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7 Best Studded Heels 2024

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There’s a serious flaw with many modern pairs of heels: they don’t have studs!

Well today we’re going to right that wrong, by looking at the best studded heels out there for any price range.

Below we showcase different styles, from spiked and diamond-shaped studs to rhinestones or pearls; there is an option for everyone.

Here is a list of the best studded heels we could find, as well as what to look for when choosing your favorite.

Steve Madden Woman’s Vala Pump – Best Overall

Steve Madden Woman’s Vala Pump

For several reasons, the Steve Madden Woman’s Vala Pump is the best overall option for studded heels. When it comes to stylish studs, the Vala Pump is elegant in its edgy appeal.

With the heel’s availability in multiple colors and styles, such as rose gold, rainbow, clear studs, and rhinestones, you can choose which one works best with your fashion sense and tailor it to a specific outfit. 

The Vala pump features a stiletto heel, pointed toe, and Steve Madden’s signature comfort; you’ll be turning heads in these sexy pumps.

Found at a reasonable price from a notable brand, the Vala Pump is the best-studded heel on our list overall.

Rockstud Leather Pumps By Valentino Garavani – Best Designer Option

Rockstud Leather Pumps By Valentino Garavani

Rockstud Leather Pumps by Valentino Garavani are our premium option studded heels for their high quality and price. You get what you pay for, and these designer Rockstud pumps are some of the best on the market in terms of attention to quality and detail.

Made in Italy and featuring a 2.5” mid-height kitten heel, comfort and style deliver in these classy and edgy studded heels.

The signature premium leather material fixes into a pointed toe with three straps around the ankle. You can decide which option is your favorite with golden pyramid studs and a fabric color choice between black and blush.

Wild Diva Adora64 Metal Stud Stiletto – Best Budget Option

Wild Diva Adora64 Metal Stud Stiletto

The Wild Diva Adora64 Metal Stud Stiletto is the most budget-friendly option on our list, making studded heels affordable but appropriate for the professional workplace.

This pair of studded heels closely resembles the Rockstud Leather Pump above, matching with a similar color scheme and strappy ankles. This budget-friendly option offers comfort and style without breaking the bank.

Offered as a black pointed-toe and nude straps, or a fully nude shoe, both color options come with golden pyramid studs. This studded heel offers four inches in height and made of patent leather material.

River Island Studded Heeled Pumps – Best Short Heel Option

River Island Studded Heeled Pumps

River Island Studded Heeled Pumps are a great faux leather quality, average-priced studded heel option that’s best for those who can’t comfortably wear heels over two inches.

This one-and-a-half-inch heel has a slingback strap that adds to the level of comfort and casualness of this heel. It’s perfect for a formal function that’s more laid back, and it combines the elements of elegancy and relaxation.

This black shoe with tiny silver studs is elegant in its simplicity.

Aqua Lesly Ankle Strap High Heel Sandals – Best Platform Option

Aqua Lesly Ankle Strap High Heel Sandals

Aqua Lesly Ankle Strap High Heel Sandals are platform heels beautifully studded and covered with rhinestones. Even the toe and ankle straps have studs. These heels add an extra three-quarter inch to your height but only feel like a two-inch heel. These platforms are chunky and comfortable but feature a rubber sole.

The first open-toe shoe on our list also comes in three color options. With black fabric featuring black rhinestone studs, pink fabric accompanying pink rhinestone studs, or silver fabric with silver studs, you can choose which one you love the most.

Nine West Torrie Studded Bootie – Best Boot Option

Nine West Torrie Studded Bootie

Heels don’t always have to look the same, and the Nine West Torrie Studded Bootie is unique in style. Its heel lifts four inches off the ground, and the black boot has silver circle studs, making an elegant appearance.

Nine West has some of the most beautiful studded booties available, and this studded heel does not disappoint. Complete with a zipper closure, pointed toe, and a flare heel design, this shoe is formal and appropriate for dressing up or down.

Weslee Pearly Stud Pumps – Best Wedding Option

Weslee Pearly Stud Pumps

Studded with pearls, the Weslee Pearly Stud Pumps can add the perfect amount of soft, ivory beauty to any wedding, bridal shower, or bachelorette dress. If you’re searching for studded heels that show off just enough to make their statement, these Badgley Mischka shoes make an excellent choice.

Complete with satin stilettos reaching just under four inches in height, an attractive pointed toe, and sheer style combined with leather outsoles, these effortless slip ons are the perfect accessory for your big day.

What To Look For in Studded Heels

Choosing the best-studded heels for you or an event can be taxing. Studded heels have multiple options, colors, shapes, and sizes, and knowing what to look for will help you speed up the process of deciding what you like.

When researching and choosing studded heels for your next occasion, it’s important to keep in mind:

  • Average price
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • How often you’ll wear them
  • Variety of stud types
  • Stud colors
  • Stud layouts

Average Price

Shoes often cost more than most clothing items, and heels are no exception. Heels are sort of like jewelry, an accessory that adds to the beauty of your outfit.

With all products, the more well-known and luxurious a brand is, the more expensive an item will be.

Studded heels, on average, cost anywhere around seventy-five to two hundred dollars. It can be much cheaper or significantly higher, but the average prices for decent quality fall within that price range.

Well-made studded heels will be closer to the two-hundred range, maybe slightly higher, but there are studded heels that exist for only a hundred with the same quality. When this is the case, it comes down to the brand of that heel.


