How Long Do Crocs Last?

How Long Do Crocs Last?

Crocs are a wildly popular and unique shoe brand based in Broomfield, Colorado. They established a significant foothold in the shoe industry, with high school and middle school students as their primary audience.

They’ve become trendy to wear for school days. But how do you size these shoes perfectly to your feet? And how long do Crocs last?

How Long Do Crocs Last?

How Long Do Crocs Last

Crocs can last up to 5-6 years if taken care of properly since they are so comfortable and functional. Even up to 10 years if you wear them sparingly or only indoors. In addition, they’re easy to clean, waterproof, and are highly durable.

While their popularity seemed to have dwindled since their launch in 2002, the company reported a whopping 93.3% surge in sales in 2021. It came after an earlier panic in 2018 when Crocs announced that it was closing down the last of its manufacturing stores to boost profit and cut operating costs.

The reason these shoes last this long is primarily due to their famous rubber-like material that is highly resistant to odor and liquids. As specified earlier about the shoe’s fit, none of them should slip and remain secure on your foot resulting in less damage.

The closed-cell resin called Croslite™ is made by subjecting a rubber compound to high-pressure gas, but the specifics of how to make this material are patented by Crocs.

When Should you Replace Your Crocs?

How long do Crocs last vs. when you need to replace them are two separate things.

When the heel of your Crocs shoe begins to get unstable, the toes start to catch on. It can lead to tendonitis, aggravation, deformities of the toes, blisters, etc. When this happens, it can mean that it is likely time to look into replacing them.

Crocs, while comfortable, often offer good arch support but not much security for the heel. This is why the toes tend to grab the soles to try and stabilize your heel. Due to this, Crocs are more suited for short intervals instead of long walks.

Are Crocs Good or Bad for Your Feet?

Are Crocs Good or Bad for Your Feet

Crocs have skyrocketed into popularity because of their convenient slip-on design and comfortability. They’re also practical to wear when going to the beach or pool since they are waterproof. But are they safe to wear?

The basic answer would be yes, being that Crocs are suitable for arch support, but the heel is prone to slipping, which can cause a variety of feet and ankle problems. The same problem lies in flip-flops being that the heel isn’t adequately secured.

They aren’t suitable for everyday use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them at all. Crocs are ideal for people with a very high arch or excessive edema in their ankles and legs. To avoid hurting yourself if you don’t have these issues, simply wear them for short periods or trips to the pool, and you shouldn’t sustain any injuries.

Taking Proper Care of Your Crocs

Of course, although Crocs can last years, it’s essential to take care of them. This way, you’ll get even more out of your investment.

One thing that is important to note is that Crocs shrink in the sunlight. While you can reverse this, the process can cause the material to stress slightly. So be careful not to leave them in the car or outside when it’s sunny if you want to extend your Crocs’ lifespan.

It’s preferable to store your Crocs in a cold, shady place. When using them, try going on short walks rather than long trips with them on, and avoid hard surfaces like rocks. Don’t wear them to work either as everyday use will surely wear on the material and your feet. Don’t drag your feet either while you walk, and keep conscious of your stride.

How to Tell if You Have Fake Crocs

How to Tell if You Have Fake Crocs

To make sure you have the proper high-quality Crocs, here are some tips from the company.

  • The tag or barcode is unique on every Crocs shoe model, so it is likely a knock-off if the barcode is similar to any other shoe.
  • The color of the shoe is also a sign of whether or not it is an authentic Crocs shoe, as they only come in select colors. Check out their website to find out if it’s a genuine Crocs color, and you’ll know if it’s a knock-off.
  • The shoe sizes may also run differently if they are a knock-off since they usually run smaller than the size it reads on the shoe if they’re fake.
  • Something very unique to Crocs shoes and a proud staple of their product is circulation rubs. If your Crocs don’t have the ergonomic feel to the circulation rubs beneath your feet soles, they are likely fake.
  • Another way you can tell if your Crocs are fake or not is if they have their signature embossed Duke logo on the footbed. Authentic Crocs have the two eyes of the Duke showing with six even bumps on the back. The fourth bump from the top is bigger than the rest, and the Duke should have two hands showing. Both with three fingers each as if it’s holding the edge of the box.
  • As mentioned earlier, Crocs uses a patented material, Croslite™, to make their shoes. Fake Crocs will often consist of rubber, so they feel heavier and slip easily. You can also likely tell if it’s fake by the quality and finish of the shoe.

To be sure you are buying authentic Crocs, be sure to buy directly from them either online or in concept stores or other official retailers.

