Best Closed Toe High Heels

5 Best Closed Toe High Heels 2024

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Who doesn’t love a great pair of heels to add a sexy touch to your attire? When it comes to heeled footwear, it’s ideal when fashion and comfort meet. Closed-toe heels are particularly difficult to find because everyone’s foot shape and toe length vary.

Whether you need to keep your toes covered for work, or find that perfect classy pair for a wedding or upcoming event, read on to discover the brands we recommend.

LifeStride’s Giovanna 2 – Best Overall

LifeStride's Giovanna 2

Of all the heels on the market, the Giovanna is most accessible to the highest number of shoe wearers. With its thick arch padding, cupped heel, flexible sole, and wide toe box, there’s very little discomfort in the fit. The overall structure provides excellent support so you don’t feel wobbly wearing them.

The classic shape lends a touch of elegance as well as visual interest to this appealing shoe. Elegant and demure, you can wear the Giovanna with a formal evening gown, or just as easily dress them down and wear them under dark jeans.

Bonus: This selection is also the best black high heel – a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe. So when you don’t feel like overthinking on a night out, these are reliable but still gorgeous.



The Christian Louboutin name strikes lust into the hearts of heel aficionados – and sometimes fear into their wallets. But the price on these is a steal when you figure in the durability, wearability, and sex appeal.

The Kate’s curves are designed to display the foot and leg, for a sensual shape that will raise eyebrows on the street. Enjoy the Louboutin’s iconic red sole and high-quality craftsmanship that the brand is known for.

Dream Pairs Low Heel Pumps – Best Budget Option

Dream Pairs Low Heel Pumps

While it doesn’t match the craftsmanship or reputation of a Louboutin, the Dream Pairs pump  is a stylish alternative for the woman who wants something more than a regular heel. This pump is available in over 20 colors and patterns: a mix of safe options with solid colors, and colorful patterns for out-of-the-box choices.

Its sleek, sensible design cups the foot for ultra-comfortable support, and the heel is wide enough to provide stability. Wear these all day with reassurance that both your feet and your budget will be happy.



If you’re not searching for the most eye-catching style, but prefer a pair you can rely on, then the Round Toe Block Heel is for you. Its workhorse mentality combines with an appealing look for the best of fashion and comfort together.

There are 28 colors to choose from with Sammit’s offering, making it incredibly versatile. You can’t go wrong with a classic pump, and this heel really elevates the baseline (as well as your heel, at a steep angle). Contemporary and sleek, a pair of these will suffice for any occasion.



Ok, so pumps don’t strike your fancy and you’re searching for something with more personality. Wacuw’s kitten heels will definitely turn heads! With buckles and an unusual heel feature, they’re sure to satiate your thirst for novelty in fashion.

Despite their quirkiness, this pair comes in understated black and white so as not to steal the show. The metalwork screams rock n’ roll while the pointed toe lends a touch of elegance, for the best of both worlds. Wear them under a colored dress or slacks for the ideal effect.

What To Look For In A Pair Of Closed Toe High Heels

Finding heels can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out. Online retailers offer helpful filtering options like size and color, but there are other factors like heel height, width, and various shapes to sort through.

So how do you know how to find what you’re looking for? Consider both style and comfort when shopping for risky footwear like heels. Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean you’ll want to wear it, if it leaves unsightly lines or red marks on your poor feet after just one wear.

Use these guidelines to browse for the perfect shoes and enjoy shopping satisfaction long after the checkout counter. 


As mentioned above, there’s no sense in paying for a product that’s going to cause discomfort to your feet. There are enough options on the market that you shouldn’t be afraid to shop around for something that doesn’t cause you pain when walking. Look stylish and feel good!

With closed-toe heels, the space around the widest part of the foot is most important. Toe lengths vary, which means that even if your foot fits the standard shoe, your toes may be too short or too long for a specific pair. Your toes must have enough room to wiggle – even those with a long, tapered shape. 

Always make sure to perform the walk test on a new set of heels. Put them on in the store and experiment with different motions and paces. Can you walk in your typical stride and pace, or are you hobbled by the fit? Are the heels so high that all you can think about is keeping your balance? Most importantly, can you walk in them with confidence and security, rather than feeling self-conscious?

Some brands, like Cole Haan and Naturalizer, specialize in providing support to the foot to avoid pain. You can also use gel inserts to minimize the discomfort to the heel, arch, or toe areas.

Heel height is another consideration. You might be tempted to choose the sky-high stilettos, but think about the ramifications of wearing them. Avoiding the more risky shapes and opting instead for block heels, a lower strappy sandal, or ankle booties may save you a lot of stress and pain in the long run. It could be that an inch or two lower will save you some discomfort while looking just as sexy!

