Best Affordable Designer Handbags

17 Best Affordable Designer Handbags

Despite being generally small, the most popular designer handbags tend to cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Even less expensive options rarely cost less than a hundred dollars, so finding affordable ones depends on what you consider attainable.

It ultimately depends on the brand name. You won’t likely find any Gucci handbag for less than hundreds of dollars, but plenty of other designer brands are more affordable.

Here are the best affordable designer handbags available.

The J March Mini Shoulder Bag – Best Overall

The J March Mini Shoulder Bag

The J March Mini Shoulder Bag is the best overall option on our list because it’s a high-quality brand with a reasonable price. It’s slightly higher than some of the other options on our list, but considering the high quality and the sleek design of this handbag, it’s well-rounded.

With several color options and three potential ways to wear this handbag, it stands out from the rest in versatility.

A silver or gold chain can attach for a purse feel, a thicker Marc Jacob’s strap is attached for a crossbody option, and attaching neither creates a clutch. 

La Medusa Small Handbag – Premium Option

La Medusa Small Handbag

Versace is one of the most sought-after designer brands, which is why the La Medusa Small Handbag is our premium option. It’s brand new, best-selling, and still doesn’t cost nearly as much as other handbags from the same brand or other brands.

This handbag comes with a medusa embellishment on the front and can be used as a handheld purse or over-the-shoulder. It’s available in a selection of colors and is the highest-quality handbag on our list. You get what you pay for with this high-end designer.

Carson Convertible Crossbody – Best Budget Option

Carson Convertible Crossbody

The Kate Spade Carson Convertible Crossbody is the best-budgeted handbag on our list for multiple reasons. Kate Spade is generally an affordable designed brand, but this bag, in particular well-made, practical, and well-rated by all customers.

It’s simple, with a few color options to choose from, and comes with attachable a small leather strap and a long metal chain strap, allowing you to decide how to wear it.

This is the least expensive option on our list, but its levels in quality with other handbags sold at a higher price. Despite being the cheapest, it matches that high-level designer quality.

GG Plus Monogram Web Stripe Medium Joy Boston Pink – Best Gucci Option

GG Plus Monogram Web Stripe Medium Joy Boston Pink

The GG Plus Monogram Web Stripe Medium Joy Boston Pink is a vintage bag being resold for half the original price, making it the best affordable option from an otherwise expensive brand. The size of the bag also contributes to how cheap it is compared to other Gucci bags its size.

Gucci is a highly influential designer brand in the handbag world, which makes finding a reasonable, affordable option difficult. In very good condition, this pink bag highlights the Gucci name and maintains its high quality with little to no visible wear.

Calfskin Suede Small Muse Two Black Beige – Best Saint Laurent Option

Calfskin Suede Small Muse Two Black Beige

Saint Laurent is another high-end designer brand that sells handbags at an extremely high price, starting at thousands of dollars. Another resell item, the Calfskin Suede Small Muse Two Black Beige, is a third of its original price and in very good condition.

It’s a decent size with a sleek black exterior, suede sides, and gold links. It’s worth the price considering it’s a bag that will work with every outfit. You’ll get good use out of it. Not to mention it’s a high-quality handbag everyone interested in the fashion world wants.

Saddle Vintage Classic Handbag – Best Dior Option

Saddle Vintage Classic Handbag

Our last high-end resell designer handbag is the Saddle Vintage Classic Handbag from Christian Dior. Covered front and back with Dior’s well-known pattern, this saddle-shaped handbag is recognizable and affordable to other Dior handbags.

It’s another simplistic navy and tan color scheme that will go with any outfit you wear. The bag is small but in good condition and from one of the most popular, high-end handbag designers in the entire world. Any affordable Dior will be a handbag being resold.

Hayden Floral Crossbody Bag – Best Floral Option

Hayden Floral Crossbody Bag

The Hayden Floral Crossbody Bag from Coach is a simple yet stunning deep brown crossbody bag. Its floral design features rusty orange petals, glittery centers, and a deep brown background.

This handbag works will work alongside other rich and neutral outfit colors. Its gentle leather texture increases its appeal.

It’s a decent size and full of pockets for different accessories. It can be a crossbody bag or a clutch, but whichever way you wear it, it will compliment your outfit without gaining too much attention.

