Best Heels For Bunions

7 Best Heels For Bunions 2024

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Trying to find the right balance between style and comfort, while also catering to that awkward bunion hiding underneath your heels, doesn’t have to be unusually painful anymore. We’ve curated a list of the best heels for bunions that feel good and look good, so you can focus on what you do best – enjoying life.  

Cobb Hill’s Angelina Dress Pump – Best Overall

Cobb Hill's Angelina Dress Pump

The beloved Angelina Dress Pump (Compare prices at Nordstrom and Zappos) is a comfortable closed-toe dress pump that features a blend of cloud-like midsole support, a contoured footbed, and airy, breathable leather for unmatched long-lasting comfort. While I’m sure you’ll never say your bunion is truly comfortable, this support could get you as close to that in heels as possible.

The feminine T-strap buckle design eloquently disguises the low heel with its outsole’s heavy-duty traction and stability, so you never have to feel like you’re falling out of your shoes. Knee and back pain should get ready to take the back seat on this one.

In addition, the shoe comfortably fits a slim foot with a narrow width. If you have high arches and feet that run wider than average, this shoe may be uncomfortable for standing on your feet all day. However, the enclosed toe element may be more comfortable for wide feet that find cut-out sandals painful.

Beautifeel Mystique Dress Pump – Best Premium Option

Beautifeel Mystique Dress Pump

The Beautifeel Mystique Dress Pump (Compare prices at Amazon) combines classic style with modern technology without compromising on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Unlike most high heels that don’t pay attention to the sole, Beautifeel heels apply thick cloud-like plush carpeting inside the heel so that you never have to think about the shoes you are wearing.

Although the Beautifeel heel is quite the investment, it’s apparent that you’ll continually invest in your health with just one purchase. This is because they provide proper premium conditioning required to protect your body from absorbing harmful shock from hard surfaces returning necessary focus to the task at hand, not your tired feet.

The Mystique Dress Pump comes in various colors, such as navy, champagne, merlot, and bronze suede. And they delicately feature elegant soft Italian leather latex outsoles, superior low-top arch support, and fit true to size. However, the dress pump is incompatible with orthodontics and may feel uncomfortable against wide feet with bunions or feet recovering from surgery.

Clarks Emslie Lulin Mary Jane Pump – Best Budget Option

Clarks Emslie Lulin Mary Jane Pump

The Clarks Emslie Lulin Mary Jane Pump (compare prices at Macy’s and Zappos) is everything you want in a heel, specifically for your bunion-friendly heels. Sure, the outside is feminine, quaint, and fit for any occasion. But the inside luxury on a budget. The inside of this mary jane pump does not shy away from Clark’s signature comfort experience– intentional plush padding, supreme comfort, and flexibility from the toe box to the heel.

The mary jane pump features soft padding around the entire foot, allowing optimal bunion movement without discomfort and flexibility to move freely. Additional cushioning layers the bottom of the shoe for even more cloud-like comfort. And the heel’s premium ortholite footbed offers the best support while managing and minimizing moisture from all-day wear.

However, this heel is the best budget option for many reasons, such as its lack of arch support and inconsistent sizing. Additionally, this heel may not be a good option for feet that measure large and wide. These mary janes run on the narrow and fit small. However, if you’re feet are slim and narrow, your bunion may find comfort in one size smaller.

Always double-check the manufactures sizing chart before purchasing heels online. Nonetheless, this a heel you’ll want to try on in person.

Naturalizer Bristol Sandal – Best Sandal Option

Naturalizer Bristol Sandal

A spring closet is not complete with Naturalizer Bristol Sandal (compare prices at Naturalizer and Macy’s) two-piece minimal chunky heel. However, just because you have a bunion doesn’t mean that you have to tuck away your feet year-round. Springtime is the perfect season to let loose and your feet breathe in this cute faux leather style.

The Bristol Sandal features a chic adjustable ankle strap that lets your feet move freely without pushing your feet toward the front of the heel. Naturalizer’s signature contour technology offers the best fit for all-day comfort. Naturalizer knows that size matters. That’s why they offer this minimalist feminine design in most sizes, including customized fitting.

And if that special occasion involves the dance floor, you don’t have to worry about the slip. The bristol sandal includes a non-slip outsole and arch support.