Even if you find the ideal pair of heels that cradles your feet perfectly, the shape may still cause health issues. Knees, hips, and the Achilles tendon are all susceptible to injury due to the way heels force your feet into an unnatural shape. Consider wearing them for fewer hours of the workday, or switching out to cute flats for happy hour.  


How many Hollywood storylines involve a woman who’s in fashion trouble because the heel of her shoe snapped off during a date or interview? There’s always risk associated with the structure of a shoe when half of your entire body weight balances on a tiny spindle. And of course, the more you wear them, the faster your lovely pair of heels breaks down.

If you’re going to invest in a pair of dressy footwear, you want to make sure they’ll last. Research a brand’s reputation online, exploring factors like where the company sources their textures and exactly who crafts the final product.

At the very least, read shoe reviews to determine real wearers’ input on their purchase. Your feet and your wallet alike will be grateful!


Speaking of a long-lasting product… The material that a pair of shoes is made from determines much about its longevity in your closet. There’s no worse fashion experience than trotting outdoors in your lovely new heels, only to splash in a puddle and ruin them on first wear!

Though you might take special care of your heels, the weather doesn’t care. Certain fabric types are more susceptible to the elements – particularly snow, ice, and road salt – than others which can outlast a winter season.

Avoid velvet and suede, as these are the hardest to keep looking and feeling in good condition. Certain types of leather and other animal hides can also be high-maintenance. For easiest care, look for synthetic or blended materials.  

When in doubt, pick up a bottle of sneaker protector and give your new heels a good coat of spray. This will ensure the substance and color remain intact for multiple wears.


Though it seems like a minor factor, the color of your heels is more important than you think. Your taste may run to the eye-catching and show-stopping, but shoes that you wear often are those which go with the most outfits.

The more unique or zany the look, the less frequently you’ll be able to wear it. Instead, think neutrals like beige/nude, a classic white shade, or a solid jewel tone like maroon or royal blue. And of course, every feminine footwear collection needs a black heeled staple (the shoe equivalent of an LBD). 

That’s not to say you can’t have fun with a bright pop of color, or even a fun patterned look here and there. Just keep in mind that those lime green pumps you’ve had your eye on won’t match most of your wardrobe – and shop accordingly.


It’s tempting to think that paying more for a pair of heels means they are better in quality. Unfortunately, brand labels often push up the market value of a shoe beyond what they’re actually worth in materials and craftsmanship – and no one sees the tag when you’re wearing them, anyway.

Sometimes, a designer brand is worth the price. Whether it’s their reputation as a quality manufacturer, or you want to strut your status by flashing a name, you might be willing to shell out boku bucks on those Dior or Blahniks. But if affordability is your goal, there are plenty of options at retailers like Macy’s, Shoe Carnival, DSW, and Nordstrom Rack that stay within a modest price bracket while offering you the look and feel you want.

Best Closed Toe High Heels Brands

Salvatore Ferragamo – The pinnacle of Italian fashion, this powerhouse blends modernity and sophistication for styles that will absolutely show off your taste. Ferragamo errs on the side of classic with its shoes, meaning you’ll project an air of maturity and class with these lovely heels cradling your feet. Just don’t be surprised at the price tag – you get what you pay for.

Jimmy Choo – Another high-cost brand, Choos are similarly worth what you spend on them. Their iconic pumps and slingbacks offer sex appeal and visual interest, with many of the styles featuring additions like bows or rhinestones for added elegance. 

Christian Louboutin – Louboutins are known for their sky-high arches. The wear shows off the leg shape while making for a fit only a heels expert should attempt. Their price is worth the splurge, as this iconic designer keeps reinventing the heel each season and seems to be a fashion mainstay for many years to come.

Jessica Simpson – First collaborating with Nine West in 2006, Ms. Simpson has since branched out and now offers her designs at multiple mid-range retailers. The appeal of her collection is its broad variety of styles available. Whether you want tall heeled boots, classic pumps, or platform wedges, you’ll find it all – and at very manageable prices.

Cole Haan – This designer offers a fantastic mid-range array of heels, for the wearer willing to spend a bit more but not break the bank. Haan’s styles tend to remain modest, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t appeal here – pumps of varying heel heights mingle with sandals and slingbacks to ensure you find what you’re looking for.

Kelly & Katie – Cute and affordable, Kelly & Katie shoes offer sweet and girlish looks for the budget-focused heel wearer. Sandals, pumps, and wedges come together to fill your closet with accessible fashion – just don’t expect them to have the longevity of a Choo or Ferragamo, as these are made more cheaply and with less elite craftsmanship.

Top Closed Toe High Heels, Closing Thoughts

With so many options on the market – and the ease of shopping online – you’re sure to find a pair of heels that meets your style and fashion needs without stretching your budget. No matter what you choose, the elegant look of high heels lends femininity and class to any outfit for work or socialization.

So find a pair that suits you, and let the confidence flow as you step into a fresh pair of heels. Then, strut your stuff!

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