Lita Small Leather Crossbody Bag – Best Simple Option

Lita Small Leather Crossbody Bag

Michael Kors is a designer brand that generally always has affordable prices, and their Lita Small Leather Crossbody Bag is no different. This is the best simple option on our list for its high-quality, black leather finish and simple gold chain and clasp addition.

This bag is elegant, simplistic, and cheap. It’s one of the least expensive bags on our list despite being from a designer brand. It’s also offered in a Powder Blush color that’s just as simple as the black option, although it won’t go with as many outfits.

Bree Circle Crossbody – Best Circle Option

Bree Circle Crossbody

If rectangular handbags aren’t your style, the Bree Circle Crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff is an excellent replacement. This solid black, circle handbag is simple, practical, and can be handheld or used as a crossbody bag.

This handbag works well with any outfit and is decently sized. Round handbags sometimes lack space for accessories, but this bag doesn’t have that issue with a huge center compartment and side storage.

Prada Cloth Crossbody Bag – Best Cloth Option

Prada Cloth Crossbody Bag

Material can have a huge say on the price, and the Prada Cloth Crossbody Bag is a reselling cloth handbag in terrific condition. Prada is a highly expensive brand, so if your dream is an affordable Prada bag, a bag from the Vestiaire Collective may be the cheapest you’ll find.

With a leather and nylon material and a removable metal chain as a strap, this handbag can work as a purse and clutch. It’s a vintage handbag from the late nineties into the 2000s, so while it may not be a new version, you won’t see many people owning this handbag.

The Teddy Micro Tote – Best Unique Option

The Teddy Micro Tote

Handbags come in all different materials, and The Teddy Micro Tote happens to be covered in a soft, teddy-bear-like material. This is the second Marc Jabos handbag on our list that is relatively affordable for the brand.

It is offered in black and pink color options, as well as can transform into a shoulder handbag with a strap. With great reviews, if you prefer a handbag with a unique texture to match your outgoing personality, this Marc Jacobs is for you.

Bamina Pink – Best Glitter Option

Bamina Pink

The Steve Madden Bamina Pink handbag is the cheapest purse on our list by a small amount, but because it is so small, it doesn’t quite fall under the best budget option.

The shine on this purse, however is what makes it so beautiful. The soft pink compliments well with the glittery rhinestones covering the purse’s front, back, and handle. The sides take a small break from the glitter and offer a satin-like lighter pink material.

Finished with an attachable gold chain, this purse is timeless.

Mini Kensington Drench – Best Black Option

Mini Kensington Drench

The solid black Mini Kensington Drench by Kurt Geiger is stunning, affordable, and will go with any outfit. Dressed up or dressed down, this purse is versatile in its uses. Made from lambskin leather and formed into a quilted texture, this soft material adds to its impressive nature. 

From one of his most popular lines, this purse has a black-rhinestoned eagle head in the center, adding a splash of uniqueness. A three-layer metal chain makes this purse easy to carry and accessible.

Crystal Mini Cross Body Bag – Best Studded Option

Crystal Mini Cross Body Bag

Ted Baker’s Crystal Mini Cross Body Bag could fall under the best glitter option on our list because it’s studded all over with crystals. This designer purse sells in multiple color options, but the simple black, silver, and gold make for a stunning combination.

With sleek black cotton lining on the inside of the purse, it tones down the excitement of the outside. This bag is the perfect accessory to add a little life to a simpler outfit or further the extreme of bolder clothes.

Shoreditch Small Cross Body – Best Colorful Option

Shoreditch Small Cross Body

The second Kurt Geiger designer handbag on our list is just as stunning but the complete opposite. The Shoreditch Small Cross Body is full of color, shine, and bling.

With a jewel design on premium leather and a few actual jewels scattered on the front, this bag has the illusion that it’s coated in dazzling jewels.

The beautiful rhinestone eagle on the front is a Kurt Geiger classic, but it doesn’t take away from the colors. The silver of the eagle ties in with the silver chain, adding to the shine of the handbag.

Gretta Brenna – Best Pattern Option

Gretta Brenna

Dooney & Bourke’s Gretta Brenna is an everyday, simple patterned satchel handbag. It’s offered in multiple colors, made with textured cotton, and is one of the bags on our list with the most functions. It’s useful and can carry more than just a cell phone.

