Best Clear High Heels With Rhinestones

8 Best Clear High Heels With Rhinestones 2024

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Shopping for heels can be one of the most exciting (and stressful) parts of getting ready for an event. Whether it’s a formal dance, a wedding, or just to wear to the club, you want to have the perfect pair to match your outfit and add a little sparkle.

High heels with rhinestones are the perfect way to add a little glitter to your event while being subtle. By choosing one of the best clear high heels with rhinestones on this list, you’ll be able to find the shoes of your dreams and make a stir at your next event.

Wetkiss Women’s Clear Heels – Best Overall

Wetkiss Women’s Clear Heels

There are so many shoe options on the internet, that it makes it difficult to choose which one is the best. However, these clear heels from Wetkiss are definitely a cut above the rest.

First of all, they are high-quality shoes. For the price, these are some of the most comfortable clear plastic shoes you’ll find. Secondly, there are enough color and rhinestone options to please anybody! You can choose from several different clear shoes with simple rhinestone designs, from a rhinestone bow to a circle. 

The variety and the quality, along with the price, come together to make this the best option easily available on the internet. They fit true to size and have a 4-5 inch heel. Prepare to stun in these lovely shoes, worthy of a princess!

Steve Madden’s Vala Pump – Best Premium Option

Steve Madden’s Vala Pump

If you’re comfortable spending a bit more money for a higher quality shoe, these Steve Madden shoes are a great premium option. They’re covered in bling and rhinestones and a great way to make your feet sparkle all night long.

There are over a dozen styles to choose from, and four of them are clear with rhinestones. You can choose the studs and rhinestones for extra glitter, rainbow rhinestones for a truly magical shoe, only rhinestones for a more classic look, or a simple clear heel with a line of rhinestones along the bottom.

These shoes fit true to size and have a 4.5-inch heel. They are stylish and comfortable (which is difficult to find in a heel this tall). If you want the absolute best quality of a high heel, you’ll end up spending a little more on it. However, it’s worth it for the make and durability of these shoes.

Rhinestone Slip-on Heels  – Best Budget Option

Rhinestone Slip-on Heels

It can be tough to shop for shoes if you don’t have a huge budget. Most pairs cost at least $40, and for some people, that’s not an option. If you’re on a tight budget, these heeled rhinestone sandals might be the perfect pair for you. They are inexpensive without being cheaply made.

Although these shoes won’t be as high quality as some of the other heels on this list, they are still clear heels with rhinestones, and they won’t fall apart the minute you walk around in them. You shouldn’t expect them to last as long, but know that these shoes will do their job just as well as more expensive ones!

These open-toed sandals have a simple rhinestone decoration on the strap and are otherwise completely clear. They provide support with a wide-bottomed heel (no stiletto here) so you won’t sink into the grass or dirt when you walk. Although they’re simple, these shoes are lovely and would work well for any wedding or special event.

Mango Shiny Heels – Best Low Heel

Mango Shiny Heels

You’re here for high heels, but if you struggle with knee issues or walking in stilettos, you might want a mid-heel instead. The shoes will still give you some lift but will be easier on your joints. You don’t have to wear flats to feel supported and comfortable.

These pumps are just as lovely as some of the other heels on this list but have a three-inch heel instead of four, five, or six inches. They aren’t flats and fit all of the other criteria. With a strap in the back and rhinestones along the front, they provide support and elegance.

These shiny heels from Mango have a clear block heel and toe coverage with dainty lines of rhinestones. With an ankle strap and a closed toe, you’ll be completely supported and not worry about the shoe coming off. It is a pretty little shoe and worth checking out!

Lishan Rhinestone Fishnet Stiletto – Best Bootie

Lishan Rhinestone Fishnet Stiletto

You probably aren’t expecting a clear rhinestone bootie to be on this list. Don’t worry, it’s not what you imagine. There’s no clear plastic holding the rhinestones onto the boot. Instead, this bootie uses a fishnet pattern of fabric and rhinestones to create the illusion of a clean boot with a great heel.

The fishnet pattern is covered in rhinestones and comes up past the ankle, making these shoes a true bootie. However, they are still clear and your entire foot is visible, including the toenails you might have worked hard to perfect.

These are unique shoes, for sure. They would be stunning with a plain black dress or worn to an evening party. You’ll get all of the rhinestones and heels with a little added support from the fishnet shape. Most customers say that they run a little small, so order a half size up to be safe!

Fabulicious Rhinestone Dress Sandal – Best Platform Heel

Fabulicious Rhinestone Dress Sandal

Heels usually max out at five or six inches. After all, there’s not much we can do about the shape of our feet and how much they can bend. However, the platform heel has found a clever way around this by adding height to both ends of the shoe. If you want to get even taller, check out this platform sandal.

