Best Tummy Control Leggings

23 Best Tummy Control Leggings 2024

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Whether you’re after a pair of tummy control leggings due to the support it can give during a workout, or you’re after a bit of shaping for the mid-section, we’ve compared the best tummy control leggings on the market.

1. Athleta Salutation Stash 7/8 Tights – Best Overall

Athleta Salutation Stash 7 8 Tights

The Athleta Salutation Tights (compare price on Athleta) may be pricier than products from select brands, but they’ll serve you well for many years. They represent the quality leggings that the brand produces using a special mix of lycra and nylon.

They’re incredibly comfortable and perfectly conform to your body’s physique. These will do the trick if you prefer your exercise leggings to be higher on your waist. The fact that they’re suitable for yoga practice both on and off the mat adds to their appeal.

Furthermore, these leggings offer a supportive compression feel while maintaining a sleek appearance. You’ll have no problems sliding in your thighs, and they’ll keep feeling comfortable throughout the day until you remove them.

You’ll also appreciate how the three-layer waistband streamlines your body without cramping. The leggings material draws sweat away from the body, allowing it to evaporate more quickly. Besides being highly breathable, the leggings fabric protects you from potentially damaging UV radiation.

These leggings are available in sizes XXS-3XL. They’re both stylish and practical, thanks to their hidden thigh pockets that are big enough to fit a smartphone. In addition, you can wear them virtually anywhere.

The combination of a shorter inseam and ankle length creates a unique inclusivity. Regardless of how short or tall you’re, you can feel confident that your Salutation leggings are ideal for your height.

2. Alo Yoga 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging – Premium Option

Alo Yoga 7 8 High-Waist Airlift Legging

The Alo Yoga 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging (compare prices on Amazon and Nordstrom) is a durable pair everyone should own. They feature a double-knit wicking fabric with four-way flexibility to give the wearer a maximum motion range.

The Airlift material is lightweight, breathable, and provides a gentle degree of compression to hold you in place. In addition, it has a subtle sheen that’s attractive without being overbearing and offers a silky texture.

These leggings are versatile enough to be worn during any exercise, from high-intensity interval training to pilates. You’d consider them a second skin since their elasticity permits you to twist yourself without tugging and pushback. You should use the different color choices since they offer a unique alternative to standard black.

3. Madewell Knit Leggings – Best Budget Option

Madewell Knit Leggings

The Madewell Knit Leggings (compare prices on Nordstrom and Shopbop) fall under the brand’s activewear collection, famously nicknamed “Make Weekends Longer.” The leggings feature a combination of spandex and recycled nylon. They offer a fitting compression that’s not overly constrictive and flatlock seams to prevent burning.

The leggings’ bottom-shaping form is held fast by a bounce-back stretch to hold up in a wide range of activities. Whether you’re just lazing around the house or heading out to grab a snack doesn’t matter. Even more impressive, the leggings’ waistband conceals a card holder pocket.

You should consider getting one of these for something comfortable and affordable. The leggings are only available in black due to their subtle nature. However, the fact that they feature knit fabric renders them suitable for clothing to the workplace or out on errands when paired with items such as a blazer and riding boots.

4. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

The Spanx Faux Leather Leggings (compare prices on Amazon and Nordstrom) are your best bet if you want stylish, flattering leggings with the same tucking degree as your go-to shapewear. They feature an ultra-slimming waistband designed with a lightweight fabric blend to keep you comfortable all day.

The breathable fabric helps to regulate your temperature, while the faux leather adds an element of sophistication. With a no-show fit, these leggings hug your curves in all the right places. If you are heading out on the town, these Spanx leggings will make you look your best.

5. Fabletics Trinity Pocket Legging

Fabletics Trinity Pocket Legging

The Fabletics Trinity Pocket Legging (see price on Amazon) is trendy and available in different hues. They’re known to increase blood flow and lessen muscle fatigue and pain. With an incredibly soft and stretchy fit, these leggings provide the ultimate tummy control while allowing you to move around freely.

The side pockets offer convenient storage options for holding your earphones, keys, or smartphone. The leggings fabric helps wick away sweat and moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable.

The mid-rise construction ensures they won’t slip down as you move, while the flatlock seams prevent chafing. They’re perfect for yoga, running errands, or relaxing around the house.

6. Pea in the Pod Leggings

Pea in the Pod Leggings

The Pea in the Pod Leggings (compare prices on Nordstrom and Lord and Taylor) are a must-have for any expectant woman. Finding the perfect leggings can be a challenge for expectant mothers. Not only do you want them to be comfortable, but you also need them to provide support in all the right places.