Naturalizer Michelle Platform Pumps – Best Leather Option

Naturalizer Michelle Platform Pumps

The Michelle Platform Pump (compare prices at  Naturalizer and DSW) is the best leather bunion-friendly platform pump with a classic edge and all-day comfort. Although leather isn’t usually a good idea when it comes to bunion health, in this case, leather is a great idea. The leather is far from stiff. Instead, it stretches just enough to hide any toe cleavage and bunions that are difficult to hide.

In addition, the platform pumps feature Naturalizer’s signature Contour and Comfort technology that allows wide feet to enjoy style versatility that the heel can match. However, the heel’s premium arch and support seamlessly relieve pressure from your heels and big toe with additional insole support.

However, feet that run wider than average may want to reference the manufactures sizing chart and purchase one size bigger. These platform pumps may fit small. On the contrary, if your feet run on the slim and narrow side, opt for a narrow size to avoid slippage.

Dansko Clog – Best Professional Option

Dansko Clog

The Dansko Clog is the best of all worlds– platform heels with thick, durable soles that you can wear all day (compare prices at Dansko and DSW). They feature slip-on comfort with the perfect space for roomy bunion support with a wide reinforced toe box and chunky midsole that can withstand long hours on your feet.

In addition, they come in a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, and animal prints. And their slip-resistant bottoms make this heel the perfect fit for hospital hallways, culinary kitchens, and spa floors. 

However, there may be better options than the Dankso Clog if your bunions are paired with plantar fasciitis and require additional ankle support. The Dankso footbed may feel hard after heavy usage resulting in sore feet that can yield inflammation. In this scenario, try additional padding to soothe the discomfort.

If you’re clumsy, be mindful of rolling your ankle if the heel fits one size too big. In addition, the clog may not be compatible with all orthotics.

Walking Cradles Heidi – Best Low-Heel Option

Walking Cradles Heidi

Walking Cradles knows that high look better when you feel your best. So the Heidi pump (compare prices at Zappos and Walking Co) looks good and feels good without the pressure of a traditional pump. Instead, Heidi pumps is a low-heel pump with ample wiggle room and comfortable architecture– your feet will thank you.

Traditional pumps can leave a negative impression on your bunion, distorting the shape of your foot with closed-toes that cram your feet into a stylish fit. But Heidi’s pumps are different. They blend the dreaded pointed-toe with pillow-soft footbeds that massage and comfort your soles.

Detailed with genuine suede leather, these pumps feel high-quality at an economical price point and offer exceptional foot support where needed most. In addition, Walking Cradles offer Heidi pump sizes ranging from 4 to 13 and narrow, medium, wide, and extra widths. So, if you’re nervous about adding height to your bunion, Heidi is the best low-heel option.

Vionic Jacey Wedge – Best Casual Heel Option

Vionic Jacey Wedge

Sometimes when you want to throw on some leggings or your favorite pair of jeans, you want a casual pump– nothing too fancy like a pump, but nothing too sporty like a pair of sneakers. Vionic Jaceys (compare prices at Zappos and DSW) are the best casual heel option with flexibility.

The Vionic Jacey Wedge has a round toe and elastic topline for slip-on ease. So, it doesn’t matter if your foot runs narrow or extra wide; this chic style leans towards the one-size fits all but with a little extra height. In addition, it’s biomechanically engineered to fit snugly against your arches so that you can expect all-day comfort.

However, this shoe runs a little snug, so remember to order one width size larger than a standard heel to accommodate your bunion. And if you have long toes, avoid purchasing this heel online. Round-toe heels tend to squish longer toes leaving your feet in a lot of pain.

What To Look For In Heels When You Have Bunions

Having bunions makes finding the right heel more complicated than it needs to be. And if you haven’t found any solutions, you’ve probably already considered giving up heels altogether to go barefoot. But don’t give up hope just yet.

Before finding the right heel for your bunion, see your podiatrist or orthopedist. They investigate bone placement, muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding your toe alignment optimal advice for the best shoe type for your foot. In addition, they can offer you safe customizable exercises and stretches that won’t induce inflammation or make your bunions worst.

In the meantime, follow this checklist to help you find the best bunion-friendly heels for every occasion.

The Heel Should Have a Wide Toe Box

Regarding shoes, especially heels, your foot needs room to breathe and feel comfortable. Heels with a broad toe box offer easily irritated bunions breathable comfort, accommodate the bunion and reduce the risk of other issues such as blisters, calluses, corns, and more.

The toe box is the widest part of the shoe that covers and protects the foot from the elements in the outside world. To find the right heel that fits, both toe boxes should leave room for the width of your feet to stretch without your big toe hitting the front of the shoe for at least five minutes of walking.