Here’s what’s unique about this shoe: the rhinestones aren’t on top. Instead, the wide sandal strap is clear plastic to show off your foot and whatever excellent pedicure you’ve had recently. The rhinestones line the heel itself and the platform, glittering whenever you walk and highlighting the very height of the shoe.

The entire back of the shoe is blitzed out, while the top remains cool, calm, and collected. It’s very “business in the front, party in the back” (without being anything like a mullet). Reviewers say they’re comfortable, fit true to size, and are even more lovely in person than in the picture. 

Women’s Gold Chunky Sandals – Best Sandals

Women’s Gold Chunky Sandals

Stiletto heels are awesome for most events. However, if you love rhinestones and clear shoes but have a more summery look, you might want to try some sandals. These are the best rhinestone sandals we could find. They are simple, gorgeous, and oh so sparkly.

With a clear lower foot strap and a beige base, the focus of these shoes will be on the five inch block heel. It is tall and beautiful, covered in glitzy rhinestones that will glow wherever you walk. There are multiple ankle straps to support you and hold your foot in place.

If you’re going to a summer wedding, these are the perfect shoes. The chunky heels will work in sand or grass, so there’s no need to stress about tripping or getting stuck. You can pick from multiple colors of shoe to accent your jewelry choices.

Yolkomo Strappy Gladiator Heels – Best With Large Rhinestone

Yolkomo Strappy Gladiator Heels

So far, we’ve only discussed heels with tiny rhinestones to add sparkle. However, not all rhinestones are small. if you truly want to make a splash, try a pair of shoes with larger and flashier rhinestones.

Yolkomo provides a gladiator type heel with straps on the front of the foot, halfway up, and on the ankle. These are all connected by a vertical strap that is lined with large rhinestones–five overall. The heel itself is five inches.

Although this specific pair has a buckle on the top strap, the company offers higher boots with more straps and buckles. If you want rhinestones up to your knee, you can choose that option. These shoes would look stunning under a little black dress. The huge rhinestones and clear straps are gorgeous.

What to Look for in a Pair of Clear High Heels With Rhinestones

You can choose any of these pairs, or look for your own on the internet. However, before you start online shopping, here are some tips to help you find the best clear high heels with rhinestones for your style.


It’s crucial to set a budget before you start shoe shopping. This may feel tough, but it will be so much easier to not get carried away if you have a pre-set amount that you’re willing to spend.

While it might be tempting to buy the most expensive pair you see, there are usually less pricey options that have a similar quality level. While you’ll likely get a better pair for a higher price, you want to be wise with your spending money.

However, the price that you choose depends on your needs for the shoes. If you’re getting clear heels for a spring break or beach party, you might not expect them to last much longer than a few days in the sand and sun. A cheaper pair would be perfect for your needs.


You know your size, but shopping online can be a little tricky. Check out any sizing charts available and read reviews. Some brands fit large or small, so you might want to buy up or down a half size.

One of the beautiful things about online shopping is that you don’t have to leave your home. However, this becomes a downside when you can’t try on multiple pairs of shoes to find the perfect pair for your event.

Check for the correct size and if you need to, order a size up or down as well. You can always buy two pairs of shoes and return the one that doesn’t fit as well.


Price doesn’t always directly relate to durability. Usually, however, the more expensive a pair of shoes are, the more likely it is to last. Cheaply made shoes will cost less but need replacing sooner.

With heels, durability is especially important. Nothing is worse than breaking a heel at a party and hobbling around holding a broken shoe. Sometimes, there’s no preventing shoe calamity. However, buying a shoe with good durability and taking care of it can help preserve your footwear.

Always check the reviews on a pair of shoes before buying them. It’s crucial to note which users have praised them for lasting a long time.

Height of Heel

Of course, the most important factor when deciding on a pair of heels is the height of the heels themselves. Measure a current pair of heels that you love and get an idea of the height you want to be. Luckily, you can count on a five-inch pair of heels measuring the same height as any other five-inch set!

Remember the length of your dress, skirt, or pants. If you have a date, it might be beneficial to keep their height in mind. But first and foremost, buy a pair of heels that makes you feel comfortable and gorgeous.


It’s no surprise that you’re looking for rhinestones. However, everyone has different opinions on what kind of rhinestones and how many.

If you want a small, dainty scattering of diamonds, some of the options on this list will be too much for you. For a more flamboyant look, you might want the entire shoe covered in rhinestones.

It all depends on what your style is and where you are wearing the heels. Remember, keep your dress in mind and match the styles as you shop. It will make the final decision much easier!

Best Clear High Heels Brands

Here are some of the best brands for clear high heels with rhinestones:

Top Clear High Heels With Rhinestones, Closing Thoughts

Whether you decide on high stilettos or pump sandals, choose one of the best clear high heels with rhinestones that will be the perfect match for your outfit and your personality. Don’t worry about standing out; you are sure to be outstanding in these gorgeous, bedazzled shoes! We hope you found the shoes of your dreams.

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