Most of the brand’s customers online are particularly intrigued by the leggings’ comfortability, support, and the amount of stretch it provides to suit a pregnant woman’s bulging stomach.

The leggings feature a lightweight and highly breathable fabric. They have a slightly higher waistband that helps prevent sagging and unwanted bulges while providing extra coverage.

If you want something with extra tummy control, these leggings feature a unique paneling design that contours to your body to help flatten and smooth out any lumps or bumps. Plus, the wide waistband helps to keep everything in place so you can enjoy a sleek, slim shape.

Depending on where you’re going, they make for a perfect casual outfit paired with a t-shirt or a simple tank top. You may also pair them with a luxurious blazer or sweatshirt. You can be certain that they’ll quickly grow into your go-to pairs of pregnancy leggings.

7. Colorfulkoala High Waisted Leggings

Colorfulkoala High Waisted Leggings

The Colorfulkoala High Waisted Leggings (see price on Amazon) make for ideal exercising and casual wear. They’re available in different stylish patterns to suit anyone’s preference. For maximum wearer comfort and mobility, they feature a supple, flexible material that’s highly breathable.

Their leggings are fashionable and feature a high waistband meant to accentuate your hips, shape your figure, and keep your stomach in check. The waistband also prevents any accidental exposures when exercising. What makes them even more special is that yoga experts have tried and tested them to guarantee the best fit.

Moreover, they feature a concealed pocket for safekeeping. That’s a fantastic way to store essentials like keys or credit cards when going about your day. It also frees up your hands if you want to run.

8. Glyder Taper Legging in Black

Glyder Taper Legging in Black

With Glyder Taper Legging in Black (compare prices on Amazon and Walmart), it won’t take long to adjust to the snugness you would with other high-waist compression tights. The leggings are figure-hugging but in the most flattering ways for people with different body shapes.

They have a five-inch broad waistband and skin-smoothing fabric, making them an excellent addition to any wardrobe. The leggings have a breathable material that keeps you cool throughout your workout.

In addition, the waistband offers superior tummy control, leaving you confident and secure about your body. That includes even on days when your bloating is at its maximum. They’re perfect for various activities, including yoga and running.

9. Girlfriend Collective Compression Pocket Leggings

Girlfriend Collective Compression Pocket Leggings

The Girlfriend Collective Compression Pocket Leggings (compare prices on Amazon and Shopbop) are available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. They’re fashionable, flexible, and made from a soft but sturdy material that offers four-way stretch. That provides a comfortable fit that moves with you and doesn’t bunch up or become baggy.

They’ll feel very close to the skin when you put them on for the first time, but you shouldn’t freak out. As you continue to wear them, you’ll notice that they begin to loosen, gradually conforming to your physique.

The high-rise waistband also adds extra support, while the compressive material helps keep everything in place. There’s a secret back pocket, perfect for stashing your valuables.

The squat-proof, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you from becoming overly sweaty during vigorous exercise. The leggings come in various colors, so you’ll find something perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re going to the gym, running errands, or just lounging around the house, they’re the perfect choice for comfort and style.

10. Koral Activewear Lustrous High-Rise Leggings

Koral Activewear Lustrous High-Rise Leggings

Surprisingly, the Koral Activewear Lustrous High-Rise Leggings (see price on Amazon) don’t bother you at all despite being tight. Even though they’re not technically leather, they’re a close second and very adaptable. They feature the brand’s signature infinite fabric that’s lightweight and breathable, with moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry.

The leggings are easy to recognize thanks to their appealing murky shine. They offer fitting and muscular support without sacrificing comfort. They give protection against the damaging effects of chlorine found in swimming pools and washing machines like degradation.

The leggings lengthen your thighs while still accentuating your waistline and figure. That means they offer optimal movement and flexibility for any activity. Whether you’re hitting the gym, lazing in the house, or running errands, they’ll help you maintain a refined and attractive appearance.

11. Marika Women’s Carrie Tummy Control Leggings

Marika Women’s Carrie Tummy Control Leggings

The Marika Women’s Carrie Tummy Control Leggings (compare prices on Amazon and Walmart) are your go-to- product if you wish to look and feel your best. They provide maximum comfort and a flattering shape. Their 4-way stretch construction and cotton blend fabric offers superior performance and flexibility.

