Why Do Crocs Have 2 Sizes On The Bottom?

Why Do Crocs Have 2 Sizes On The Bottom?

Crocs are one of the most well-known shoe brands in the United States. Despite their huge popularity though, there’s a mystery that’s surrounded them: Why do they have two sizes on the bottom of their soles?

The answer’s quite simple, let me explain.

Why Do Crocs Have 2 Sizes on the Bottom?

Why Do Crocs Have 2 Sizes on the Bottom

Crocs have 2 sizes on the bottom to indicate the shoe size for both men and women. For example, a Croc might have the numbers 7 and 8 printed on the shoe’s sole. The first number on the left indicates a man’s shoe size, and on the right is the woman’s size.

You can typically find an M or W over the numbers in adult shoes to further differentiate. In children’s sizes, those letters are only sometimes present. But you can still go by the information that the left number is a boy’s size, and the right is for girls.

How Crocs Fit

How Crocs Fit

Crocs, in general, run true to size. As long as you’re buying your Crocs in your shoe size, you won’t have to worry about them being ill-fitting. But the company does offer several shapes that will give you a different fit. Those are roomy, relaxed, and standard.


A relaxed fit will give you more room than the standard fit, with extra space around the toes. Consumers who work physical jobs may find these appealing because they won’t be squishing their toes all day.

The relaxed fit may include laces or straps, but your foot should always feel secure inside this Croc.


The roomy fit is great for buyers who have wide feet. These Crocs have extra space all around the edge of the shoe and the toes. Your feet won’t feel like your shoes are restraining you, something you might associate with more traditional footwear.

A strap gets included to prevent the Crocs from being too loose, ensuring the shoes are correctly secured to your feet.


As you might suspect, the standard fit is what most Croc buyers will be looking for when they shop. These are the Crocs that will fit firmly all around your foot, leaving less room for wiggle.

It’s important to know that the fit is snug but not tight. These Crocs are an excellent choice for buyers with very active jobs that need super comfortable shoes that won’t be too loose and will keep them on their feet their entire shift.

Why Do Crocs Have 2 Sizes On The Bottom? Closing Thoughts

Why Do Crocs Have 2 Sizes On The Bottom

So if you were wondering why Crocs have 2 sizes on the bottom, now you know. Crocs have 2 sizes on the bottom because they’re unisex for both men and women. The number on the left is for a man’s shoe size, while the number on the right is for women. You’ll see similar sizing in children’s shoes but without the M or W.

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