includes 72% cotton, 26% polyester, and 2% spandex, so the material is breathable, but there’s a bit of stretch as well.

Though they have a flare at the ankle, these jeans fit closely at the waist and thighs. Instead of feeling tight, they’ll shape your curves and draw attention to your body in the right ways. The flare is just enough to balance your overall look, giving some dimension near your feet to draw attention away from your stomach.

If you try a pair of these jeans and fall in love, you’ll be happy to know that they come in two colors: a light wash called Frontier and a dark rinse called Storm’s End. The light jeans are perfect to wear during the day and when you’re going out with friends. Storm’s End is so dark that you can dress them up for fancy nights out and fit right in with everyone else.

Compared to some of the other options on this list, the sizing is a bit limited. Waist sizes range from 14 to 24, but there’s no opportunity to change the inseam—it’s 32 inches for each pair. This limitation might mean the flares look more like highwaters than the stylish jeans you’re searching for taller plus size women.

Levi’s Plus Size Shaping Capri Jeans

Levi’s Plus Size Shaping Capri Jeans

Every pair of jeans on this list has been an option meant to hit your ankle, but this final offering from Levi shakes it all up. These capris are perfect for plus size women with big stomachs who want to stay cool and stylish in the heat.

These Capri-length jeans hit mid-calf and have a cute cuff that makes your legs look longer. You can unroll the cuff if you want the capris to be longer. The inseam is 22 inches with the cuff, and without it, the capris are 25 inches.

Like Levi’s other jeans, the size range is impressive, spanning 24 to 46. The fabric is 60% cotton, 22% viscose, 16% polyester, and 2% elastane, which is the same as the other pair on the list. The viscose gives the fabric a soft, breathable stretch, making these capris your go-to jeans for summer.

One of the best things about these capris is the back rise, which is 17.5 inches. The front rise is an impressive 11 inches, great for women with big stomachs, but the back rise proves that you won’t show any skin when you sit down in these pants.

These capris are very affordable for name-brand recognition and overall quality. That’s a good thing because they come in nine different colors and washes to ensure you buy more than one pair. Choose from classic denim, light wash, dark rinse, and even tan and sea green.

What to Look For in Jeans for Plus Size Women With a Big Stomach

It’s easy to find a pair of jeans by walking into the store, finding a few options in your size, and trying them on in the dressing room. But the process doesn’t have to be that involved if you know what to look for ahead of time. These features tell you what to look for in plus size jeans so you won’t waste your time with poorly-made options that don’t suit your shape.

Knowing what to look for can help you find the perfect jeans online. That’s right—don’t even think about taking items into a dressing room! Read on to find what makes the best plus size jeans so you can order a pair from the comfort of your home.


Denim is so durable that adding a bit of spandex won’t make your jeans more likely to rip. The fabric weight also impacts durability in terms of thickness. Lower weight fabric moves easier and drapes better on your frame. Heavier weight fabric, like pure denim, is thick and doesn’t move much. However, it’s more durable than lower-weight fabrics.


Jeans are denim, right? Yes and no. Most plus size jeans have some spandex in the material as well. They’ll fit better when they have a bit of stretch because they’ll hug your curves. Instead of wearing stiff, uncomfortable denim that doesn’t sit close to your waist or thighs, any fabric that includes spandex will fit best.

While spandex can stretch more than 100%, when it’s mixed with denim, its movement is a bit more restricted. This is a good feature, though, because it ensures your jeans will keep their shape. When you wear denim all day, wrinkles form and the legs and butt get stretched out from your range of motion. Wearing jeans with spandex prevents this from happening.


Knowing the measurements of pants will help you find the pair of jeans that fit and feel best on your body. Some brands only mention a size, but if you look at reviews and online listings, you should be able to find the specific measurements.

Jeans measurements include:

  • Waist
  • Inseam
  • Outseam
  • Leg opening
  • Front rise
  • Back rise

Your natural waist might be a different size than listed on the label. Knowing where the jeans should sit—at your waist, lower on your hips, etc—will help you find the right waist size.

The inseam tells you how long the jeans are, measuring from your crotch to where the hem hits your ankle. The outseam also goes to the hem but starts at the waistband and measures the outer seam. The leg opening gives you an idea of the pants’ style—do the ankles taper, flare, or are they straight-leg?