Quality is a massive factor in terms of purchasing studded heels. Low quality could mean the heel could snap, or the shoe’s sole can wear out quicker, but with studded heels specifically, the studs can likely fall off easily.

Losing studs leaves behind residue and automatically changes the appearance of your heels. Spending just enough money for that extra quality to avoid this is the best course of action when paying for studded heels.

While paying less will save you money for a similar-looking shoe, paying extra will offer a better-quality shoe that won’t break easily. With high quality, studded heels can last a long time.


Durability goes hand-in-hand with quality. The higher quality of a studded heel only means it’s even more durable. The studs will stay on, the heel’s stem won’t snap with too much tension, and the sole won’t wear out.

Similar to price and quality, if a heel is highly-priced, its quality is high, and so is its durability.


While this quality should be with every shoe you buy, it’s crucial to look for studded heels that don’t hurt your feet. Even if you’re an avid heel-wearer, buying shoes that cramp your feet or leave behind blisters can still happen.

Comfort is another spot where choosing a more expensive option may be better in the long run because quality ties in with comfort. Especially when studded heels are strappy, it’s wise to purchase a pair that won’t irritate your skin.

How Often They’re Used

How often you’ll wear your studded heels can determine the type and style you want and how much you’re willing to pay for them.

If purchasing a pair of studded heels for one occasion, buying a budget-friendly brand may be more cost-effective than an expensive, luxury brand. Spending over a thousand dollars on heels you’ll wear once may not be worth it.

How often you plan on using the shoes will also help determine the heel’s color and design. Consider your wardrobe and what outfits the studded heels will match with. If you are paying for an expensive pair, purchase one that you can wear more often than not. Nude, black and ivory are excellent choices with plenty of options to pair with; hot pink studded heels may limit your wearing options.

Stud Types

There are many variations for studded heels because of the different stud sizes, shapes, and materials. Studs can be circular, sharp, pointy, diamond-shaped, blocky, and just about every other form. Studded heels can be unique and distinctly their own.

On top of shapes, the studs can be large and chunky, minuscule, or medium-sized. They can be spread out on the heel, concentrated in one spot, and even form a pattern. It all depends on the shoe and what you’re looking for in your heels.

Studs can also be different materials. Rhinestones, gems, pearls, cotton, faux metallic, and all different styles can be studs.

Stud Colors

Like most shoes and clothing items, studded heels can come in any color, and their studs can come in any color along with the material. Stud colors are frequently metallics, including silver, gold, yellow gold, white, gold, rose gold, and black, as the more common colors.

Pearls tend to offer the same few natural pearl colors, but with rhinestone studs, the color options are endless.

It’s ultimately up to the color of the heel itself that determines what studs work with it the best.

Stud Layout

The layout of the studs refers to the number of studs used on the shoe and whether they are spaced out, covering the entirety of the heel, or if they are concentrated in one area.

Heels with a chunk of studs front and center usually are statement heels, and they pull attention directly to them the same way a chunky necklace would.

When the studs are evenly spaced, they create a more elegant appeal and blend in with an outfit without attracting attention. A similar effect is created with studs covering the entirety of the heel as long as the color of the studs matches the heel.

Fully studded shoes on strappy heels are also a beautiful accessory that compliments an outfit.

Best Studded Heels Brands

The following list includes some of the best studded heel brands to consider.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is an affordable luxury brand that creates all types of shoes, from platform sandals and loafers to boots and sneakers. They are well-known primarily for their shoes, and their studded heels are amongst some of the brand’s most popular items.

Steve Madden makes durable, high-quality studded heels. The Vala Pump is the best overall studded heel on our list, and they also happen to be from the Steve Madden brand. Steve Madden studded heels are typically resold at other retailers, only spreading their popularity.


Lulus is another affordable brand with some of the cutest studded heels available. With reviews on most of their products, you can ensure the heels you want are comfortable, fit properly, and look the way they should in person.

From studded satin pearls to silver patent studs, their variety and style are what make them one of the best brands. You can find anything from colorful and unique to simple and classy on their store website.

Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani is a not-as-affordable luxury brand that creates high-quality, stunning studded heels. They’re one of the best brands for studded heels, especially for their Rockstud Leather Pumps that are popularly sold.

The name itself is part of the reason for the high expense of these heels, but the quality follows the price up with some of the most well-made heels. They’re sleek and comfortable, and the options in studs rival most brands.

With single stud heels and fully covered micro studded heels, alongside crystal studs on the fabric and top of bigger studs, the variety of studded heels is based on the suds alone.


ASOS is an online brand that sells clothing, accessories, and shoes. While their prices are slightly lower than Lulus and Steve Madden, making them more affordable than both brands, ASOS has a wide selection of studded heels.

Their quality is slightly lower because of this, but they can also be nice heels that last a reasonable amount of time. The reviews let customers know whether or not to trust the studded heel, but ASOS is widely used because of the lower price and decent quality.  

Top Studded Heels, Closing Thoughts

Studded heels are just as fashionable now as they were when they first reached popularity. The variety of stud styles, colors, and materials make them one of the more versatile heels in the fashion world.

With affordable and expensive options and flashy and simple styles, there are studded heels for everyone. Choose a simple pair for the office, a bold pair for a night out, or a statement pair for a big event. Whether you want to spend the extra money on a luxury designer brand or save some cash for a more budget-friendly but quality pair of studded heels is entirely up to you.

Studded heels are a huge part of the fashion industry, and whether it’s one of the options on our list or a different shoe, everyone should own a pair of studded heels.

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