Best Black High Heels With Red Bottom By Christian Louboutin

12 Best Black High Heels With Red Bottom By Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a respected name in the designer fashion world. He and his luxury brand are known globally for his infamous red bottoms.

These red-sole heels are constantly referenced in the media, through television and music, as a sign of wealth and luxury. These heels aren’t cheap and are always in high demand.

Here’s a list of the best black high heels with red bottom by Christian Louboutin.

Condora Pumps 85 – Best Overall

Condora Pumps 85

A best-seller, the Condora Pumps 85 is the best overall on our list for several reasons. It’s priced high like most Louboutins are, but this simple, sleek heel is the perfect first-time purchase of a high-end designer shoe. With a unique stem, these shoes are modern and timeless.

These red bottoms are composed of leather for an elegant finish. The Kate pump is comfortable, fashionable, and a statement piece in its simplicity. It’s overall a beautiful shoe for a reasonable price and high quality.

Degratina Frou Glitter Heeled Sandals 120 – Premium Option

Degratina Frou Glitter Heeled Sandals 120

All red bottoms are premium, high-expense options, but the Degratina Frou Glitter Heeled Sandals 120 take it to a new level. In terms of price, they’re higher than most.

As far as their uniqueness, they stand out with their clear straps studded with crystals and sparkle-infused fabric leather material and laces.

They’re elegant and flashy, making the perfect combination that shows off your style and personality.  Alongside their prolific red bottoms, these shoes are the premium option on our list.

Kate Patent Leather Pumps 85 – Best Budget Option

Kate Patent Leather Pumps 85

You won’t find any authentic Louboutin red bottoms for cheap, but the Kate Patent Leather Pumps 85 are a reasonable price for such a high-end brand. The leather material also ensures they’ll last a decent amount of time and can be cleaned and buffed to perfection.

They’re simple and elegant with no outstanding features other than the red bottom, but that’s exactly what makes them the perfect first purchase from Louboutin. They’re a timeless, best-selling heel for one of the lower prices you can pay for a Louboutin shoe.

Madmonica Espadrille Wedge Sandals 120 – Best Wedge Option

Madmonica Espadrille Wedge Sandals 120

When we think red bottoms our minds put together an image of tall pumps, but these Madmonica Espadrille Wedge Sandals 120 are just as high quality, just as high priced, and just as special.

With the notable red bottom, woven black suede material, and spike studded heel, these wedges are one of the more unique styles on our list. They’re also one of the more comfortable with the easy-to-walk-in wedge.

They stand out in the Louboutin world, which usually consists of stilettos and pumps.

Kate Glitter Pumps 100 – Best Sparkle Option

Kate Glitter Pumps 100

The Kate Glitter Pumps 100 are for the sparkle fans. Most simplistic, black, and elegant Louboutin heels are glossy. Yet, these calfskin glitter pumps shimmer for a different reason.

With specs of shimmers in the materials, these pumps shine in all lighting and bring out the beautiful deep red of the sole. The shine is subtle but easily visible with any movement or lighting.

These pumps make for the perfect addition to a sleek black outfit or an already shimmering gown or suit.

Duvette Spikes Leather Pumps 100 – Best Studded Option

Duvette Spikes Leather Pumps 100

Studded heels are a popular style in the fashion world, and the Duvette Spikes Leather Pumps 100 take them to a new level of luxury. With the heel’s glossy leather and fabric leather contrasting, the studs pull it together as it lines the entire shoe. 

They’re elegant, powerful, and feminine. This shoe is a unique yet contemporary approach to a studded heel, a piece with an infamous Louboutin red bottom.

Emilie Leather Slingback Heels 100 – Best Open-Toe Option

Emilie Leather Slingback Heels 100

The Emilie Leather Slingback Heels 100 not only have an open toe but are wide open with a slingback strap over the heel. With a sparkly leather fabric on a minimal swath of surface area, this heel is stunning but still simple and black.

These shoes are another example of elegant simplicity. The heel strap is stretchy, leaving a comfortable fit for the wearer, but the heel is tall.

Movida Jane Patent Leather Pumps 130 – Best Chunky Heel

Movida Jane Patent Leather Pumps 130

Thick platforms and thicker stems create chunky heels that have been in style for years, and the Louboutin Movida Jane Patent Leather Pumps 130 are examples of why. Their sleek, glossy leather exterior, paired with two buckled straps, make for the perfect mix of modern and retro.

