Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

Do Crocs Run Big Or Small?

Crocs quickly established itself as a popular fashion brand after its launch in 2006. These shoes stand out thanks to their lightweight construction and the comfortable feel of the foam resin.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of Crocs, you should know a few things about sizing first. Do Crocs run big or small? Read on to learn more about how these shoes fit and how to choose the right size.

Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

Do Crocs Run Big or Small

Most shoppers report that Crocs run true to size. A few people feel that the shoes run a little large. However, most online reviews are from people who got what they expected in terms of sizing.

However, Crocs sizing can feel different depending on the type of shoes you’re after. While the traditional clogs that made the brand famous run true to size, Crocs also offers professional clogs like the Crocs Bistro shoes or the Specialist II Clog.

These comfortable work shoes can feel roomy because of their elongated shape, and some people feel that the shoes run big.

On the other hand, the On-The-Clock Crocs can feel a little tight because of the additional cushioning designed to provide support.

You should also know that Crocs offers a collection of shoes with a roomy fit. The collection includes classic clogs, Bistro clogs, rain boots, and more. If you order shoes from this collection, you should expect them to run big.

How Should Crocs Fit?

Figuring out what size Crocs you need can be difficult because these comfortable and practical shoes feel a little different. One of the defining features of the Crocs is the roomy toe box. This feature is ideal for outdoor activities and people who are on their feet all day long. However, the large toe box can give you the impression that the shoes run big.

It’s not the case with Crocs. The sides and the back of the shoes should provide you with a snug and supportive fit.

The strap is another noteworthy feature that can affect how Crocs fit. Classic Crocs come with a strap that you can decide to wear over the top of your foot or wrap around the back of the shoe.

Wearing the strap around the heel of your foot can feel more supportive and prevent the shoes from slipping. It can also push your feet forward and cause the shoes to feel tight.

If you switch the position of the strap and wear it across the top of your foot, it will provide a secure and comfortable fit, but the shoes will feel more relaxed.  A few children’s models feature an adjustable strap, but most clogs have a strap with a fixed length.

Note that not all Crocs come with this feature. You can shop for slip-on shoes, boots, slides, or sandals that come without this feature.

Closed-back shoes like slip-on clogs or boots might feel like they run small due to their more restrictive construction, while sandals, slides, or flip-flops will feel roomier in the back.

Overview of Crocs Sizes

Overview of Crocs Sizes

The clog manufacturer uses four different categories for its shoe sizes. You can shop for men’s, women’s, children’s, or unisex sizes.

Men’s Sizes

Men’s sizes range from 4 to 17, with Crocs considering sizes over 14 as Big and Tall sizes.

The smallest size, a size 4, measures 8 5/8” in length. A size 10 measures 10 5/8” in length while a size 14 clog will measure 12.”

While measurements can vary from one brand to another, most brands would sell 10 ½” shoes as a size 9.5. The standard size for a size 10 is 10 11/16”, and a size 10.5 shoe typically measures 10 13/16”.

A size 10 from Crocs falls somewhere between a size 9.5 and a size 10 from other brands. However, people report that Crocs feel true to size or slightly roomier due to the wide toe box.

Women’s Sizes

Women’s sizes start at 3 and go up to 12. A size 3 measures exactly 8” in length. A size 5 will measure 8 5/8”, and a size 7 would be 9 3/8” long. A size 10 will measure 10 3/8”.

On average, a women’s size 5 measures 8 9/16”, which is slightly smaller than the Crocs sizing. This trend appears again with a size 7, which measures 9 ¼” on average, and with a size 10, which has an average length of 10 3/16”.

The manufacturer offers women’s sizes that are slightly longer and roomier than average. However, it makes sense to offer roomier shoes since Crocs are flat clogs. Manufacturers of heels and pumps need to reduce the length of the shoes to accommodate for the way the foot sits in the shoe due to the elevation.

Children’s Sizes

The clog brand offers kids’ sizes from C2 to C13 and youth sizes from J1 to J6.