The built-in tummy control panel offers extra support and contours to the body. These leggings come in various colors and sizes to accommodate any style. Their signature moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and dry all day long. The material is thick enough to soak up a sweat but not too heavy to wear during summer.

They’re not see-through; you don’t need to worry about pulling them up every time. The leggings have a high waist cut to prevent them from rolling when you sit and keep them in place when you stand. They offer just the right degree of tightness to keep your belly in check without being overly restrictive that they cause discomfort.

The leggings are versatile and perfect for casual, yoga, gym, and lounging outfits.

12. Nike Epic Luxe Dri-FIT Pocket Running Tights

Nike Epic Luxe Dri-FIT Pocket Running Tights

The Nike Epic Luxe Dri-FIT Pocket Running Tights (compare prices on Amazon and Nordstrom) guarantee ultimate comfort and performance. The leggings feature Nike’s Dri-FIT technology, which keeps you cool and dry during training.

They also feature an innovative pocket system perfect for keeping your phone, keys, or cards secure during your run. They come in different colors and sizes. With a flat waistband and contoured seaming to flatter the body, these leggings will keep you comfortable and stylish.

Their stretchy fabric provides unrestricted movement, while the soft and smooth feel offers a luxurious touch. Whether running on the treadmill or lounging in the house, these leggings will offer an enjoyable experience.

13. Outdoor Voices Snacks 7/8 Leggings

Outdoor Voices Snacks 7 8 Leggings

The Outdoor Voices Snacks 7/8 Leggings (see price on Nordstrom) are high-performance products with ultimate tummy control. Crafted from a soft fabric, these leggings provide a supportive fit for your midsection and a slim shape.

Their construction features a blend of lycra spandex, polyester, and nylon. The flat lock seams offer extra comfort. In addition, the waistband features a drawcord for a secure fit that won’t slide down during workouts.

Besides the convenient pockets in the back and on the sides, they come with shirt loops for when your top gets stuffy. They also have a detachable mini backpack that attaches to the sides, so you can carry even more items without using your hands. Ideal for any activity from yoga to running, these leggings offer nothing but top-notch comfortability and confidence.

14. REXING Sports Lycra Workout Leggings

REXING Sports Lycra Workout Leggings

The REXING Sports Lycra Workout Leggings (see price on Amazon) are a great choice if you want something to help you stay in control while exercising. They feature high-quality lycra fabric that offers excellent stretch and support.

They also have a wide waistband and drawstring to ensure a perfect fit. The legs have flat seams that reduce chafing and allow you to move freely without worrying about irritation. The fabric also has a moisture-wicking finish that helps keep you cool and dry during even the most intense workouts.

Moreover, they have an all-over print design that adds an extra touch of style. They come with a small concealed waistband pocket large enough to hold your belongings. They’re ideal for gym, jogging, lounging around the house, cycling, yoga, and more.

15. Bandier Lucca High Rise Pocket Leggings

Bandier Lucca High Rise Pocket Leggings

The Bandier Lucca High Rise Pocket Leggings (see price on Walmart) is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. They feature the brand’s signature softness and curve-hugging fit. The manufacturer uses recycled polyester yarn for sustainable production.

Besides being eco-friendly, they also have a super-high waistband that stretches to cover your entire stomach. Furthermore, their spacious side compartments set them apart from the competition. You should reserve these leggings for light to moderate exercises.

16. Terez Women’s Printed Activewear Fitness Performance Leggings

Terez Women’s Printed Activewear Fitness Performance Leggings

The Terez Women’s Printed Activewear Fitness Performance Leggings (compare prices on Amazon and Walmart) comprise eighty percent polyester and twenty percent spandex. That provides the right degree of compression to hold you in place without compromising comfortability. In addition, they come in different color options.

Their stretchy fabric and adorable print make them a go-to exercise, yoga, or lounging pair. They’re full-length and are made with sweat-wicking material to ensure you don’t become overly sweaty when exercising. The leggings allow maximum motion, so you can stretch them without resistance. You can match them with your luxurious sports bra.

17. Set Active Sculptflex Leggings

Set Active Sculptflex Leggings

The Set Active Sculptflex Leggings (see price on Set Active) will appeal to most individuals looking for seamless, high-compression leggings. They’re an excellent option for strenuous exercises and will not compromise the wearer’s comfort or style.

Made from a soft, lightweight fabric, these leggings provide gentle tummy control with an extra panel of stretchy spandex material wrapping around the waist for additional support. Furthermore, the full-length cut allows for easy movement.

