Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

Crocs are a very popular shoe brand worn by many different people. They can be used for lounging, outdoor work, medical work, and other walks of life. Crocs offer many styles of shoe to cover a variety of needs. They also have many different colors and sizes.

They are good shoes but happen to cost a pretty penny. Read more to find out what goes into the cost of Crocs and why are Crocs so expensive.

What Are Crocs?

What Are Crocs

Crocs are a popular shoe based out of the United States in Colorado. They produce a selection of foam clogs and other shoes for a variety of purposes.

These shoes can be used for work, leisure, keeping your feet warm, and day-to-day activity. They offer many different colors along with their styles. Crocs currently offer styles like the classic clog, sandals, boots, flip flops, and more to suit your needs. Crocs even offer an insulated line of shoes called Cozzzy.

Styles of Crocs

Styles of Crocs

Crocs offer many different styles of shoe to suit anyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for a work shoe, vacation flip flop, or even rain boots, Crocs has you covered.

Classic Clog

Crocs have their line of signature, classic clogs, and many others. Their classic remains a fan favorite and holds up the hype.

The classic clog can be selected from 30 different colors on the Crocs website. The classic style features a breathable toe with its widely-known heel strap. The classic clog can also hold up to 26 Jibbitz, Crocs branded shoe charms.

The holes in each Crocs classic clog are not only used for Jibbitz charms. These holes also serve as ventilation for your feet and prevent smelly shoes. Along with combatting any smells, the holes in Crocs prevent sweaty feet as well.

They also come in a wide selection of sizes for men and women. Women’s sizes range from size 6 to size 12, while men’s sizes range from size 4 to 17. No matter your shoe size or preference, Croc has an option for you.

Sandals and Flip Flops

Crocs also offer options for those hotter months. Whether it’s to the beach, the pool, or on a summer hike, Crocs can be a great option.

Like the classic clog, Crocs’ sandals are available in different colors and sizes. Currently, on their website, the classic sandal comes in 15 colors. They also offer women’s sizes 6 through 12 and men’s sizes 4 through 13.

Their flip flops also come in a variety of colors and sizes. The classic flip flop only comes in four colors but has a range of sizes for women and men. Men’s flip flops offer sizes from 4 to 15 and women’s flip flops offer sizes from 6 to 12.

The sandal and flip-flops also both come in many different styles. There is always the classic option, but there are also many more stylish and useful options available. These often come at a higher price but have different colors, designs, styles, and functions based on your needs.

Boots, Work Shoes, And More

Crocs offer casual, vacation, and leisure shoes, and also have options to get you through a rough day of storms or a day in the workplace. Crocs have rain boots, work shoes, lined boots, and more.

Crocs’ Crocs at Work™ line is very diverse with its products. Whether you are a chef, nurse, care provider, or just on your feet a lot, you have multiple style options to choose from. Crocs have designed their working shoes to be as comfortable and functional as possible for the workplace.

Crocs at Work™ has options like the Bistro Clog, Neria Pro II Clog, and Slip-on Clog.

They offer a wide range of sizes as seen with previous styles but typically come in more neutral colors like black and white. You still have options to stand out, however. Crocs have work shoes with graphic designs and Jibbitz themed around your occupation. With Crocs work shoes, you don’t have to give up professionalism for style, personalization, or comfort.

Crocs also have a few options in a boot style. Their Men’s All Cast Rain Boot is a good option for a water-resistant rain boot or even a work boot if needed. This boot is only offered in black and only offers men’s sizes. Currently, the Crocs website does not offer a rain boot geared towards women’s sizes.

Although women do not have an option for rain boots, there are still boot-styled Crocs in women’s sizes. Specifically, the Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot is a great boot option for women.

The lining of this boot is not waterproof like the previous example but is designed with warmth and comfort in mind. This boot comes in women’s sizes from 6 to 12 and men’s sizes from 4 to 13. They also have three different color options and a tie-dye option.

Cozzzy And Lined Crocs

Last is Croc’s coziest option: their Cozzzy line. This line of Crocs takes their already loved sandal and winterizes them. A warm lining is placed in the sandal to keep your feet warm on a chilly day.

Crocs also offer a lined version of their shoe. Their classic styles like the clog and the aforementioned lined boot have a fluffy interior lining like their Cozzzy line sandals. These shoes are perfect for keeping your feet warm and out of the snow.

Crocs also have a line of flats, sneakers, socks, wedges, slides, platforms, and loafers. Sometimes, Crocs will even partner with popular brands and celebrities to create limited-time options. There are plenty of choices for anyone looking to purchase a pair of Crocs whatever your style or needs may be.

Uses Of Crocs

Uses Of Crocs

Crocs have a wide variety of styles and uses to come along with them. Each style of shoe has its different use depending on your needs. Crocs have developed their shoes to be versatile on a variety of terrains. They have also been designed to be protective and comfortable on rough materials like rocks.

