Best Places To Sell A Designer Bag

8 Best Places To Sell A Designer Bag, And The Best Way To Do So

When you decide it’s time to part with the purses of your past, you might wonder where to sell a designer bag. Not only that, but how to sell a designer bag, so you get the most return on your investment.

Below, find the answers to both questions. That way, you have more money to splurge on yourself or loved ones.



Fashionphile is one of the most popular places for where to sell a designer bag or other luxury goods online. This company started in 1999, so you can trust that it’s reputable and has reliable customer service.

Fashionphile buys your designer items directly from you. You can bring your pieces to them by getting an online quote or bringing it in person to their stores or Neiman Marcus.

If you live in Florida, you can take advantage of White Glove Service. If you have multiple valuable items, a Fashionphile buying expert will come to you to help you assess your collection. You are under no obligation to sell to Fashionphile, though they’ll encourage it.

Their offers tend to be fair but don’t expect to hit a big pay-day. They have a team of experts who assess your handbag, and they’ll have a pretty accurate idea of its value. If you accept their quote, you don’t have to wait for them to sell your item to get paid. Your price also doesn’t depend on what it sells for, but that can be good or bad.

Recently, Fashionphile has partnered with Nieman Marcus to buy and sell used luxury clothing and accessories. There are a few perks of working with Fashionphile through Nieman Marcus.

They’ll give you an up-front down payment, and if you opt to receive your compensation as a Nieman Marcus gift card, they’ll give you an extra 10%. You can also bring your handbag into one of their stores in person. That means you don’t have to worry about mailing it anywhere.

Whether you work with Fashionphile directly or go through Nieman Marcus, you’ll work with some of the top professionals in the business. Of course, that comes at a price.

Fashionphile Fast Facts:

  • Fashionphile appraises your items and makes you an offer.
  • You can submit your articles online or in person at Fashionphile stores or select Nieman Marcus locations.
  • Your payout does not depend on what Fashionphile makes on your item.
  • Their offers tend to be fair but not high.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective

Another popular site to sell used luxury items is Vestiaire Collective. They operate a little bit like Tradesy but offer more support to sellers and more reassurance for buyers.

You’ll list items by completing a questionnaire and sending pictures in the mobile app. Vestiaire staff optimize the photos and help you list your items. Once they sell, you ship them to Vestiaire Collective for them to check authenticity and quality.

Once your items pass inspection, the Vestiaire finalizes the transaction, and you get paid. You’ll have to pay a selling fee (usually 6%-12%), and your commission is 80% of what’s left.

Vestiaire Collective Fast Facts:

  • VC helps you list your items for sale.
  • Once they’re sold, you ship them to VC for authenticity and quality checks.
  • VC charges a selling fee. After that’s paid, sellers usually keep 80%.



You’ve almost certainly heard of eBay, the giant online auction house where you can find virtually anything. That includes designer handbags.

eBay sees incredible traffic in a single day and has millions of registered users. You’re sure to reach the widest audience on eBay, and they have a serious market for luxury items.

You have a lot of control over the selling process on eBay, which may be good or bad, depending on what you want. You’re responsible for photographing your item, setting its price, determining shipping options, negotiating bids, and fulfilling orders.

Critically, you’re also responsible for authenticating your pieces. Some serious sellers want to see some proof, and that can be a hassle. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll have no reviews.

On the other hand, eBay charges relatively low fees. For handbags sold by small stores or individual sellers, they’ll typically keep 13% of the sale price up to $2000. That’s much less than consignment websites and tends to be more money than quotes from resellers.

They also handle payments, so you don’t have to worry about someone Venmo’ing you the money for your bags. You’ll get your payout in two business days.

eBay Fast Facts:

  • eBay is the largest online auction marketplace. They have a serious market for designer handbags, and you’ll see the most traffic here.
  • The seller handles almost all parts of the sale (other than taking payment from the buyer), including authentication.
  • eBay has relatively low fees for handbags: 13% for up to $2000.



Rebag launched in 2014, and they wanted to take the guesswork out of buying and selling luxury goods for ordinary people. Because they’re so committed to transparency, they’ve quickly become wildly popular in the world of designer resale.

Like many other sites on this list, Rebag gives you a quote based on the condition of your pieces. While they generate it using their proprietary AI software program, Clair, it’s comprehensive and objective.

Rebag intends its quote and appraisal index software to help guide sellers in making informed decisions about how to sell designer bags and other items.

These tools help you see how much your goods might be worth on the resale market. They’re indispensable in setting your prices (if you sell on your own) and even deciding what to sell.

Of course, Rebag encourages you to accept their quote. We can vouch that it will be fair and among the top quotes you’ll get from a reseller. They make it easy to ship your items to them.

Rebag is also a fabulous place to shop for used pieces. They provide potential buyers with detailed information about the bag’s condition. They’ll indicate all marks or imperfections, as well as the natural aging of the leather.

That way, there are absolutely no surprises when your new (to you) bag arrives at your door.

The fact that it’s so good for buying only bolsters its reputation for sellers. Rebag wants to dazzle customers with its fabulous selection. They especially love collector brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. That means they must treat their sellers well so they’ll keep coming back with more inventory.

Rebag Fast Facts:

  • Rebag uses AI technology to make you an offer to buy your handbags.
  • Rebag has a few brick-and-mortar shops, but most of their transactions are online.
  • For buyers and sellers, Rebag is known for transparency. You can be sure you’re getting a reasonable price.