The leggings’ best-case argument is that they don’t have any seams. Although they have some texture, like stitching at the sides, they look smooth and trendy. You should remember that the color you settle for will dictate whether or not they’re see through.

18. Good American the Icon Leggings

Good American the Icon Leggings (see price on Good American) are the best option for anyone searching for tight, flexible leggings for everyday use. These leggings have a non-shiny matte finish, are incredibly smooth, and their material permits maximum airflow.

They have an ideal degree of compression to shape and slim your figure, making them an excellent choice for the gym or a friend picnic. In addition, they’re available in various sizes, from XS to 5XL. Nevertheless, the sole color option is black, which may be disappointing for individuals who prefer colored leggings.

Besides using a moisture-wicking technology to promote faster sweat evaporation, the leggings have a four-way stretch to permit maximum mobility. Because the fabric also blocks UV rays, the product is desirable for an otherwise fashionable and comfy pair of leggings.

19. Old Navy High-Waisted Side Pocket Leggings

Old Navy High-Waisted Side Pocket Leggings

The Old Navy High-Waisted Side Pocket Leggings (see price on Old Navy) have a super-stretchy waistband and moisture-wicking fabric, which means no chafing while exercising. The leggings come in standard, tall, and petite patterns.

They’re also available in different sizes ranging from XS to 4X. They feature the brand’s unique PowerSoft fabric, a blend of 77% polyester and 23% spandex. According to the manufacturer, the blend results in an incredibly flawless feel, and that’s exactly what they offer.

In addition, they provide a moderate level of compression combined with a stretchy waistband to hold up your tummy when exercising. The tag-free c and four-way stretch construction allow you to stretch in any way you like.

The location of the leggings pocket directly below the hip offers maximum practicability. It renders it incredibly simple to keep your phone without giving up access if you need to silence music or make an emergency call while on the move.

20. The Halara Cloudful Crossover Leggings

The Halara Cloudful Crossover Leggings

The Halara Cloudful Crossover Leggings (compare price on Halara) are super-soft and figure-flattering. They feature an overlap waistband with a slim shape and a seamless front panel that prevents the camel toe from bulging out. These leggings are not only squat-proof but also provide complete coverage, which is excellent for hiding sagging skin.

The ultra-light, airy, and pilling-resistant fabric makes them great for working out. They’re a perfect combination of comfort and style. Furthermore, they have strategically placed pockets to conveniently store your keys, phone, and other small items. It’s quite apparent that the leggings designers have women in mind during production.

21. Neiwai Ballet Extra High-Waist Leggings

Neiwai Ballet Extra High-Waist Leggings

The Neiwai Ballet Extra High-Waist Leggings (see price on Neiwai) are an outstanding dancewear selection. Individuals who aren’t gym lovers always appreciate leggings that allow them to participate in online dance classes, and Neiwai is no exception.

The high-waist leggings are designed with compression technology, offering ample belly support. They have a flattering fit and luxurious feel that lets you experience maximum comfort. They’re also made with sweat-wicking fabric (a combination of nylon and spandex) to keep you cool during less-impact workouts.

Perfect for everyday wear, yoga, and running, these leggings will surely become your new favorite. They come in various sizes ranging from XS to L. The most common color options include black, violet, and cocoa. Furthermore, they have a tiny pocket concealed in the waistband.

22. Under Armour Women’s HeatGear 7/8 High Rise Leggings With Pocket

Under Armour Women’s HeatGear 7 8 High Rise Leggings With Pocket

The Under Armour Women’s HeatGear 7/8 High Rise Leggings With Pocket (see price on Walmart) have a pull-on design. They provide extra comfort and coverage with their high-rise waistband and feature polyester and elastane. They also feature a drop pocket for carrying your valuables.

The moisture-wicking fabric allows for faster sweat evaporation. In addition, the leggings have a flattering shape that looks great for everyday wear. If you want comfortable leggings with tummy control and support, these will fit the bill.

23. Eleven by Venus Williams Women’s Eleven Legacy 7/8 Leggings

Eleven by Venus Williams Women’s Eleven Legacy 7 8 Leggings

You should consider getting the Eleven by Venus Williams Women’s Eleven Legacy 7/8 Leggings (see price on Amazon) if you’re looking for something that will bring out the best of you. The leggings feature an ultra-comfortable construction and are designed with a polyester and spandex blend to provide superior comfort and support.

The wide waistband keeps you secure, while the strategically placed panels provide flattering coverage and slimming effects. They also feature a four-way stretch fabric that reduces muscle fatigue. You can wear them when hitting the gym or lounging in the house.

