Best Heels for Tall Ladies

12 Best Heels for Tall Ladies 2024

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There is a stigma around tall women wearing heels. The idea that they shouldn’t wear shoes with height because they’re already tall is ridiculous. Every woman everywhere has the right to slip on stilettos and show off their long legs and beautiful confidence.

Whether they are two-inch wedges or five-inch pumps, tall women can rock whatever shoe they desire. Here are the best heels for tall women for all different personalities and fashion senses.

Irenee Black Leather – Best Overall

Irenee Black Leather

Steve Madden’s Irenee Black Leather heel is the best overall option on our list for several reasons.

Choosing the perfect heel ultimately depends on what you’re looking for in your heel. These leather heels are the best overall because, in terms of heel height, price, comfort, and style, these heels are well-rounded.

They offer height without going too tall, the leather is easy to maintain and comfortable for any foot width, and they’re sleek and go with any outfit. They would not seem out of place in the office, at a restaurant, or at a club. This versatility helps you get a lot out of these shoes.

Condora 85 Nude Leather – Premium Option

Condora 85 Nude Leather

These Condora 85 Nude Leather heels are stunning and comfortable, but they are also the most expensive pair of pumps on our list. Their nude color is flattering on any woman, but for tall women, they’ll accentuate your legs and leave you feeling timeless.

Christian Louboutin is an infamous designer brand known for its red-bottom heels. These heels have a significantly high price point but are durable, comfortable, and clean. With brands like this, you pay a considerable amount of money for exceptional quality. For a premium footwear experience like no other, you can’t go wrong with Christian Louboutin.

Cape Robbin Briar Sexy Stiletto – Best Budget Option

Cape Robbin Briar Sexy Stiletto

The Cape Robbin Briar Sexy Stiletto may be one of the cheapest heels on our list, but it is also the most versatile in color in price. Sold on Amazon, this heel is offered in different styles, allowing you to choose your favorite, all while staying within an affordable price range.

Open-toed and squared, these heels are professional and formal. They’re slightly over four inches in height, and their metallic links in the front make them appear more expensive than they are.

Lady Couture Macy Pump – Best Short Heel Option

Lady Couture Macy Pump

If you’re looking for a heel that won’t make you tower over everyone, the Lady Couture Macy Pump offers little height and dazzling glam. With only a slight two-inch lift, these heels are focused more on their stunning style.

With shiny, small studs and mesh fabric, this slingback heel radiates elegance and glamour. You won’t feel overly tall, but you still feel powerful confidence and beauty with such a stunning heel adorning your feet. The pointed toe adds to the sophistication.

Vince Camuto Fasta Pump – Best High-Heel Option

Vince Camuto Fasta Pump

If you’re a tall woman who loves standing high and showing off your stunning long legs, the Vince Camuto Fasta Pump will not only do just that but bring the attention you’re hoping for.

These stunning heels are four inches with embellished netting draped over the center of your foot. They bring on the height and glam with shiny rhinestones paired with a black option and a metallic silver option.

These heels are tall, demanding, and elegantly put into one.

Michael Kors Laney Thong – Best Sandal Option

Michael Kors Laney Thong

The Michael Kors Laney Thong is an affordable brand-name shoe that stunning in its simplicity with tan and golden hues. This wedged sandal makes the perfect summertime shoe while maintaining a sense of elegance.

Heels don’t need to be thin stilettos to be flattering, and this Michael Kors wedge proves it. Whether paired with a sun dress to show off your long legs or with jeans on a summer night out, these heels blend with all outfits and situations.

Mix No. 6 Liraven Pump – Best Studded Option

Mix No. 6 Liraven Pump

DSW’s Mix No. 6 Liraven Pump is the best-studded heel on our list for a few reasons. While elegance is often strived for with heels, being intimidating and edgy is another appearance heels can give us. These heels find the middle ground between classy and edgy.

With several color options, all at an affordable price, these studded heels will be comfortable and stunning on tall ladies. They’ll lengthen the legs and boost the confidence of the wearer while being easy to walk in.