The front rise and back rise are crucial for plus size jeans. The front rise is the measurement from the top of the front waistband to the place where the seams meet at the crotch. The back rise is similar, except it starts at the back waistband. You’ve most likely worn pants that stay high in the front but sit lower in the back.

Women with big stomachs want to ensure they’re getting jeans with a larger front rise measurement. This means the waistband sits higher and will cover more of your stomach. Depending on the size of your butt, you might want to get a similar measurement for the back rise.


Choose jeans that are your ideal size. Don’t size up because you want to be comfortable. Buying a bigger jeans size will make them look slightly baggy or wrinkled on you. You don’t wish to skintight jeans, but you want them to fit like you got them tailored.

You need to consider your own size and shape when you’re shopping for plus size jeans. Some women with big stomachs are apple-shaped, where they’re slender in the arms and shoulders but round out in the chest, torso, and abdomen. It’s hard to find large enough jeans at the waist but fit smoothly at the ankle.

Pear-shaped women are narrow in the shoulders but can have larger bellies, wider hips, and a full bottom. You have to look for jeans that fit a certain way at the waist, then expand to accommodate your hips and butt. But you want them tailored and fitted through the legs so you don’t look frumpy. It can be tough to find precisely what you need.

Many brands have extended their plus size offerings. You used to be lucky to find a pair of size 18 jeans in a trendy look, but now many designers size their clothes up to 40. This is a great benefit because you’ll be able to find stylish jeans in your perfect size. Instead of settling for frumpy pants with an elastic waist, you’ll be turning heads when you step out in the right size.


Baggy jeans might be comfortable and casual for hanging out with friends, but the bagginess of the fabric makes you look bigger in comparison. They also look frumpy, which can tone down your look when you’re trying to be glamorous.

It might seem risky to wear fitted jeans when you’re plus size, but they’re going to look great on you! The fitted legs will accentuate your naturally curvy legs. Most skinny jeans and fitted denim have a bit of spandex, so the waistband will feel better too.

This small amount of stretch in the fabric keeps the jeans in place, too. You’ll likely be able to wear them without a belt interrupting your silhouette. You won’t have to worry about them working their way down as you walk, sit, stand, and bend.

Many designers have changed the fit of their plus size jeans. In the past, they’ve just sized up the waist, thinking it will fit all plus size women. But you know that having a bigger waist doesn’t automatically mean you have a bigger butt or thicker thighs. So buying plus size jeans in the past might have just made you look baggy all over, even if they fit at the waist.

Thankfully, designers have started making changes to other measurements as well. You can look for jeans specifically marked as curvy or plus size and know that the thighs will be more fitted and there will be more room in the butt. You can find different lengths and waistband rises. There are more options than ever before, so you’re sure to find your ideal fit.


There are several different cuts of plus size jeans to choose from. Each option is a distinct style, so you can choose the jeans you like and then customize the look with your top, shoes, and accessories.

Denim cuts include:

  • Straight leg
  • Skinny
  • Flare
  • Bootcut
  • Wide leg

Straight leg jeans are a basic style where the leg openings at the ankle are similar to what they are near your hips. There’s no flare or tapering near your knee, so the fit is more relaxed.

Skinny jeans are the most fitted style, but they can look great on plus size women with big stomachs. The denim skims your legs to show off your shape without being skintight.

Flare jeans fit at the waist and thigh, then flare at the knee. They’re different from bootcut jeans, which fit to the knee and flare only slightly below that. The leg opening is just slightly bigger at the bottom hem so the jeans fit over boots that come higher up your ankle.

Wide leg jeans have a fitted waist, but the legs are much wider, starting at your thigh. It might sound like these are a more relaxed style of jeans, but they’re actually also called trouser jeans. This is because they can look really classic if you pair them with a blouse.


The style of jeans can make all the difference. You might think that high rise jeans will be uncomfortable with a big stomach, but they work well to cover your stomach and camouflage its size. Even mid rise jeans can help hide your stomach since they come up so far.