What To Look for in Tummy Control Leggings

When shopping for tummy control leggings, you should look at the key features that render them particularly desirable. They include:


Consider where and when you’ll wear your new leggings to determine whether they’re made of suitable material.

The most popular fabrics include the following:

  • Spandex
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton

Cotton is ideal for relaxing and modest activities but won’t provide enough support for overly strenuous activities. Nylon and spandex are perfect for intensive training because they’re durable, stretchy, and can wick away moisture.

Most activewear brands combine elastane with polyester and nylon to make leggings that don’t restrict movement. Select brands make their leggings from natural materials such as bamboo, wool, and cotton. Although these materials offer maximum comfort, they lack superior moisture-wicking properties.

The material you settle for will dictate your leggings’ cleaning method. If you launder your leggings too often, they may lose their flexibility. Therefore, you should use gentle cycle washing and air drying rather than putting them in a dryer at high temperatures.


The most important aspect of wearing leggings is ensuring they suit you properly from the waist down to the knees. To ascertain a legging’s comfort, put them on and determine how they feel while seated and standing.

You’ll need to purchase your exact size since they’ll likely lose shape if you go up a size or two. It must be custom-fit to provide you with adequate support throughout the day. If you put on your leggings and notice any sliding toward the hips, they’re too large. However, you’ll need larger ones when you see discomfort around your tummy.

It’s also a good idea to look for leggings with a moveable waistband. It would be best to put your comfort first when selecting a tummy control legging.


You should also pay attention to the leggings’ length. An appropriate inseam length is a matter of individual taste, depending on what gives you optimum comfortability. The inseam is in different sizes.

Typically, shorter inseams pair with smaller sizes, while longer inseams go with larger sizes. Certain brands provide both shorter and longer versions. If unsure about a product, consider contacting the seller to avoid buying undersized or oversized tummy control leggings.


Consider how the rise will affect your comfort and the support you need. The rise is where the waistband sits. Ideally, you want something secure enough to stay in place but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. Avoid wearing tummy control leggings that bunch at the ankles and knees because they’ll worsen with frequent use.

A pair of low-rises rests on the hips, whereas a high-rise covers the tummy. You should avoid low-rise styles if you’re hoping to achieve the highest possible tummy control. High-rise waists provide more coverage and support, making them perfect for tummy control leggings lovers.

Complementing Features

Once you find fitting leggings, you may focus on additional features to complement your daily routine. If you prefer keeping your phone close at hand while exercising, leggings that come with side compartments are a great option. It’s also wise to invest in a pair of leggings with reflective stripes to guarantee your safety while jogging in the dark.

Best Brands for Tummy Control Leggings

There are multiple brands to choose from when searching for tummy control leggings. However, here are the most reputable brands today.


Athleta is a giant tummy control leggings brand because they pay close attention to the quality and durability of every piece they manufacture. It remains a leader among the many brands we admire. Clients praise their products for being versatile and perfectly fitting.


Because Madewell has a long-standing reputation as a Denim producer, the transition to producing multipurpose tummy control leggings did have a positive reception.

The brand’s leggings are exceptionally figure-flattering, comfy enough to be worn for longer periods, and provide the ideal degree of stretch for physical activity. They have some of the most affordable leggings on the market.


Spanx is particularly famous for its focus on producing sustainable products using recycled nylon. The brand’s tummy control leggings are stylish, comfy, and perfect for various activities, including lounging, jogging, and gym training. Their products feature seamless construction, offering a figure-flattering form and eliminating irritation.


Fabletics is among the most talked-about yoga clothing brands. The name has become well-known among yoga practitioners for producing some of the most stylish and high-quality yoga wear. Their tummy-control leggings are comfortable and stylish and offer value for money. Furthermore, they offer their products in different colors and patterns.

A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod is a maternity brand where you understand that you may still enjoy your pregnancy journey without leaving style behind.

They’ve established themselves as an excellent option for expectant women looking for comfort, style, and support. Their tummy control leggings feature an ultra-soft fabric-flattering paneling design that keeps you comfortable all day.

Top Tummy Control Leggings, Closing Thoughts

Tummy control leggings aim to shape or keep excess skin in position with a compressing material. Any items on this list will be an excellent choice if you’re looking for dependable and flexible tummy control leggings.

They’re exceptionally elastic, comfy, and suitable for various activities, including yoga, gym, running, or a weekend night out. Furthermore, they’re available in various hues and short, medium, and long lengths.

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