Despite the attention all red bottoms demand, these attention-grabbing leather pumps still match the degree of elegance Louboutins always seem to maintain.

Rosalie Leather Sandals 100 – Best Sandal Option

Rosalie Leather Sandals 100

The Rosalie Leather Sandals 100 are slip-on with a thin, singular, and structured strap. These red bottoms are the perfect summertime heel. They allow your feet to breathe while resting in sandal luxury. The leather material is glossy and comfortable.

Whether you choose this shoe for a fancy cruise, or to wear to a formal event, they’ll keep your feet cool and show off your simple but luxurious taste. 

Me Dolly Patent Mules 85 – Best Comfort Option

Me Dolly Patent Mules 85

While Louboutin reb bottoms get noted for their style, brand, and quality, most have exceptionally high heels. The Me Dolly Patent Mules 85 are one of the comfiest red bottoms for several reasons, one being their lower height.

The second and third are the velvet interior open toes, which are also a tribute to Dolly Parton for the 1950s style and appeal of the shoe. Exuding comfort and luxury, these red bottoms are as sleek and elegant as any of the others on our list.

Simple Patent Leather Pumps 85 – Best Simple Option

Simple Patent Leather Pumps 85

Despite being somewhat simple in name, the Simple Patent Leather Pumps 85 may be plain, but they’re also elegant and sleek. With a glossy leather finish and short heels, these Louboutins are perfect for any outfit you can dream up.

Their simplicity is their power. Whether you wish to wear them in the office, out to dinner, at a party, or even around the house, they’ll be a subtle statement.

Red bottoms don’t have to be flashy or attention-demanding to show off, and these simple leather heels are the perfect example.

Dolly Veau Velours Suede Pumps 100 – Best Suede Option

Dolly Veau Velours Suede Pumps 100

For all suede lovers, the Dolly Veau Velours Suede Pumps 100 are the best option in terms of simplicity and poise. This tall-heeled red bottom isn’t shiny but toned down with a smooth suede material. If glossy material isn’t your go-to, this is the best option for you.

With a matte finish, these suede heels feature a rounded toe to emphasize the difference. Suede is a material more susceptible to damage, but if they’re taken care of and are your favorite material, they’re worth the price and extra care.

What To Look For In Your Christian Louboutin Black Heels With Red Bottoms

With so many options on our list and different reasons to choose each, picking the right pumps for you isn’t easy. Not to mention there are more things to consider when purchasing Louboutins.

Before splurging on an expensive pair of red bottoms, there are multiple and specific factors to consider. Here are some of the most crucial features to look for when purchasing a Christian Louboutin heel.

Average Price

It’s no surprise that a high-end designer brand like Christian Louboutin is highly priced no matter what type of shoe or where you buy it from. You’re paying for a high-quality heel and the name brand it’s associated with. That’s what makes them designer, luxurious, and expensive.

If your budget isn’t nearing a thousand dollars, you likely won’t be able to afford an average-priced pair of authentic red bottoms. It’s important to remember that the average-priced Louboutin is not considered cheap by any means.

Be Aware of Scams

There are other options if you can’t afford brand-new Louboutin. You may be able to purchase from a second-hand retailer for half the price of the heels on our list or from a seller for whatever they want for the heels. Either way, fact-check and ensure you’re not getting scammed.

Christian Louboutin’s are highly demanded in the fashion world, but with their excessive price, few people can afford them. Like all products, especially designer, copies and fake versions are often sold as a scam.

If you are looking for less expensive red bottoms, be sure the site you do order them from is legit.

Where To Find Authentic Christian Louboutin Black Heels

With all that said, here are some websites you can trust to purchase your Louboutins. These are the best-organized sites that offer the best prices.

If you’re looking to purchase the originally priced heels, the Christian Louboutin website is a fantastic place to start. This site will show you what styles are in and allow you to grasp the type you’re looking for. 

While the heels from this site will be guaranteed full price, plenty of reputable websites sell older and newer red bottoms for lower prices. All you need to know is where to look.


Harrods is a great source to find brand new, never before worn Louboutin black heels, as well as all your other luxury and designer dream clothing. Not only do all of the products on our list come from this site, but they’re fresh, best-selling red bottoms in high demand.

