Why Are Chanel Bags So Expensive?

Why Are Chanel Bags So Expensive?

We all want to look our best.

With how well-designed and high-quality Chanel handbags are, it’s no wonder that the prices are so high. These bags are a fabulous accessory to which any self-loving person would want to treat themselves.

Not only are the bags themselves so high quality, but the brand represents something more than that. French designer and businesswoman Gabrielle Coco Chanel pioneered women’s fashion, emphasizing comfort and practicality in high-end fashion.

But why are Chanel handbags so expensive?

Today we will dive into this question and expand on why Chanel is such a compelling fashion brand.

The Reason Chanel Bags Are So Expensive

The Reason Chanel Bags Are So Expensive

One of the main reasons Chanel bags are so expensive is their history. The bags were created to revolutionize women’s handbags and make them more comfortable to carry around.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel was an early 1900’s, French fashion designer. The fashion industry was dominated by male designers who didn’t always prioritize practicality or comfort in their designs. In an era where loungewear was not popularized for women, she was a pioneer in the industry.

After starting her own company, Chanel, in 1910, business was good for the entrepreneur. In 1920, however, the designer ran into an issue. Handbags of the early 1900s did not boast straps, and women like Gabrielle were sick of carrying their bags in front of them.

Focusing on comfort, Chanel created the first mass-produced handbag with a strap. She got the idea from soldier’s bags, which were much more convenient to carry around for long periods.

Chanel handbags were a widespread hit from day one and have remained the premium option for women’s bags worldwide.

It’s no wonder that these bags have remained popular, as their high-quality materials and commitment to sturdiness make them a long-lasting solution to a problem.

But with the increase in competition and bag options, why has Chanel remained so expensive?

Despite other alternatives quickly arising, the brand has remained a luxury item and has maintained exclusivity through its demand. Other handbag companies have focused on accessibility and mass production. In contrast, Chanel has always had more demand than supply of products.

Another thing that contributes to the brand’s prices is its production. Chanel uses better quality materials than its competitors, raising the bag’s price during construction.

Also, Chanel handbags take a lot of manpower to produce. The company claims that there are over 180 steps to making a Chanel handbag and that they pay some of the best artisans in Europe to take these steps along the way.

When it comes down to it, Chanel bags are just the best handbags available. The comfort and higher quality of the product take more money to produce, and their high demand keeps the prices from falling.

Chanel’s Commitment To Quality

Chanel's Commitment To Quality

Now that you understand why Chanel bags have grown into the industry giant they are, we can explore what exactly makes them so lovely to carry.

Chanel handbags are made using the finest materials available. The two primary materials utilized in a Chanel bag are grained calfskin and lambskin.

Calfskin leather works as some of the sturdiest materials for a luxury item. The material is hard to tear and lasts a long time barring any intentional damage.

Genuine lambskin makes for some of the softest materials on the market. The company claims that the lambskin used in their products is part of why their bags and other items are much more comfortable than their competitors.

On top of using the best quality materials for their goods, Chanel uses some of the best workers available for their handbags. Each action is taken care of by industry professionals working to ensure the bag’s quality.

The company employs artisans from all over Europe to ensure they have the best eyes available, checking on each bag. Nothing is more important in their process than the several quality control measures.

The company is so confident that these bags will maintain usage that they offer a warranty with it. Almost no other clothing items guarantee more than a few years of use. Hence, the Chanel et Moi warranty policy says a lot.

Through their practices, it is easy to see that Chanel has a high commitment to quality amongst their premium goods and that they spare no expense.

Why Are Chanel Bags So Popular?

Why Are Chanel Bags So Popular

After asking yourself, “why are Chanel handbags so expensive?” it is natural to question the brand’s popularity. These questions, however, go hand and hand.

Chanel bags are expensive because of their high quality and exclusivity, which is the same aspect that makes them appealing to customers. People love to feel special and owning a product so few can obtain makes for a feeling of uniqueness and validity.

Chanel bags are also some of the most comfortable and well-designed bags on the market. Their classic flap bag design is iconic and has been utilized with variations for decades. Even their larger bags use a similar strap because it is so comfortable.

It’s no wonder that so many people want to get their hands on a Chanel bag.

Where Can I Buy A Chanel Bag?

Where Can I Buy A Chanel Bag

Chanel bags are found in any local Chanel boutique. The company has stores all around the globe, and most major metropolitan areas host one.

Be aware, however, that Chanel bags are in high demand and take a long time to make. It is prevalent to be placed on a waitlist when purchasing a Chanel product, especially if it is one of their more popular designs.

Suppose you are unsure of which bag is best for you. In that case, you can also book an appointment with an advisor either in-store or through the Chanel website. These advisors are specially trained to help find a bag that best suits your needs and style.

If you want to save some money and are willing to buy a used Chanel handbag, there are also lots of pre-loved bags on the aftermarket.

While you can buy Chanel handbags on a bevy of different websites, it is advised that you stick to verified sellers approved by Chanel. Chanel bags are an expensive investment, and purchasing an inauthentic bag can be a significant issue.

