Best African Style Dresses

21 Best African Style Dresses 2024

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Looking for an African style dress? Whether you’re after the traditional bright colors, or a luxury gold dress for a special occasion, we’ve rounded up the best for you to choose from.

So read on for the best African style dresses you can buy online.

African Flare Maxi Dress  – Best Overall

African Flare Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for a dress that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful, this African Flare Maxi Dress is your best bet. From prom nights to weddings, this dress is appropriate for all formal occasions. It has deep blue cotton material with an eye-catching golden pattern.

The sizes range from 00 to 24, making this dress a suitable choice for most body types. It also has two pockets, so you won’t have to worry about carrying a purse all night.

When it comes to comfort, style, and positive ratings, it’s safe to say this is the best African style dress on this list.

Premium Getzner Magnum Gold Dress – Premium Option

Premium Getzner Magnum Gold Dress

Do you have a big budget? You might want to check out the Premium Getzner Magnum Gold Dress.

This elegant dress is ideal for special occasions like weddings or galas. Pair it with some shiny jewelry and a tiara for a truly stunning look!

The material of this gown feels wonderful on your skin. Each dress is handmade with your unique measurements in mind to ensure a perfect fit. Overall, this dress is as comfortable as they come and will help you look your best.

Though it’s the most expensive option on the list, this amazing dress is worth saving up for.

African Denim Kente Print Dress – Best Budget Option

African Denim Kente Print Dress

For those seeking an African style dress on a tight budget, try this African Denim Kente Print Dress.

This dress has a fun Kente pattern that will surely draw the eye. It even has a matching scarf for your hair! You can wear this dress to parties, the beach, or any other occasion where casual yet vibrant wear is appropriate.

Because it’s a budget option, it may not be the most comfortable or long-lasting option on this list. However, it can still be a great addition to your wardrobe regardless.

Ankara Style African Print Dress

Ankara Style African Print Dress

If you are looking for a fun summertime outfit, try this Ankara Style African Print Dress! It has a breezy, colorful design that’s perfect for a warm and sunny day.

This vibrant red dress has an intricate black and gold design. It would go great with a pair of shiny earrings and some bangle bracelets.

You can wear this dress at a variety of events, such as formal parties or casual date nights with friends. Bear in mind that the sizes run quite small, so this dress might be a better option for petite women.

Ankara Print Style Smock Dress

Ankara Print Style Smock Dress

The Ankara Print Style Smock Dress is a beautiful gown. It’s great for formal occasions, but it can work in casual settings as well.

This black dress has an intricate golden African design. Its neutral color scheme and long-sleeve design make it appropriate for chilly autumn days.

The dress only comes in one size, but it can stretch to fit from small to XL. It also has pockets and a matching head scarf.

Consider pairing this lovely dress with a pair of white heels and a golden necklace for a truly stunning look.

Women’s Traditional Ethiopian Dress

Women’s Traditional Ethiopian Dress

If you want to show some pride in your Ethiopian heritage, you might like this Women’s Traditional Ethiopian Dress.

This dress is perfect for formal settings. It’s handmade in Ethiopia from 100% cotton material, so it’s nothing short of genuine. You can choose from several colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

While this item is one of the more expensive dresses on this list, it’s super comfortable and long-lasting. If you are seeking an authentic African style dress, it may be worth the price.

African Print Ankara Knee-Length Dress

African Print Ankara Knee-Length Dress

Are you looking for a super cute dress with an African design? The African Print Ankara Knee-Length Dress might be just what you need.

This dress has an off-shoulder design and puffy sleeves for a feminine, glamorous look. Anyone who strives for a fun and youthful aesthetic should give it a try.

Bright yellow, red, and green are the main colors of this eye-catching dress. It’s a super stylish choice for a sunny day.

To make the most of this dress, we recommend pairing it with a black belt to give your waist a defined look.

Kente Bodycon Stretch Dress

Kente Bodycon Stretch Dress

This Kente Bodycon Stretch Dress is the best African dress for summertime parties! It has thin, breathable material and an open back to help you keep cool.

The yellow, red, green, and blue patterns make this a super stylish dress. Pair it with some matching sandals for an unbeatable summer outfit.

Stretchy material and a wide range of sizes make this dress a great choice for plus-sized women.

This bodycon dress can be a great fashion statement year-round. If you would like to wear it on a chilly day, you can easily put a solid-colored shirt underneath it.

Black Nathifa Kaftan Dress

Black Nathifa Kaftan Dress

Anyone who wants a regal African style outfit should take a look at this Black Nathifa Kaftan Dress!

This gown has silky black spandex with a Moroccan bead design. Women who love North African fashion won’t want this gown missing from their wardrobes.

Formal events such as weddings, bridal showers, and galas are the best places to wear this elegant dress. It would look amazing with some gold eyeshadow and a pair of high heels.

The sizing for this dress goes from XXS to 4X, so it’s suitable for petite and plus-sized women alike. You can also customize the dress to match your height for a more accurate fit.