The smallest Crocs are a size C2 and measure 3 7/8”. Children’s sizes go all the way to C13, which measures 7 ½”.

Youth sizes start at J1, a size that measures 7 7/8” in length, and end at J6. J6 shoes are 9 ½” long.

Note that there is an overlap between youth sizes and the smaller men’s and women’s sizes, but there is no exact equivalent.

Unisex Sizes

The brand also offers unisex sizes but doesn’t have any exact measurements available for these sizes.

However, the sizing for these shoes seems to be slightly different compared to men’s and women’s sizes. When looking at the size chart for men’s and women’s Crocs, a pattern appears:

  • A women’s size 5 is the same thing as a men’s size 4 with a measurement of 8 5/8”.
  • A women’s size 6 corresponds to a men’s size 5 with a length of 9”.
  • A women’s size 7 and men’s size 6 both measure 9 3/8”.

The pattern continues, with each men’s size corresponding to the women’s size directly below it.

However, the unisex size chart groups a men’s size 4 with a women’s size 6, a men’s size 5 with a size 7 for women, and so on.

The manufacturer doesn’t list specs for unisex sizes. However, it looks like Crocs took two sizes and made a shoe somewhere in between. Unisex sizes may run small for men and feel a little too large for women since Crocs didn’t follow the equivalency that exists between its men’s and women’s sizes.

If I Wear a Half Size, What Size Crocs Should I Get?

If I Wear a Half Size, What Size Crocs Should I Get

The manufacturer doesn’t make half sizes. However, the large toe box and soft materials make Crocs a great option if other brands don’t fit comfortably.

If you’re shopping for clogs, it’s best to size down if you usually wear a half size due to the wide toe box. However, you might want to size up if you plan on wearing the strap over the back of your heel.

You should consider sizing down if you’re shopping for flip-flops, sandals, and other shoes with an open back to prevent the shoes from slipping.

If you want a pair of closed-back shoes, you should size up since the construction of these shoes can feel more restrictive. The same applies to the Bistro clogs and other work shoes with additional padding that can make the fit feel tighter.

While Crocs doesn’t make half sizes, the unisex sizes can be a good option for those who are between two shoe sizes. Since Crocs didn’t follow the equivalencies that exist between its men’s and women’s sizes for its unisex sizes, unisex sizes are somewhere between two sizes.

For instance, a men’s size 4.5 and a women’s size 5.5 should be similar to the unisex size M4/W6.

Do You Size Up or Down for Crocs?

Most people won’t need to size up or down when ordering Crocs. However, you might want to get a different size in the following situations:

  • You stay on your feet all day and experience swelling.
  • You want to wear your Crocs with thick socks to protect your feet from cold temperatures.
  • You plan on wearing your Crocs barefoot.
  • You have an unusual foot shape.

For those who wear Crocs in a professional setting or who are extremely active, sizing up can be a good option. It will ensure a comfortable fit and give you plenty of room to move. It will also account for swelling, a common issue among restaurant and hospitality workers.

However, sizing down makes sense if you want to wear your Crocs barefoot or want a snug fit that will feel comfortable for daily activities.

There are also some special considerations for those with an unusual foot shape or medical condition.

While sizing up is best for those who have a wide foot or who suffer from a condition like bunions, hammertoes, or calluses, the roomy toe box of the Crocs means you can wear your usual shoe size. Crocs are also a great option for comfortable pregnancy shoes since many women experience swelling and a widening of the foot. However, it’s best to size up if you have long toes or a high arch.

When in doubt, it’s best to size up because Crocs don’t come with removable insoles. You can always add an insole if your new shoes run big, but you won’t be able to do anything if the shoes feel tight.

What Size Crocs You Need To Buy

What Size Crocs You Need To Buy

Because Crocs fit true to size for most people, it’s safe to purchase your usual size. Plus, Crocs give you 45 days to return your purchase if you’re not happy with the way the shoes fit or for any other reasons.