However, if you’re searching for a sandal with a heel, instead of checking for a wide tox box, double-check the heel sole. The sole should be wide enough for your whole foot. That means your toes shouldn’t push or hang towards the top of the sandal or put pressure on your bunion.

And when your toes can’t help but push forward, try to pair a wide sole or toe box with an adjustable strap. The adjustable strap may help your foot fit better into the heel while simultaneously relieving pressure from your entire foot.

Bunion-friendly Heels are Low Height

Stick to high heels that are low enough to relieve pressure away from your bunion. The kitten heel doesn’t offer any height, and they’re the most comfortable to wear for an extended period. Although the spool heel is thick at the sole, narrow in the center, and gets thicker at the heel, it is a bunion-friendly heel for feet with a bunion with high narrow foot arches.

However, bunions should always avoid stilettos, cone heels, and platforms. These styles are always in fashion, but they always adversely affect bunions. For optimal comfort, choose high heels that do not exceed taller than two inches. The ideal heel height for feet with chronic pain is about one inch.

And if you cannot get enough of the high heels, pair your heels with gel-filled pads, additional orthotic support, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, ice packs, massage, or doctor-approved splinters. 

Ignore Heels That Fit Too Small

When shopping for the perfect pair of heels for your bunions, ignore the ones that feel too narrow and fit small. Heels that narrow and tight don’t allow your feet to naturally stretch and encourage bunion growth, nerve pain, or irritate the bunion altogether.

Shoes that fit too small include heels with a thin strap since they don’t keep your feet in place, forcing them to press towards the front of the shoe; Find a heel that fits loosely with soft material instead of choosing leather or plastic perspex that don’t let your feet stretch or breath. When it comes to your bunions, always opt for comfort.

Don’t Skip Measuring Your Feet

It’s easy to try on the cute pair of heels that caught your eye at your favorite department store. And you probably know your shoe size, like the back of your head. However, here’s a pro tip: always measure your feet before trying on shoes. Shoe size varies by brand, age, pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and other conditions such as poor circulation.

However, ordering the perfect heels for your bunions may be more challenging when purchasing them online. To easily measure your feet at home, you’ll want to measure the length and width of your foot.

For length, place a ruler under your big toe and heel, and measure from the tip of your big toe to the edge of your heel. For width, flip the ruler horizontally so that it is sitting at the tip of your big toe, and take the measure of the widest parts of your foot. From there, check the manufactures sizing chart to find the correct size.

After you’ve ordered your shoes:

  1. Try wearing them for a few days to see if they fit well.
  2. Remember, the perfect heel will stretch and let your feet breathe.
  3. If the shoe is not a good fit after a few days, return the heels.

Best Brands That Make Heels For Bunions

Sometimes finding the right style of heels with bunions can stress you out, especially when you don’t have podiatrists for a stylist. And other times, browsing through a department store specializing in bunion care feels good.

So, put your feet up, sit back, relax, and browse the best brands that help you forget that you have bunion pain.


ASOS has one of the largest selections of wide feet heels that range from very affordable to on-sale to splurge-worthy budgets. Although their heels may not be the comfiest, you never have to compromise on looking at your best ASOS collection of bunion-friendly heels. They offer styles ranging from wide-fit pumps, heeled loafers, stilettos, and block heels.

And if you’re struggling to find the right heel to pair with a special occasion, you can play with the ASOS Style Match feature that allows you to match your favorite heel styles inside their catalog with a snap, screenshot, or upload.

In addition, their fit assistant feature offers personalized size recommendations that can come in handy when you’ve found the perfect heel but have questions about the fit.

Vivaia Collection

VIVAIA creates the best heels that make bunions sigh with relief. Their collection is all about stylish eco-friendly styles that create positive change for your bunions, health, and the planet. They innovatively produce their heels with modern technology, plastic bottles, and heart-centered customer service.

Their heels range from luxurious chunky, kitten, round-toe wedges and square-toe oxford heels to square-toe mules that are lightweight and breathable. While some heels infuse recycled yoga mats, others incorporate their signature dual layers VFOAM support system that offers even the most delicate of kitten heels sneaker-like comfort.

However, some of their products are earth-friendly and contain natural herbs. You should consult your physician before purchasing their unique products if you are allergen sensitive.

Top Heels For Bunions, Closing Thoughts

Having bunions doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favorite cute high heels. Instead, you can opt for the Angelina Dress Pump or Clarks Emslie Lulin Mary Jane Pump for every occasion.

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