Best 80s Style Hats

7 Best 80s Style Hats 2024

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Looking for an 80s style hat? Well below we showcase the best of them, no matter the style you’re after.

There’s neon fanny pack caps, cassette trucker hats, and many, many more.

So read on to see the best 80s style hats you can still buy today. We also cover what to look for in a good retro style hat.

Retro Fanny Pack Cap – Best Overall

Retro Fanny Pack Cap

The Retro Fanny Pack Cap (Amazon) is the best choice with its iconic fanny pack style. This hat can be perfect for festivals, concerts, or hiking trips when you have many accessories and need convenient storage pockets.

The easy-open zipper of the fanny pack can quickly help stow away various items such as money, makeup, or credit cards. And the best perk of all with this hat? The 80s neon colors will complete your outfit with a groovy twist. 

Walt Disney World Painters Hat – Premium Option

Walt Disney World Painters Hat

If you value the quality of your hats and do not mind paying a little extra for them, the Vintage Walt Disney World Painters Hat (compare prices on Etsy and eBay) is the purchase for you!

The vintage flat cap, which features infamous Disney characters, will make you look like you stepped through an 80s film. The painter’s hat style will pair well with a comfy outfit, like a sweat set. 

Fashion Retro Bucket Hat – Best Budget Option

Fashion Retro Bucket Hat

The Fashion Retro Bucket Hat (compare prices on Amazon and eBay) is the best if you want to add 80s-style to your closet without breaking the bank. With a low price and many happy reviews, you will be satisfied with your purchase.

The style of this hat is fun and lively. The cartoon jukebox, cassette tapes, retro cheetah prints, and more make this hat unique and special. If you want to make a statement with your appearance, look into the Fashion Retro Bucket Hat.

Fashion Fedora Flat Derby Hat

Fashion Fedora Flat Derby Hat

If you are looking for a hat that looks like those frequently seen in 80s hip hop, the Fashion Fedora Flat Derby Hat (compare prices on Amazon and eBay) is the one for you! The chic, timeless style is a classy, more formal option.

The fedora style will be all the rave when paired with the recently trending leather pants or skirts. If you believe you would rock this iconic look, purchase the Fashion Fedora Flat Derby Hat!

Mountain Dew Retro Patch Cap

Mountain Dew Retro Patch Cap

The Mountain Dew Retro Patch Cap (compare prices on Etsy and eBay) is a clever and unique hat option! The retro patch and rope inclusions is a one of a kind design that is hard to find.

Pair this Mountain Dew Retro Patch Cap with a classic combo of blue jeans and sneakers to create a relaxed but fashionable aesthetic. The kelly green shade and easygoing snapback will complete this outfit look. 

Cassette Trucker Hat

Cassette Trucker Hat

This Cassette Trucker Hat (Etsy) has all the classic elements of the decade. With its mesh back and no-frills design style you can’t go wrong if you’re a fan of the 80s. On top of that, you have one of the most recognizable symbols of this era—a cassette.

Daisy Rose Bucket Hat

Daisy Rose Bucket Hat

The Daisy Rose Bucket Hat (compare prices on Walmart and Amazon) is a perfect option if you want a simple bucket hat style with quirky patterns. This hat design will be perfect to wear during festivals, parties, or concerts.

In addition to zebra print, the Daisy Rose brand has this hat available in cheetah print in three different colors. With this considered, you will have some freedom with customization with this hat option!

What To Look For In An 80s Style Hat

When searching for the best 80s hats, there are some essential factors to consider: price, durability, style, colors, patterns, and sizes! Proper planning before purchasing your hat will ensure you are pleased with your decision and are excited to rock your new wardrobe accessory!


While considering the different 80s-style hats available, the price ranges vary greatly. In light of this, it is essential to come up with your budget early in the shopping process to narrow down your options. After you do this, you can move forward with appropriate brands that correspond with your price range.


The last thing you want is to buy the perfect 80s-style hat and realize soon later that the material is poor quality. To ensure this type of situation does not occur, make sure that you review the durability of your hat.

There are primarily two hat materials that are durable and long-lasting: polyester and cotton. Polyester is resistant to moisture, ensuring it stays in quality condition after unexpected rain showers or sweat absorption. Additionally, it is hard to tear polyester material with its enduring exterior.

Cotton, a breathable material, will be comfortable for daylong wear. In addition to comfort, cotton is a quality material that will endure years of use. To make this hat material even more durable, many hat manufacturers will spin polyester into this material option to ensure optimal toughness.


The styles of hats continually change through time, with fashion trends coming and going. With this said, there were lots of style options that were popular during the 1980s.

Many examples of popular 80s hat styles are listed above! Examples of hat styles that were all the rave during this groovy time include ball caps, painter, derby, and bucket hats.


The color options of the 80s were bold and bright! The neon color scheme that was popular at the time can still make a show-stopping statement within today’s fashion trends. With the famous neon colors considered, don’t shy away from these colors when choosing your perfect hat!


While the colors were bold, the patterns of the 80s were no different! Some considered the most popular of this time include plaids and checkered prints. The savvy hat prints are hard to find in today’s fashion trends, ensuring you stand out when embracing the 80s fads.


Similar to the many styles of hats in the 80s, the sizes are no different. While snapback caps are an average hat size, you can also purchase hats with bulkier designs like fedora or bucket hats.

Best Brands That Make 80s Style Hats

Are you looking for brands that make the most iconic 80s-style hats? We have got you covered! Below, you will find brands that advertise groovy hat options in various styles, colors, patterns, and sizes. Review what these stores offer to get a better idea of 80s trends to ensure you nail the look!

Sandwich Cat

The Sandwich Cat brand focuses on creating bold clothing items that will grab the attention of those around you. This brand supplies the Retro Fanny Pack Cap, rated best overall above. If you are looking for other clothing features that are daring and vibrant, this is the brand to check out!


Hnjgno, a brand on Amazon, offers many 80s-style hats that are bucket designs. One of their hats, the Fashion Retro Bucket Hat, is listed above. The budget-friendly hat comes in various patterned options bound to satisfy customers. Hnjgno also offers additional bucket-style hats on its Amazon platform.


With their vintage apparel themes and iconic color schemes, Aksels is the brand to shop at when you desire that 80s theme in your wardrobe. This brand has 80s-style hats with snapbacks with flat-bills designs. If this seems like your style preference, researching this brand is a must!

Daisy Rose

Daisy Rose is a fashionable brand that incorporates various unique patterns into its apparel and accessories that can be considered the 80s personified. Their bucket-style hats come in bold fabric patterns to achieve this groovy appearance.

Top 80s Style Hats, Closing Thoughts

As you now understand, there are many facets to consider when finding the best 80s hats to add to your wardrobe. The list above of 80s-style hat options can give you some guidance and inspiration when beginning your journey to finding the perfect hat.

Additionally, there should be some factors that you need to consider. As said above, evaluate your desires on price, durability, styles, colors, patterns, and size. Lastly, some brands produce some of the best 80s-style hats: Sandwich Cat, Hnjgno, Aksels, and Daisy Rose. With all of this considered, begin shopping today!

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