Are Crocs Recyclable?

Crocs are very long-lasting and durable. However, when they meet their eventual demise through wear and tear, is it possible to recycle them? Are they environmentally safe?

The short answer is no. Crocs are unfortunately not recyclable. The reason for this is that their material, Croslite™, is made of neither plastic nor rubber and made with a polymer known as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Since this type of plastic is not recyclable, products made with this polymer are not recyclable either.

Do Crocs Decompose?

Do Crocs Decompose

How long do Crocs last when left outdoors? Though plants, animals, and humans all decompose after death in the environment due to being organic matter, this, unfortunately, cannot be said for non-natural products such as plastic. It is because the materials cannot break down naturally.

This is due to the same polymer mentioned before. Since EVA creates a durable shoe and comfortable fit for your Crocs, they won’t naturally degrade when tossed into the environment.

Crocs remaining in a landfill for many years could spell misfortune for the environment as Crocs are lightweight and can easily be blown by heavy wind and pushed into a variety of unwanted places by a flood.

While this is undoubtedly bad as any plastic floating around in nature is a detriment to the environment, when exposed to certain environmental conditions, Crocs should break down in a relatively short period.

Are Crocs Bad for the Enivronment?

The primary material included in Crocs is Croslite™ which is a form of plastic, so it is naturally bad for the environment. However, as long as you don’t toss your Crocs into the ocean or woods, the material shouldn’t have adverse effects on the environment.

However, they have difficulty breaking down in a landfill, which makes them automatically environmentally unsafe. They can be blown into the water and pollute lakes and oceans like so many other plastics currently do.

What to Do with Old Crocs?

What to Do with Old Crocs

Since disposing of your Crocs by throwing them in the trash is risky for the environment, a way to dispose of them creatively seems to be the way to go. Here are some examples of how you can do this.

  • If you are a gardener or you have a green thumb, take into account the lightweight material that made you love your Crocs so much. If you’re having trouble keeping your plants upright, try putting them in your Crocs as they won’t crush your plants.
  • Since Crocs are open at the top, you can make them into a pencil holder for a unique easy-access tool in your home.
  • If you’re creative or an artist, you can even design your Crocs and repaint them to make an aesthetic decoration for your office or room.
  • Another great option to dispose of your Crocs is to donate them. There are several places you can look, but one that comes highly recommended is Soles4Souls. They are a social enterprise committed to collecting footwear and sharing them with people in need. They even have a partnership with Crocs, so they are thoroughly cleaned and revamped to make sure they are wearable again and send them off to those in need.

Different Fits of Crocs

Different Fits of Crocs

Crocs are all roomy and very comfortable, being that they’re made of the company’s unique closed-cell resin, Croslite™, which gives crocs a lightweight, cozy feel that’s even odor-resistant. Still, how do you size specifically for your foot?

The useful size guide on the Croc website can help you figure out exactly what size is for you with their size chart. Croc even has different fits that may help you determine which one is most comfortable for your foot shape.

The Roomy Fit

Their most popular and likely most recognizable fit is the roomy fit. As indicated by the name, this model features a generous wide fit with a strap that hugs the back of the heel for further stability. It is their widest fit, which means your feet won’t even reach the sides. It’s generous in length as well, so your toes shouldn’t touch the front of the shoe. The top is also roomy, providing breathability.

The Relaxed Fit

They have a more relaxed fit as well, which allows for less space in the shoe than the roomy fit, with a secure fit. Some models include straps or laces, but overall should remain secure on your foot. There is a slight amount of room on the sides, and the sides of your feet might occasionally meet the walls of the shoe. It features a secure yet relaxed fit on the top of your foot. There is wiggle room in the front of the shoe, and your toes shouldn’t reach the front.

The Standard Fit

The final fit of Croc is called the standard fit, which offers a more snug fit than their other styles. They should conform to your foot comfortably and remain secured with no slippage while you walk. The heel of your foot should securely rest in the shoe, but a good fit will mean that your heel won’t ride up and down. The sides, arch, and top of the shoe should comfortably hug your feet, and just as with the relaxed fit, the toes should be able to wiggle but not touch the front.

How Long Do Crocs Last? Closing Thoughts

How Long Do Crocs Last - Closing Thoughts

Crocs are a great brand with lots of versatility and comfort. Their long-lasting material will also make sure you get plenty of wear out of them, and you can dispose of them in many creative ways!

As long as you don’t wear your Crocs for long walks or excessive use on hard surfaces and take good care of them, your Crocs should last you at least 5-6 years.

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