Do Men Wear Necklaces?

Do Men Wear Necklaces?

So you like the idea of necklaces, but you’re not sure if men can wear them. So do men wear necklaces? This is what we explore today. Simply put:

Yes, men do wear necklaces. Necklaces are a great finishing touch to any outfit, and men should not be afraid to accessorize. While more popular for women, lots of men wear necklaces in many cultures.

Let’s look at this in more detail.

Can Men Wear A Necklace?

Can Men Wear A Necklace

As mentioned above, yes men can wear necklaces. There are several different styles and metal types that can cater to any style.

Styles range from simple chains to bold pendants, and there is an option for every outfit. There are several types of chains, some plain and some intricate. Yellow gold chains can dress up a classic black or white outfit, while white gold necklaces look better with cooler tones.

Your necklace’s ideal thickness and length will depend on several factors, including your size, outfit, and personal preferences. Slimmer men should opt for thinner chains, while men with a larger build can pull off thick chains.

What Are Typical Necklace Styles for Men?

What Are Typical Necklace Styles for Men

Do men wear necklaces that look a certain way? Both men and women can rock whatever necklace they prefer, but a few particular styles are especially flattering and popular for men.

The Classic Gold Chain

This timeless metal is one of the most popular styles of chains in the jewelry industry. In addition to the type of metal, there are also several chain styles for men.

The link chain, the most common type, consists of a combination of oval or round links in a consistent, uniform pattern. A cable chain is another popular chain style—it has a simple design with a crossbar connecting each link.

A rope chain has a more intricate design, with the links tightly woven together. A ball chain, also known as a bead change, is another unique chain style. The ball chain style consists of metal spheres instead of links.

There are also several different chain lengths and ways to fasten them. If gold isn’t your style, you can also opt for a silver chain.

Dog Tags and Religious Emblems

Dog tags and religious emblems are both pendant necklace styles that can have a deeper meaning.

Dog tags are associated with members of the military. There are both classic and upscale versions of dog tags. Dog tags are a type of pendant that usually consist of tags attached to a ball or bead chain. This particular style is that of military tags.

Dog tags are usually silver and often have text, an image, or a design on them. There are also stainless steel, diamond, titanium, leather, and many other material options to choose from.

Religious emblems are typically pendants that include symbols such as the Christian cross or the Star of David. These pendants are usually on simple, thin, or intricate, beaded chains.


Chokers are typically less popular among males. These necklaces are often always visible, regardless of shirt style, and can range from leather to a dainty sterling silver necklace.

This style hugs the neck and does not droop at all. However, your choker should not be too tight. It should loosely hug the skin, not squeeze it.

The choker is among the bolder necklace choices. Do not wear a choker above a high-neck top, like a turtleneck, or a low shirt like a deep v-neck. Men should pair chokers with tops with regular necklines.

What Types of Metal Necklaces Can Men Wear?

What Types of Metal Necklaces Can Men Wear

The three most common types of metals used in the jewelry industry are platinum, silver, and gold. However, the popularity of platinum has decreased over the years.

Do men wear necklaces that are usually a specific metal? The type of necklace you wear comes down to preference. However, different metals may complement different skin tones, styles, and outfits.

There are several types of gold: yellow, white, and rose. Yellow gold is the most commonly seen in men’s accessories. Different golds go through an alloying process, which is when manufacturers mix various metals with pure gold.

Gold, especially yellow gold, often looks best on skin tones with warmer, neutral, or olive undertones. Gold jewelry looks great with a simple t-shirt, turtleneck, button-up, or even a suit. The timeless design goes well with several different styles and outfits. If you are paler or have cooler undertones, you may want to opt for a silver necklace.

Yellow Gold

Since yellow gold is a warmer color, similarly to yellow on the color wheel, it can go well with opposites on the color wheel or neutrals like black and white. Try a classic gold chain with a black or white crew-cut t-shirt for a casual, put-together look.

White Gold

White gold has a much cooler tone than yellow gold and, in turn, complements cooler colors and helps make richer colors stand out. Try a white gold rope chain with a rich navy or burgundy button-up to make the colors of your outfit pop.

Rose Gold

Since rose gold has a hint of color in the metal, you should try to pair it with neutral tones. Rose gold also looks great with nude tones. Try pairing a thin, rose gold chain with a nude turtleneck for a simple and classy look.


Platinum is the sturdiest type of metal. It has a silvery appearance, and unlike silver, it doesn’t oxidize, which means that it doesn’t need to get professionally cleaned. This metal is one of the most wear-resistant materials, especially for jewelry. You can pair a platinum necklace with similar apparel as you would wear with white gold.

What Kinds of Outfits Do Necklaces Look Good with?

What Kinds of Outfits Do Necklaces Look Good with

Do men wear necklaces with specific outfits? A chain can dress up a casual daytime outfit or add the finishing touches to a dress shirt for a night out.

Opt for a yellow gold chain to add some flair to a simple white t-shirt. Try a sterling silver or gold chain if you’re trying to spice up a classic suit. A pendant or choker can stand out when paired with a deep V-neck t-shirt. 

Religious emblems and dog tags are often more muted, and men tend to wear them every day, regardless of the outfit. This is typically the same case with rosary beads and other religious symbols.

What Is the Best Chain Length for Men?

What Is the Best Chain Length for Men

There are several different chain length options, and the best length depends on personal preference, the outfit, and neck size. The wrong length can make a necklace look cheap or out of place. You can easily measure neck size with a tape measure. Men’s chain lengths usually range from about sixteen to thirty inches.

The most common, proper chain length will fall at the collar bone—this is usually about twenty inches. This length allows most men to wear your chain in or outside of your shirt. This length is a great option to have for any outfit. If you have a smaller neck, try an eighteen-inch chain.

Opt for a chain length of about sixteen to eighteen inches for a tighter choker style. Only purchase a chain of this length if you want the entire chain to be visible in nearly all outfits. Keep in mind that this necklace style may not be appropriate for all occasions.

A twenty-two to a twenty-four-inch chain is a popular length for necklaces with pendants or dog tags. This option is ideal for men that want to wear their necklaces outside of their shirts.

How Thick Should Men’s Necklaces Be?

How Thick Should Men's Necklaces Be

Another important consideration when purchasing a necklace is the width of the chain. The typical range of chain widths is from about 0.08 to 0.3 inches. The most common range is from 0.08 to 0.2 inches.

If you are on the slimmer side, you should choose a thinner width of about 0.08 to 0.16 inches. Burlier men may want to opt for a wider chain.

Are There Any Other Accessories That Go Well With Necklaces?

Are There Any Other Accessories That Go Well With Necklaces

Can men wear jewelry other than a necklace? Of course not. Necklaces are versatile accessories and can be worn alone or paired with another piece of jewelry like a watch, bracelet, or ring.

Although it used to be a big fashion mishap to mix-and-match different metals, that controversy is clearing. Show your originality and wear your favorite pieces, even if they don’t match perfectly.

Try pairing an emerald green ring with a yellow gold necklace. You’ll find that the colors will complement each other and tie together an outfit. Another gorgeous color to try pairing with yellow gold is a deep ruby stone.

Do Men Wear Necklaces? Closing Thoughts

Do Men Wear Necklaces - Closing Thoughts

Necklaces don’t have to be worn alone – spice up your outfit even further with a ring that contains complementary colors to make your outfit pop.

Whether you’re looking for a casual finishing touch or a bold statement, there is a necklace option for every occasion. One thing’s for sure. Men can definitely wear necklaces and look stylish while showing off a bit of bling.

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