Zala Block Heel Pump – Best Simple Option

Zala Block Heel Pump

The Zala Block Heel Pump by Marc Fisher is clean, sleek, and simplistic. It’s elegant in black and gives a slight two to three-inch lift to tall women. Simple heels can go with any outfit and occasion, making them some of the best heels for women to own.

The block heel makes these easier to walk in, adding to the natural look. With a pointed toe and shiny black leather material, these shoes are perfect for formal events, a professional work setting, going out to the bar, and just about any location you can imagine.

Women’s Go-To Block Heel Pump – Best Comfort Option

Women’s Go-To Block Heel Pump

Comfortable heels tend to be on the shorter, thicker side, and the Women’s Go-To Block Heel Pump fits in both of those categories. Cole Haan offers this heel in two different widths with a cushioned sole and thicker heel for stability.

This heel is affordable and the most comfortable for not just tall ladies but all women. The name says it all. This is a go-to shoe that will get you through a long workday and into a night out.

Pierra Platform Sandal – Best Platform Option

Pierra Platform Sandal

Platform heels are some of the tallest heels women can wear, but if you aren’t afraid of furthering your height, the Pierra Platform Sandal by Kurt Geiger is the option for you. This leather platform features an ankle strap with a charm.

With a black leather option, a multi-color pastel studded option, and a metallic colorful option, these platforms are versatile and allow you to decide whether you want subtlety, or if you want to go off with some flashiness. They also offer height while being more comfortable than non-platform, high-inch heels. 

Farrah Dress Booties – Best Bootie Option

Farrah Dress Booties

The Farrah Dress Booties are simple yet stunning with their stiletto heel. Chic with simple colors like cream, tan and black, these booties are also offered in more colorful options like bright pink, blue suede, and even studded denim.

Booties are a great alternative to a tall heel because they give tall women height but don’t look as accentuated as an open-toed pump. That is, if you want heels but don’t want to appear taller.

Anthony Mule Pump – Best Unique Option

Anthony Mule Pump

If you love shoes as vibrant as your personality, the Anthony Mule Pump adds color and whimsical style to any outfit. Offered in black satin, cocoa brown satin, ochre satin, and olive satin, this Sam Edelman is quirky without exaggerating.

The large puff on top of the heel grabs attention, but the darker tones in the colors don’t overdo it. The shape of the heel is unique, making it one of a kind and incredibly flattering on tall women with its open heel.

What To Look For in Heels as a Tall Woman

Tall women look beautiful in heels. Whether they’re lower to the ground or a high stiletto, heels give all women a confidence boost and shape our legs and bodies. Despite the societal stigma around tall women wearing tall heels, women should wear whatever they want.

If you’re a tall woman looking for a stunning pair of heels, there are several factors to consider before purchasing a pair. 

Average Price

Heel prices for short women are the same as for tall women. The main takeaway from the average price of heels is that there are affordable options and multiple brands that offer good quality heels.

Yet, the best quality heels are borderline expensive, or exceptionally expensive. Heels are a luxury item, and if you’re looking for one with stunning style, high comfort, and durability, they will likely break over a hundred dollars.


A tall woman should look for stable, durable heels like any woman. Most wedges or chunky heels are automatically more stable than a stiletto when both are cheaper.

Even if both styles are poorly made, it’s less likely a thicker base will snap than a heel not even an inch thick. Durability and average price tie into one another.

The higher price of a heel is a testament to its higher quality. Designer brands are so expensive because of the name with which they are associated. While their quality is higher, you can find cheaper shoes that match the durability of a red bottom, but they won’t have the same recognition.

Buying cheap heels may be affordable but more likely to wear off and break as opposed to spending a little extra for better quality.


Height matters for tall women because comfort matters. If you’re just getting into wearing heels, purchasing a five-inch heel is not the route to go. While stunning, they’re incredibly difficult to walk in for first-time wearers.

Heels lengthen legs, so for already tall women, high heels will not only give you height but emphasize the muscles and tone in your legs. Being tall is something to be proud of, and heels empower tall women.

However, what matters most when it comes to height is what you want. Tall women can stun in tall heels the same way they turn heads in short heels. What anyone else thinks is irrelevant.