If anyone in your family collects sneakers, you’ve probably heard of StockX. It’s a top online destination for collectible sneakers, but they also sell other high-end items, including designer handbags.

One nice thing about StockX is that you can decide whether to sell your bags to them for resale or try your hand at auctioning them yourself. With the “Ask” function, you set your minimum price for your item and let shoppers bid on it.

That way, if you need cash fast, you have a solution. But if you can hold out and hope for better, you might try the auction. You can always remove your auction items later and decide to sell them to StockX instead.

Many people get their offer from StockX and use that as a baseline to set their auction prices. The seller and buyers remain anonymous throughout the auction process. Once your item sells, StockX sends you a prepaid packaging label to send it in, making it even easier.

StockX charges fees for auctions. You’ll pay a 3% processing fee and a 14.5% transaction fee. Be sure to consider those when you set your prices if you decide to go to auction. However, they also authenticate your piece for the seller, removing any hesitation on their part.

Certain types of handbags sell better on StockX than others. If you have a piece made by a really edgy or new designer, you may find more interested buyers on StockX. The same applies if you have avant-garde or contemporary pieces from classical brands like Gucci.

StockX Fast Facts:

  • StockX is best for selling edgy, modern, and unusual designer brands and items.
  • You can sell your items directly to StockX or auction them off yourself.
  • If you decide to sell your items, you’ll pay close to 20% fees to StockX. However, they handle shipping and authentication for you.

The Real Real

The Real Real

The Real Real is another top place for where to sell a designer bag. They buy and sell all kinds of high-end luxury goods, including handbags, clothing, jewelry, other accessories, home decor, and even art.

The Real Real is an authentic consignment website. That means that you send them your pieces, and they list them for you. They handle all aspects of the transaction, and you receive your cut when your handbags sell.

Commission rates vary, and this is where The Real Real gets a little bit tricky. Your commission rate depends on how much business you do with them. In other words, you’ll get a higher commission the more you sell. Rates start at 40% and max out at around 70%.

They make the selling process as simple as possible, with three options for getting your items to them. You can set up an in-person appointment at your home. Typically they’ll only do this if you’re selling ten pieces or more, and they should be pretty valuable to warrant the visit.

You can certainly mail your items to them also. They’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label to use.

Finally, you can visit them at one of their consignment stores. They have shops in many major cities in the United States, including New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Palm Beach, Atlanta, and Austin.

In most cases, you must wait until your bags sell to get paid. They’ll sometimes let you use the Get Paid feature, but that usually ends up being less than if you can wait for it to sell. They pay sellers once a month on the 15th.

The Real Real Fast Facts:

  • The Real Real places your luxury items for sale on consignment.
  • When your items sell, you receive a commission between 40%-70%. Your commission rate depends on how much you sell.
  • The Real Real has several retail locations you can visit in person to sell (and shop), or you can mail your pieces for free. They’ll do home visits for extensive collections.
  • You can get really lucky with some big paydays, but there’s some uncertainty involved in selling on consignment.



Tradesy is super easy to use, and since it’s specifically for designer clothing and accessories, it’s a great place to sell a designer handbag. On Tradesy, you’ll be responsible for listing your items. That means taking pictures, setting prices, and finalizing sales.

Once you set up an account, it’s simple to start selling (and buying). You can even snap pictures in the mobile app and list items. Unlike eBay and StockX, you’re not auctioning your stuff. You set a price, and that’s what people searching the site see.

Price-setting is tricky, especially without an auction. We recommend that you browse Tradesy and other sites to see what similar items sell for elsewhere. Be sure to pay attention to the condition and account for that. That way, you can set a competitive but fair price.

Once your item sells, Tradesy sends you a prepaid shipping envelope. That takes the guesswork out of that process, which is nice.

Tradesy offers relatively low fees, too. For sales under $50, they charge $7.50. For anything over $50, you’ll pay 19.8%.

Tradesy Fast Facts:

  • On Tradesy, you’ll list your available items for sale to individual shoppers and set the price.
  • Tradesy handles the financial transaction and sends you a prepaid shipping label to send your stuff.
  • Their fees are relatively low: 19.8% for sales over $50.

Reputable Consignment Stores

Another option for where to sell designer handbags is local consignment shops. Some companies discussed above, such as The Real Real, have brick-and-mortar stores. Most communities also have locally-owned consignment stores, which can be good options.

As with eBay, you need to know how to sell a designer bag to a consignment store. To find one near you, visit your city’s chamber of commerce or business association. You can also do an internet search, but be sure to read reviews before committing.

You may also want to drop into the store to help decide if you want to do business with them. As you browse, look for other luxury items. If you see several, that’s a good sign that they pay fair prices.

You can certainly go through the process of receiving offers from online resellers and bringing those with you to the consignment store. That way, the buyer can see your other options in writing.

They might decide to top it, but even if they just match it, you’ll save yourself the worry of shipping your expensive pieces. What’s more, you get to support a local business.

Unless you have a collector’s item or antique piece, you probably want to avoid pawn shops. They tend to give low offers, especially on luxury items that aren’t as easy to sell to collectors.

Top Places To Sell A Designer Bag, Closing Thoughts

Deciding to sell a designer handbag can be an emotional experience. But even if you have no attachment to your pieces, knowing where to sell designer handbags makes the process much easier.

Browse the list above of the eight best places to sell your luxury items, and find the best one for you. That way, you can re-invest in new beautiful things!

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