The notorious red lining inside the bag is seen in each color option, paired with the same reddish-brown hands and attachable strap. The reviews verify the elegance this bag has on top of its high-quality material and structure.

Stephi Micro-Mini Crossbody – Best Snakeskin Option

Stephi Micro-Mini Crossbody

The Stephi Micro-Mini Crossbody may be the last on our list, but it’s ultimately one of the sleekest, most high-quality, and most affordable bags on it. Guess is a brand notorious for affordable prices despite their designer name.

This crossbody is crocodile-printed in a dark brown, black, and gold color scheme. Despite the pattern, this handbag is simple and elegant. Whether you wear it on your shoulder or hold it like a purse, this bag is gorgeous and certainly one to show off.

This handbag is available in white and black, as well as navy and green. The gold G on the front paired with golden clasps makes this bag stand out no matter the color you like best.

What To Look For In An Affordable Designer Handbag

Finding affordable designer handbags isn’t as difficult as it may sound. You’ll rarely ever find high-end brands for cheap, and if you do, they’re likely being resold.

Although some of the more affordable brands don’t carry the same weight as a brand like Dior, they have just as high quality, stunning designs and practical handbags.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when searching for an affordable designer handbag.

Average Price

As it’s been stated several times, the average price of a designer handbag ranges from a hundred to hundreds of dollars. Designer essentially means luxury, and purchasing a high-quality product will always be a bit more pricey.

While there are designer brands that offer completely affordable handbags, what is affordable and what isn’t is objective. Only you know your budget and what you are willing to spend on a bag. If you think three-hundred dollars is affordable, you have a wide variety to choose from.

If your range falls under a hundred dollars, you still have options, but the cheaper you go, the more likely you’ll run into quality issues. There are plenty of options within this range that are perfectly suitable, high-quality, and stunning.

There’s a designer handbag out there for everyone. Whether you choose Marc Jacobs or Gucci, both brands would have styles, colors, shapes, and prices that match your preferences and budget.


The designer brand you purchase a handbag from can have an impact on price, quality, and design. Once you’ve set a budget and have considered the average price for a designer handbag, picking a brand would be the best next route to take.

You’ll likely know just off the brand name whether or not it falls within your budget. For example, the moment you hear Gucci, you know the handbags will be in the thousands range.

Unless you are searching for resell websites for vintage or previously used high-end designer bags, big names will always be the most expensive designer brands you can find. You can always expect high quality, but most of what your paying for is the brand.

However, when you browse from brands like Kate Spade or Guess, you’ll know these bags are ten times more affordable and offer similar quality but with even more versatility in designs and colors.

If you can’t afford Gucci, don’t browse the beautiful, thousand-dollar handbags and get your hopes up. Set a budget and limit yourself to brands that fall within it.


The durability of a handbag is crucial to whether or not it’s worth the price. This refers to strong seams and linings, well-made straps, strong clasps, and just about every part of the handbag. We’re focused on affordable designer handbags, which, even with lower prices, are durable.

If you stick to genuine, designer handbags, the durability will be there alongside quality. Lesser-known brands that claim they are designer brands may be a different story, so it’s best to stick with ones you’ve heard of or listed here.

Checking customer reviews is an easy way to ensure you’re receiving quality.

While the more money you spend on a handbag can make it more durable, there are plenty of affordable brands with the same strong quality.


Material not only affects the price of most handbags but influences their durability. A handbag can be well-made, but if it’s composed of suede material, getting caught in one rainstorm can damage the material for good.

Cloth or fabric handbags are generally less expensive because the material is cheap. However, it is much more prone to damage than other materials, especially leather.

Leather is the best material when it comes to handbags. It’s the most durable material, it’s easy to clean, not easily damaged, and while it’s the most expensive material, it’s worth the extra money.

Leather also tends to have a wider variety of colors, designs, and styles.


When searching for an affordable designer handbag, consider the style you want. There are plenty to pick from, and if you’re looking to spend over a hundred dollars on a handbag, you’ll want to buy your favorite.

The material is one thing, but style includes color, texture, shape, and size.

You can find leather purses in all colors, but if you’re looking for a different material, the color options will have limitations.

Handbags can have a texture that’s smooth, quilted, animal-printed, studded, sequined, glittered, fuzzy, fluffy, and just about anything you can think of.