From sandal heels to stilettos, you can find a Louboutin heel that works perfectly for you on the Harrods website without worrying about their condition or quality.

Vestiaire Collective

The Vestiaire Collection is a second-hand retailer that offers pre-used designer items. This Christian Louboutin can range from new to old, cheap to pricey, and the quality can falter depending on their condition

You’ll rarely find any new edition red bottoms for cheap on this website. That’s what Harrods and the Christian Louboutin store are for. From the Vestiaire Collection, there are newer, not nearly as expensive options, and old, lower quality cheap Louboutins.

The website states the name, condition, and price of the shoe, allowing full disclosure.

It comes down to the heel you want, your budget, and whether or not you want something brand new for full price or pre-used for a lower one.

The RealReal

The RealReal is a website that merges the quality and condition of a full-price Louboutin but sells them for less money. None of the available heels on this site are as cheap as some of the red bottoms from the Vestiaire Collection, but none are as new as Harrods.

A combination of both stores leaves The RealReal, an authenticated resale site. High quality, in good condition, and less expensive, but the red bottoms are always older editions and are getting resold.


When spending so much money on a single pair of shoes, it’s always wise to ensure they last a long time and don’t easily suffer from damage. Designer items, like Christian Louboutin’s red bottoms, are from a luxury brand that demands high quality.

Christian Louboutin wouldn’t have such a successful career if the heels weren’t worth the money.

The main issue with Louboutins is also the most famous aspect of the heel. There’s no way to get around the eventual degradation of the bottom of a shoe.

The red bottoms, while infamous, are the area of the heel subjected to the most wear and tear. Being the underside of the heel, this makes sense, but it doesn’t make it any less disappointing when the color fades from high-contact spots.

Wear isn’t an issue that comes into effect until the shoes get worn a significant amount of times, but it is still something to consider when purchasing red bottoms.


On a similar note, when splurging a large sum of money on a single pair of shoes, it’s wise to get a pair you know will be comfortable on your feet. If you don’t wear heels and buy a five or six-inch high shoe, you won’t even be able to wear them.

Specific types of heels can be uncomfortable with your feet as well. If your feet are wide, a tightly structured pump might not be the best option. Open-toe or sandal heels may be more comfortable for your feet.

The excitement in owning Louboutin red bottoms is because their yours alone. If you want to show them off, purchase black heels you can walk in. It all depends on where and when you’ll be wearing them. If you’re heading straight from the taxi cab to the gallery or premiere, you can afford to wear a more delicate heel.


Choosing a Louboutin heel with a sturdy material will help ensure the longevity of your heel. Certain materials get damaged with water, like suede, which is a travesty when the heels are designer.

Leather heels are the best material because they can be cleaned and buffed. Most red bottoms as of late are with leather material, but if you’re purchasing from a second-hand retailer, be aware if you’re into suede, there’s a risk of easier damage. Consider the context in which you’ll be wearing the shoes.


When any thinks of Louboutin, they think of the infamous red bottoms. No matter what style heel you’re looking for, it will have a deep red sole. Despite this single unifying feature, Christian Louboutin heels come in various styles, colors, and shapes.

Choosing a style could mean keeping a simple black heel and red bottom, a glossy pink pump, or a studded, chunky heel. Possibilities are endless with Louboutin’s designer brand, especially when they’ve been crafting heels for decades.

If you’re having trouble deciding, black is always the best color. Accidents happen, and black shoes hide a lot of the damage that can accompany those accidents.

When looking for the Louboutins you want, consider your style. Not everyone can own Louboutins, so purchase the ones you love the most, whether simple or attention-demanding.

Top Black High Heels With Red Bottom, Closing Thoughts

Christian Louboutin is an icon of the fashion world, but it’s his shoes that set ground-breaking trends. The infamous red-bottom heels get perceived as the epitome of wealth, luxury, and style, which is why they are also exceptionally priced.

Black heels and red bottoms are simple and sleek. They are one of the most ideal Louboutins to purchase, especially if they’re the only pair you’ll own. They go with any outfit and still have a variety of styles and shapes to match your personality and fashion sense.

When you take into consideration the average price, where to purchase them, the durability, and everything that brings the shoe together, like material and styles, you’ll discover the perfect Louboutin high black heel with a red bottom for you.

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