You should avoid low rise jeans. They’re trendy, but they’re not comfortable for women with big stomachs. Even if you’re wearing a long shirt or a tunic top, you’ll feel the waistband of the jeans sitting right below your belly. You’ll constantly want to pull at the waistband to cover yourself.

Wearing low rise jeans actually accentuates your stomach because of how the waistband pushes up your belly. Mid rise and high rise jeans work better to keep everything contained and covered.

As an added bonus, the higher the waistband, the more comfortable you’ll feel. You won’t have to worry about anything showing when you bend over. When you sit down, the waistband of the pants stays high enough to keep you covered.

You also want to check the length of the jeans. Pairs that hit too high above your ankle will make you look shorter and thicker. Jeans at the proper length will elongate your legs and boost your confidence.

For skinny jeans, find a pair that hits right at your ankle. If you’re wearing bootcut or flares, you might want them to hang a little lower to drape over your shoe. Just make sure they won’t trip you up when you’re walking!


When you’re buying jeans for a big stomach, you don’t want to highlight your belly. Instead of buying brightly colored jeans, classic dark washes look best. You can find jeans from any brand in dark blue, navy, dark gray, and black. The darker colors give a slimming illusion to your frame.

Overall, it depends on how you’re going to style the jeans. If you’re wearing a longer shirt or a tunic, you might want a bright pop of color on your legs. Since the top covers your stomach, you’ll feel comfortable and confident, ready to rock vivid jeans.


You can find jeans for a low price if you buy them off the rack, but you’re not getting much value from them. These jeans are mass-produced and the sizing is very general. Size 20 jeans from a big box store aren’t going to fit as well as size 20 jeans from a plus size manufacturer.

You’re going to pay more for quality plus size jeans, but it’s worth the investment. These jeans will fit your body better, so you’ll feel comfortable wearing them. You’ll love how they hide your big stomach and help you rock any look.

The more you pay for jeans, the more you’ll get out of them. You’ll know that the materials are top-notch, so they’ll last longer. Instead of worrying about ripping thin fabrics that only look like denim, you’ll wear actual denim with a small percentage of spandex to ensure they fit like a glove.

While the prices of some plus size jeans might make you balk, consider how much you’ll be paying per wear. If you’re constantly reaching for a pair of well-made, comfortable, flattering jeans, they’re well worth the investment.

Best Plus Size Jeans Brands

Several key denim brands show up on this list, such as Lee, Levi, and Wrangler. Check out why these brands are worth knowing about.


Lee has been around since 1889, making quality jeans for men and women of all sizes. On their site, you can find tips on how to care for your jeans to ensure they last for a long time—and stay in great shape!

The company itself is a great one to support. They provide employees with a safe work environment and don’t partner with any supplies who aren’t ethical or don’t pay fair wages. Lee offers discounts to military personnel, first responders, and students, making their jeans accessible to everyone.

Lee also offers a warranty, which is something you don’t often hear about regarding clothing! They cover any defects in the manufacturing process for up to one year. When you buy from Lee, you get a guarantee that you’re getting quality.


Levi, officially known as Levi Strauss & Co., began in 1853. The company was the first to use copper rivets to reinforce the denim so pockets wouldn’t tear out of the pants. These strong denim garments were popular during the Gold Rush and only gained attention through the 1900s. Though other brands have stepped into the spotlight, Levi remains at the top.

While the company was once expensive and exclusive, Levi wanted to make its denim accessible to more people. These days you can find Levi jeans and jackets in stores like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and Urban Outfitters.


Compared to the first two names on this list, Wrangler is relatively new to the denim game. The company began in 1947 as a western apparel brand. In addition to jeans and denim jackets, you can get western shirts and rodeo fashion.

Wrangler doesn’t just call themselves a western brand to broaden their fan base—they back up the claim with sponsorships of bull roping associations and other rodeo events. They’re also committed to making less of an impact on the environment. The factories are using less water and energy, and they aim to use 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.

Top Jeans for Plus Size Women With a Big Stomach, Closing Thoughts

The bottom line is that, if you feel comfortable in your jeans, you’re going to rock the look. These tips help you know what to look for when you’re shopping. The eight pairs listed are sure to be great options for you to see what plus size jeans can offer in terms of fit, material, and durability. Invest in a quality pair of plus size jeans today!

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