African Print Summer Maxi Dress

African Print Summer Maxi Dress

Those seeking a colorful, modest gown might like this African Print Summer Maxi Dress. It has a cheerful design that’s fitting for a sunny day.

The long sleeves and floor-length skirt make this a great dress for anyone who doesn’t want to show too much skin. It can be a lovely option for teenagers who want an African style dress for prom!

The floral designs and matching ribbon combine to provide a delicate and feminine look.

Consider pairing this dress with a pair of gloves and a matching hair scarf for a truly adorable outfit!

Patchwork African Dress

Patchwork African Dress

If you want a dress that’s one-of-a-kind, this Patchwork African Dress might be the best option for you!

This charming handmade dress has pockets and a ribbon belt to define your waist. It’s made of 100% wax cotton.

The cheerful, colorful design makes this a great dress for teachers or other women who work with kids.

Overall, this creative dress is a unique fashion statement. Pair it with some funky jewelry and a cute head scarf to bring the whole outfit together.

Royal Blue Off-Shoulder Ankara Dress 

Royal Blue Off-Shoulder Ankara Dress

Here’s another stunning summertime dress! This Royal Blue Off-Shoulder Ankara Dress is perfect for a woman who wants something comfortable, colorful, and breezy.

Wear this dress to formal occasions like weddings or birthday celebrations. It’s ideal for anyone who’s going for a classy aesthetic.

The sizing starts at 0 and goes up to 28, making this dress an excellent choice for petite and plus-sized women.

This dress comes with a head scarf and a matching face mask. We recommend styling it with a pair of high-heeled sandals and some gold jewelry.

Ankara Blouse Dress 

Ankara Blouse Dress

Here’s a super comfy African style dress! Give this Ankara Blouse Dress a try if you want a stylish and casual outfit.

This dress has elbow-length sleeves and a knee-length skirt. The material is 100% Kenyan cotton.

The blue and red pattern gives this dress a subtly beautiful look. It’s great if you want some African clothing but aren’t fond of super bright colors.

The buttons are in the front, so slipping this garment on is pretty easy. It also has two roomy pockets that you can use to store your phone or wallet.

African Ankara Shirt Dress

African Ankara Shirt Dress

Are you seeking a casual, feminine dress for your wardrobe? Consider checking out this African Ankara Shirt Dress. It has a stylish and simple design that works well for many occasions.

This dress consists of durable cotton material, so you can expect it to last a long time. It’s midi length and has short sleeves which makes it great for warm weather.

The only downside is that the sizing starts at US 2, so size 0 women might not like this option. However, it goes up to size 24, so it’s a great dress for plus-sized women.

Each of these dresses comes from skilled Nigerian tailors. So if you’re looking for authentic African fashion, this might be the dress for you.

African Print Infinity Maxi Dress

African Print Infinity Maxi Dress

Are you looking for a mermaid-style gown that’ll represent your heritage? This African Print Infinity Maxi Dress might be an excellent choice.

This vibrant dress has every color of the rainbow, so it will work for anyone who wants to express their colorful personality in their clothing.

The intricate African design is simply beautiful—it will catch some eyes and earn you compliments no matter where you wear it.

Soft, authentic African cotton is the main material of this dress. It’s very comfortable and suitable for parties, dates, or even trips to the beach.

Marima African Print Dress

Marima African Print Dress

This Marima African Print Dress is perfect for any woman who wants a modern African style dress. It’s great for teenagers, young adults, or even older women who are into fashion.

Whether you’re headed to an extravagant festival or a casual night out with friends, this dress is great for many occasions. Pair it with a belt and some sunglasses for a fun and creative look!

The high neckline makes this product ideal for women who aren’t fond of the low-cut options on this list. It also has sleeves and a pocket on each side.

The sizing goes up to 3X, making this a lovely African style dress for plus-sized women.

Blue Yellow Ankara Dress

Blue Yellow Ankara Dress

Anyone seeking a gown with dark yet bold colors will love this Blue-Yellow Ankara Dress! It’s a great option for both older women and young adults.

This dress has a deep blue, yellow, and red African design. It works well for both formal and casual wear.

You’ll also get a matching head wrap and face mask with this dress, so you can look stylish while staying safe from germs. Sizing goes from 0 to 28, making this dress an excellent choice for women of all body types.

Floral Aesthetic Long Sleeve Dress

Floral Aesthetic Long Sleeve Dress

Africa is home to many beautiful flowers, so it only makes sense to include a floral dress on this list. This Floral Aesthetic Long Sleeve Dress is a good choice for anyone who wants a feminine and colorful African gown!

This dress has a high neckline and long sleeves, making it suitable for anyone who prefers a modest look.

The fabric has a yellow, red, and gray floral pattern. This dress would go well with a matching head scarf and a pair of sandals or high-heeled boots.

From professional settings, church services, and even dates, this dress is appropriate for many occasions.

African Print Belle Rainbow Infinity Dress 

African Print Belle Rainbow Infinity Dress

Out of all the dresses on this list, the African Print Belle Rainbow Infinity Dress is by far the most vibrant. Wear this dress if you want to be the center of attention on your next outing!