Which Chanel Bags Are the Most Affordable?

Which Chanel Bags Are the Most Affordable

While Chanel handbags are a premium item, that doesn’t mean that all Chanel bags are unattainable. Some Chanel bags are cheaper than others, and we have compiled a list of some of the most affordable Chanel options.

  • Chanel 19 Pouch – Upwards of $1,311.
  • Chanel Business Affinity Bag – $3,772.
  • Chanel Deauville Small Tote Bag – $3,534.
  • Classic Wallet on Chain – $2,739.
  • Mini Bucket with Chain – $2,400.
  • Mini Business Affinity – $2,575.
  • Mini Flap Bag – $3,977
  • Vanity Bag with Chain – Upwards of $3,116.

Are Chanel Bags a Good Investment?

Are Chanel Bags a Good Investment

Many individuals choose to buy Chanel bags as more of an investment than a utility item. While these bags are high quality and great for everyday usage, one can see why you might choose to keep your handbag on the shelf.

Chanel bags make for a good investment because of their rising prices. Chanel bags have consistently increased in price over the years as inflation has raised the cost of materials. Not only that, but the company continues to pay their workers excellent wages that must also account for inflation.

Chanel also works to maintain high quality, meaning that they can only produce their bags so fast. Without sacrificing quality, the company can’t make bags as fast as consumers want them. This high demand keeps the prices of their handbags high.

Because the demand is high and prices are constantly rising, handbags are a good investment for those looking to accumulate some passive income.

Another thing that helps make Chanel bags a good investment is collectors. Many people pride themselves on their high-end fashion collection, and Chanel is no exception to this rule. Having people who seek out vintage handbags means that there is a thriving aftermarket for the product.

Buying a Chanel bag now may be expensive. But if you keep it in good condition and sell it after a few years, you will likely make more money than you spent.

Chanel Vs. Hermes Bags

Chanel Vs. Hermes Bags

As you may already know, the Chanel and Hermes brands make the most significant portion of their revenue through their handbags. The two companies specialize in their unique designs and high-quality handbag materials.

So, how do Hermes bags compare to Chanel?

Well, the first thing to look at is price, much like Chanel Hermes bags span a wide price range when looking at the top and bottom ends. The highest-priced Hermes bag packs seven digits, while the lowest only has 4.

Overall, Chanel bags tend to be cheaper than Hermes. Hermes boasts three of the world’s top five most expensive handbags, and even their most affordable designs don’t go as low as Chanel.

Another thing to consider is the aftermarket value of these bags. While Hermes bags are more expensive than Chanel, they do tend to rise higher and faster than their counterparts. This means that Hermes will generally make you a more significant profit than Chanel.

Lastly, there is the matter of quality and design. Chanel bags are made by larger teams of people, meaning that there are more eyes on the product during production. This means that there are more stages of quality assurance, and the bags are tested more rigorously.

More eyes also mean that Chanel bags tend to get influenced by more ideas. While this might sound conflicting on paper, having more designers and artisans available means that there can be more variance and flair.

Hermes might be more expensive than Chanel, but they aren’t generally as fashionable or high quality. Consider what is most important to you before choosing which handbag you want to purchase.

Chanel vs. Louis Vuitton Bags

Chanel vs. Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton is another high-end fashion brand that produces luxury handbags. While these brands do share some similarities, there are some differences to consider when shopping.

Regarding price, Louis Vuitton bags tend to be cheaper and more attainable than Chanel’s. Chanel is generally a more exclusive brand with higher quality materials, so the cost of production is much higher relative to their demand.

Chanel bags also make for a better investment than Louis Vuitton, as they usually rise in value more over time. This makes Chanel bags a better investment for those looking to make some money.

One thing that Louis Vuitton bags have on Chanel is variety. Because these bags are cheaper and easier to produce, a larger variety of designs can suit more tastes.

Both of these brands have merit, but Chanel bags are a better choice if you can afford them. Chanel bags are made with better materials, are more exclusive, and rise in value much higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

While we have covered a lot of information already, you might still have some related questions about the topic. Below we have answered some of the most asked questions relating to Chanel and its prices.

What makes Chanel so special?

Chanel handbags are made with some of the highest-quality materials in the industry. They also boast a long history of empowering women through refined and practical designs.

Who is Chanel’s #1 model?

Chanel’s latest Chanel N. 1 de Chanel campaign stars Hoyeon Jung as she models the company’s new makeup and skincare line.

Does Chanel use gold in their products?

Until 2008, Chanel used 24-karat gold alloy material in their products surrounded by metal. Since then, the company has forgone the gold in its products and has discontinued bags that use the material.

Why Are Chanel Bags So Expensive? Closing Thoughts

In the end, it is easy to see why Chanel bags are so expensive. This brand was built on the foundation that high-quality products drive demand.

If you are asked, “why are Chanel bags so expensive?” politely educate this individual about the brand’s history and quality assurance.

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