All designer bags include the name of the brand somewhere on the bag, and most have signature styles they use. For example, some have the brand’s logo in a pattern that covers the entire handbag, whereas some have the name on the handbag strap.

If you were splurging on a much more expensive handbag, you likely want one that matches your wardrobe the best so you can get more use. 


Whether or not some of these designer bags are practical or whether they are just simply for looks is something to consider.

You could find a beautiful affordable to your budget but on the brink of being an expensive handbag and think the price is worth it. The catch is that some of these borderline-priced handbags are smaller than they appear.

Small in size means less room for your phone, wallet, chapstick, and whatever it is you keep in your purse. Some designer purses are so small that your phone won’t even fit.

When choosing an affordable designer brand, you can find a cute, well-made, and practical handbag.

Best Brands That Make Affordable Designer Handbags

There are specific brands that offer amazing quality, stunning designs, and affordable prices. They don’t carry the weight some high-end fashion brands do, but they level with similar qualities and styles.

Here are the best, most affordable designer handbag brands.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is one of the best affordable designer brands for a list of reasons. Their prices range on the higher side of affordability, but their quality is never questioned. They are also well-known in the fashion industry despite not being as high up as Saint Laurent.

On top of their handbags, they create beautiful shoes, aromatic fragrances, wallets, and other accessories. The brand is best recognizable for its handbag collections over the years.

Their handbags are impeccably elegant and classy, utilizing different color options for each product, variating patterns, textures, and shapes. With their straps varying from metal chains, leather straps, and thick, comfortable crossbody straps, there is an option for every taste.

With totes, bucket bags, shoulder bags, satchels, and even more different variations of handbags, Marc Jacobs offers variety and quality for customers to choose from.


Guess is another designer brand with stunning handbags and affordable prices. They also produce apparel for men and women, highlighting their chic brand style through designer clothes.

Guess handbags look more expensive than they are, which sometimes is the goal when purchasing a designer product.

Guess has significantly lesser prices than Marc Jacobs. They are the most affordable designer brand on our list, but they have the same level of quality and sometimes arguably better designs.

Guess also has a wider variety of materials, colors, and designs, one of their most commonly explored design being animal prints. Their handbags are clean, sleek, and practical, all for an affordable price.

Many of Guess’s handbags can be found in stores around the US and not just online.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a brand more popularly known for its shoes, but its handbags fall under the three best categories of affordable, designer, and versatile. They’re one of the best affordable brands because of how low some of their prices reach and how accessible they are.

Steve Madden is priced close to Guess’s prices in the way that some bags are priced low and some are high. They are more simplistic than Guess, meaning their designs don’t go too far outside the box. They primarily have solid colors, glitters, or a switch of texture here and there.

They are more affordable because nothing truly stands out with Steve Madden handbags despite the fact they are designer. If you’re looking for a bag that is recognizably designer, this may not be the best option for you.

Dooney & Bourke’s

Dooney & Bourke’s isn’t mentioned enough as a designer handbag brand. Their bags are simple, natural, and effortlessly stunning. Using more neutral tones, Dooney & Bourke’s is a company that relies distinctly on quality.

This also makes them a more expensive form of affordable. If you’re not a big fan of bright colors or shimmery textures, these handbags are more suited to your taste.

They use more natural tones but still have colors like navy, dark green, and red. Most bags from this brand are made with Italian Florentine leather, European pebble grain leather, suede, and coated cotton.

The leather bags tend to be solid colors like black, tan, and brown. The coated cotton bags are more of a fabric material, allowing for simplistic designs like plaids and the Dooney & Bourke’s logo.

Natural colors and natural materials make for exquisitely high-quality bags. They aren’t nearly as expensive as Gucci or Dior, but they are borderline, not affordable, depending on the handbag you love the most.

Top Affordable Designer Handbags, Closing Thoughts

Handbags are a huge part of the fashion industry. Most celebrities are seen with some designer handbag tucked under their arm, and the thought of owning one of our own is exciting. The only thing getting in the way is how expensive these bags can be.

Designer handbags don’t always have to be from high-end brands to be considered fashionable. There are attainable and affordable designer handbags from all kinds of brands.  Some of the best ones feature on our list, but there are hundreds more out there.

Whether you choose one listed or choose one from one of the best affordable brands, if you keep looking, you’ll find the handbag perfect for you and your budget. 

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