Outdoor Activities

Crocs can be worn outdoors for many different reasons or activities. They can be used while hiking, gardening, walking around, or playing in the yard. Since Crocs have good shock absorption, they are a popular option for hiking and walking.

They can also be used in activities that can get muddy such as gardening. When you are finished, Crocs are easily washed along with your feet with the spray of the hose.

Swimming, The Beach, And Sports

Crocs are also a perfect option when heading to the beach or the pool. Crocs can be worn both in and out of the water and easily washed off. You can run on the beach and relax on a boat without worrying about your shoes.

Crocs are great for playing sports as well. The ventilation Crocs have can keep your feet from sweating or becoming too hot. They also have a non-slip nature to them, making them safe and comfortable to play a variety of sports.

What Are Crocs Made Out Of?

What Are Crocs Made Out Of

Crocs are composed of a foam-like material known as Croslite. Croslite is a material made of polymer that consists of a closed-cell resin. This material is incredible for durability and works perfectly with Crocs’ shoes.

Croslite is resistant to water damage, scratches, slipping, and absorbs shock efficiently. This material is the ideal material for a shoe from Crocs. Croslite is what makes Crocs so resilient and durable.

It is difficult to say what goes into making Crocs because the company keeps the products a secret. However, the leading material is Croslite.

Why Do Crocs Cost So Much?

Crocs are expensive for a variety of reasons. The leading two are the durability and production costs that contribute to making each shoe. Due to the material Crocs uses to make their shoes, production costs can get expensive.

Even just making a classic clog can be costly for the company because of its choice of materials. As each shoe design becomes increasingly complex, production costs get higher.

Shoe styles outside of the classic styles become more expensive with the rise of production costs to compensate for the added features and materials.

Croslite can be a costly material to produce and work with, so Crocs must be placed at a higher price point to turn a profit. It is not just their choice of materials that set the company back. The shoe’s durability is fantastic for customers but puts Crocs at a loss when it comes to long-term profiting.

Since Crocs are durable, many people tend to keep their pair for years, if not forever. Because of this, Crocs do not always get returning customers. This is a sign of a great product but can be damaging to long-term profits when customers are not repeatedly buying a product.

Crocs must then raise the prices of their shoes because they know each purchase is more than likely a one-time thing for each customer.

Crocs can also change their price point depending on the season, so they are not always listed so high. Most styles of Crocs are more fitted to warmer months like Summer and Spring. For most people, Crocs are a seasonal shoe if purchasing the classic styles. Crocs offer warmer shoes, but their most popular options are more widely used in the warmer months of the year.

When a shoe becomes seasonal, a company can raise the prices during Crocs’ peak purchasing time. When people are more likely to buy Crocs, such as at the start of Spring and Summer, Crocs’ costs will increase along with the demand for their product.

Crocs can also have a higher price point when the shoe is a limited edition item or a collaboration with a well-liked brand or celebrity. These will bring in more customers, so again the price will increase along with the demand for the shoe.

When a pair of Crocs is a limited edition item, they also tend to have a lower supply. With supply being low and demand is high, the price will increase.

Finally, Crocs are also made to be good for the health of your feet. Your feet’s health can affect the other aspects of your body. For instance, having unhealthy feet can lead to back and neck problems if not corrected or treated. Crocs claim to alleviate the issues associated with ill-fitted shoes and promote healthy feet.

Since there is a health factor attached to the brand and their shoes, they can use this as another reason to raise the price point. Along with other factors, having a claim that promotes your health can also lure in more customers. This can then increase demand and price.

Should You Invest In A Pair Of Crocs?

Should You Invest In A Pair Of Crocs

Crocs can be a worthy investment for all types of people. They can be used for activities like work, sports, hiking, leisure, and even as a fashion statement. They happen to fall in a higher price bracket but do not let a higher price point deter you from purchasing a pair.

Since Crocs are more expensive than some shoes, it is crucial to know you are getting your money’s worth. Typically, Crocs can last a person a lifetime. Their diverse use and long lifespan serve great for long-term use. They may be more on the pricey end, but they can be made into lifelong shoes if need be.

Crocs also are comfortable, easy to clean, and good on your feet. So, if you can make the purchase, Crocs can be a perfect fit for your feet.

Why Are Crocs So Expensive? Closing Thoughts

Why Are Crocs So Expensive - Closing Thoughts

Crocs can be expensive, but the quality of the shoes live up to their price. If you are in the market for a durable, water-resistant, multi-purpose shoe, Crocs may be a perfect fit. They support a variety of different lifestyles and can last a lifetime if taken care of correctly. Although they may cost a pretty penny, your money will stretch farther than it would with most other brands of shoes.

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