This gown has a bright purple, yellow, and green African pattern. There is an alternate version with red, green, yellow, and blue as well.

The material of this handmade gown is 100% cotton. It has a side slit and a tie-up shoulder strap that you can style in several ways.

Accessorize this African style dress with a matching head scarf and a pair of cute earrings for a complete outfit!

Ankara Crop Top Dress

Ankara Crop Top Dress

Anyone seeking a beach-friendly African style dress may want to check out this Ankara Crop Top Dress.

This two-piece dress has a crop top design that provides a stylish and modern appearance. It’s perfect for women who want to show off their curves.

The front slit and open shoulder design allow this dress to keep you cool in hot summer weather.

You can buy this dress in both red and purple patterns. No matter what colors you choose, it will go wonderfully with some clunky jewelry and a pair of sandals!

What To Look For in African Style Dresses

Not all African style dresses are the same, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you buy one. The key factors to keep in mind are styles, patterns, colors, sizing, length, and materials.

Let’s take a closer look at what these factors mean and how they can help you find the perfect African style dress! 


Dresses come in many styles, and African style dresses are no exception. Here are a few of the most common dress styles to look for:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Off-the-shoulder dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • Shirt dresses
  • Mermaid dresses
  • Pencil dresses
  • Ball gowns

Different dress styles are appropriate for various occasions. When shopping for African style dresses, consider what type of dress you’re looking for.

Off-the-shoulder dresses, wrap dresses, and shirt dresses are best for casual settings such as parties or dates. On the other hand, maxi dresses and pencil dresses are great for formal occasions like job interviews or the workplace. If you’re looking for a dress for a wedding or prom night, something like a mermaid dress or a ball gown might be your best bet!


Africa is home to hundreds of unique cultures, and each of those cultures has tons of beautiful textiles.

Here are some of the most common African patterns you’ll find in clothing: 

  • Kente
  • Ankara
  • Shweshwe
  • Paisley 

The options are endless when it comes to African patterns. Whether you want something muted or vibrant, there’s sure to be an African style dress that will suit you well!


When it comes to African dresses, you never have to worry about a lack of color. African style dresses can come in any color of the rainbow, so determine what color suits you best as you search for your new dress.

Warm colors are a common theme in African style clothing. These colors are fitting for summer, spring, or autumn outfits. They can provide you with a bold and fiery look, so if that sounds like you, rest assured there are plenty of African dresses with warm-colored patterns!

If you’re fond of cool colors like blue and purple, there are plenty of lovely African textiles that will catch your eye. Cool colors are best to wear during the summer, winter, or spring. They go well with elegant styles, so keep that in mind when choosing a color scheme that works for you.

Black, gray, brown, white, and beige are common colors you’ll see in African clothing, too. So if you’re fond of neutral styles, you’ll have an easy time finding a dress that you’ll love. These neutral colors are great for any occasion or time of year.

Many African style dresses will mix and match color schemes, too. So if you can’t decide on a favorite color scheme, you can easily find a dress with a little bit of everything!


Whether you’re plus-sized or on the thinner side, finding a dress with a proper fit can be a struggle.

One key factor to finding a dress that fits is to take your measurements before shopping. That way, you can have a precise idea of what to look for in your new dress.

Remember that each country has a different sizing system, so make sure not to mix them up when you are shopping from international stores.

If you are a plus-size woman, consider looking for plus-size-specific brands. These businesses usually have a more varied selection of sizes for you to browse.


The length of your dress is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. For modest and professional outfits, knee-length or ankle-length gowns might be your best option. For youthful or modern looks, mini dresses make an excellent choice.

You should also consider your height when choosing a long dress. If you’re buying a maxi dress as a short woman, check the length before buying it; otherwise, you may end up with a garment that drags on the floor.


When shopping for dresses, you should always consider what materials are in them. Otherwise, you can end up wasting money on a dress that you can’t stand wearing.

A few common materials you’ll see in African style dresses are:

  • Cotton
  • African wax
  • Denim
  • Silk

The best materials for you will depend on your preferences. Look through your current wardrobe to see which dress materials will work for you!

What Goes With African Style Dresses?

What you want to wear with your African style dress may vary on the dress type, the colors, and your unique style.

In general, African style jewelry is a fitting companion for these dresses. Bangle bracelets, gold necklaces, and colorful earrings are a few additional choices to consider.

Shoes are another important factor to consider when styling your African dresses. High heels or flats typically go well with formal outfits, while sandals or boots tend to match casual wear.

Finally, you should consider your hairstyle when planning your outfit. Natural Black hairstyles such as afros and box braids go wonderfully with African style dresses, for instance. You can also find hair scarves or headbands to match your dress for a more cohesive look!

Top African Style Dresses, Closing Thoughts

When it comes to fashion, African designers never disappoint. From flowing traditional gowns to short and funky summer dresses, African style clothing is the best way to show pride in your culture or find a unique new look. Regardless of your preferences, there’s at least one African style dress out there that will suit your aesthetic.

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