If you decide to order Crocs from another merchant, check their return policy to make sure you’ll be able to exchange the shoes or get a refund in case they don’t fit properly.

If you’re unsure of which size you should get, you should measure your feet and look up the corresponding size in the size charts provided by the manufacturer.

Here’s how you can measure your shoe size at home with a few simple items:

  • You’ll need a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and a ruler.
  • Place your foot on the sheet of paper and use the pencil to trace its outline.
  • Use the ruler to measure the length of your foot, from the heel to the longest toe.
  • If you need to measure the width of your foot, the best way to do it is by wrapping a measuring tape around the thickest part of your foot.

Should You Wear Crocs Barefoot?

It’s safe to wear Crocs barefoot. Wearing Crocs without socks makes sense if you’re going to the pool or the beach. Crocs even have holes that will drain water and it’s common to see people wearing Crocs barefoot at the beach or near the pool.

The insole features an excellent grip that will prevent you from slipping when wearing Crocs barefoot.

The material used to make Crocs, Croslite, is a closed-cell resin. It’s a durable material, and the closed-cell design means it won’t absorb sweat or liquids. The good news is that it makes Crocs odor-resistant and ideal for environments with water. However, sweat can build up in your Crocs and cause the shoes to feel slippery or uncomfortable.

While it’s safe to wear Crocs without socks, it’s best to wear socks to protect your feet in environments where your clogs could collect dust or debris since some Crocs have an open-back design.

If you decide to wear Crocs barefoot, you might want to size down to ensure a fit that is snug and comfortable.

Can Crocs Lose Their Shape?

Can Crocs Lose Their Shape

The special resin material used to make Crocs is lightweight and durable. However, like most resins, it will shrink due to high temperatures. It’s a particularity of resin that allows manufacturers to cure this material to make it more durable by using heat.

However, it’s possible to end up with shrinkage if you leave your Crocs out in the sun. Note that it takes hours of exposure to hot temperatures for Crocs to shrink. You might also notice that your Crocs feel tighter if you leave them in a hot car for hours.

You can use this trick to your advantage if you purchased a pair of Crocs that runs big. Put your Crocs in the dryer for 30 minutes to get them to shrink, and the fit should feel more comfortable.

The resin material can also stretch due to pressure. People have successfully stretched Crocs that felt tight by wearing two pairs of socks. This method can be uncomfortable for your feet, and we recommend using a shoe stretcher if you want to get a looser fit for your Crocs.

While you can get Crocs to shrink or stretch by using heat or pressure, Crocs will not lose their shape if you care for your shoes properly. A pair of Crocs can last up to 10 years if you clean them regularly with mild soap and cold water.

Tips for Finding the Right Size When Shopping for Crocs

A good way to find the right size when shopping for Crocs is to try them on in person before buying them. You can head to a local shoe store and try some Crocs to see how they fit before ordering them online if you would rather shop around to find deals or get access to a larger selection of styles and colors.

It’s best to try shoes on later in the day. Your feet naturally expand throughout the day due to blood flow, and your new shoes will fit more comfortably if you go shoe shopping during the afternoon.

Try the Crocs on, stand up, and walk around the store for a while. Pay attention to how the shoes fit when you move. If possible, jog up and down an aisle.

Your heel shouldn’t slip out, and there shouldn’t be enough room for your feet to move around inside the shoes. You should also pay attention to whether the sides of the Crocs or the toe box pinch your feet or restrict your movements in any way.

Do Crocs Run Big or Small? Closing Thoughts

Do Crocs Run Big or Small - Closing Thoughts

Do crocs run big or small? For most people, Crocs will run true to size. However, there are a few shoppers who report that the classic clogs can run a little large, while some people say the restaurant shoes from Crocs can feel tight.

If you’re thinking about getting some Crocs, your best bet is to measure your feet at home and use the detailed size chart available on the manufacturer’s website.

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