Comfort, like durability, is found in high-quality heels. If a heel is too stiff, your feet will be aching thirty minutes in, but with the right materials and structure, even the tallest of heels can be comfortable.

That is if you have experience in wearing high heels. Wearing flats and jumping into a four-inch heel will be entirely too uncomfortable. Starting small and working your way up is the way to go.

Comfort can fluctuate based on the style and shape of a heel. A closed heel can cramp a wider foot if the sole doesn’t provide enough space, and a slingback heel can allow more space if you have longer feet.

To ensure you purchase a comfortable and stylish heel, consider your own feet and what you’ll need for them. When in doubt, pick a heel that allows your feet to breathe. Open-toe, sandal-style, and slingbacks are qualities that will ensure a comfortable fit.


Style and shape are crucial when it comes to buying heels.

If you’re a taller woman with larger feet, the last thing you want to do is buy a pair of shoes that will scrunch your feet. If you’re a tall woman with long toes, you want to consider whether a pointed or open toe would work best for your comfort.

Stilettos accentuate your legs, and tall booties will give you height without elongating your legs. The different styles available to us make for different effects.

Best Brands That Make Heels That Suit Tall Women

Thousands of heel brands make beautiful, suitable shoes for tall women. Being tall doesn’t automatically make someone’s feet long and wide. It comes down to your comfort and preferences when deciding what brand is best for you.

Here are a few notable brands with a variety of heels, prices, and heights, letting you decide what’s best for you and making you feel the most beautiful.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a designer brand with high-quality heels yet affordable prices. They mass-produce designer clothing, handbags, jewelry, and footwear.

Steve Madden’s shoes are easily accessible. You can find them online and in-store retailers like TJ Maxx, DSW, and others.

When it comes to heels, they have it all. From wedges to pumps, booties to sandals, there is something for every style and every height.

As for tall women, you can find platforms and one-inch heels from this name brand. Most shoes have reviews, giving you the opportunity before you buy whether other tall women have commented on their distaste or their love for a specific heel.

The RealReal

The RealReal is a second-hand retailer that resells designer clothing and shoes. Here is where you’ll find old edition Louboutin red bottoms and floral Gucci pumps for a significantly lower price than they would have sold for when they first came out.

Designer brand heels can sell for thousands, but The RealReal sometimes offers them for half their original price or even lower.

You’ll find all kinds of designer shoe brands on this site, along with all different types of styles for different women. The wide variety of this site allows tall women to determine which heels they want while owning an infamous designer shoe.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is another name brand with affordable heel options. Like Steve Madden, Michael Kors has a wide variety of designer pumps, wedges, chunky boots, and booties for different styles and feet.

Ranging from affordable to expensive, you’ll find high-quality shoes like the ones from The RealReal and Steve Madden. Michael Kors is the middle ground. The expensive heels aren’t being resold, but the low-priced ones don’t lose anything in terms of quality.

There’s a heel for every woman out there on this website.


Lulu’s heels range in different prices, but they all remain affordable. They have adorable heels for every feminine style. From bridal pumps to evening club shoes and tall pumps to short wedges, there’s a heel for everyone.

While the shoes are stunning, there are some warnings about this brand.

With low prices and a wide variety of styles, Lulu’s heels may be borderline uncomfortable or not as long-lasting as the others on our list. The more affordable price range for this brand can lead to some comfort and durability issues. Like all websites, it’s crucial to read reviews on Lulus.

Lulus is well-known and generally liked. Their shoes won’t always have issues, but if you’re interested in a heel on Lulus, double-checking for quality is the best way to know.

Top Heels for Tall Ladies, Closing Thoughts

Tall women look stunning in tall heels. Despite the societal norms that women should be shorter and that tall women can’t make tall heels work, it’s quite the contrary. Some of the best people to wear tall heels are tall women.

That makes searching for the best heels for tall women easy because it comes down to individual preferences and styles. Whether you prefer shorter heels or love feeling even taller than you already are, there are shapes, colors, and styles for whatever you’re looking for.

When looking for heels, consider the price, durability, and comfort, and every tall lady will find the perfect heel for them.

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