Best Stores like Oh Polly

9 Best Stores like Oh Polly 2024, Alternatives Considered

For many years, Oh Polly has been the go-to store for sexy and appealing women’s wear. That said, they might not always have everything that appeals to different individuals, so they might need Oh Polly alternatives.

The Internet is chock full of high-quality dress shops, so here are some stores like Oh Polly that you can check out for yourself.

Princess Polly

Princess Polly

Princess Polly boasts of having trendy clothes ready for your next Instagram picture or TikTok video in any size for any body type. Their Curve collection is especially impressive, with lots of dresses and tops meant for curvier bodies, bringing the same Oh Polly appeal for more body types.

You do not just shop by dress, shirt, or pants, though. Instead, they have shopping pages for different Instagram influencers and special occasions. Such specific shopping pages help take the guesswork out of shopping for a bachelorette party or a Friday night out with girlfriends.



Windsor might be the place to look for your next clubbing dress. Each dress boasts beautiful colors, alluring skirt lengths, and sexy necklines. You may need to break out your adhesive bras for these dresses since they have intricate and interesting lacing designs in the back. On the whole, it is slightly fancier than Oh Polly but offers roughly the same prices.

Windsor dresses offer no shortage of glamor either since their Prom dresses look like something made for a red carpet walk or a fairy tale ball. You luckily do not have to break the bank for these dresses since their fanciest dress is just over $200. Their sequined dresses are only between $50 to $110.



Oh Polly’s dress lines are pretty glamorous, but the Australian online shop Stelly takes that up a few notches. They have several beautiful cuts and dress styles, but not much to wear to a casual occasion. Each dress color has its own page with some interesting mid-body cuts to accentuate a slim figure.

They also have some pants and shirts, but you can count on finding your next eye-catching dress, whether for a formal or casual occasion. Expectant mothers can also browse their Bump Friendly collection for their baby shower or a night out.



While Lulus has some beautiful special occasion dresses like Oh Polly, it might also be a good place for Easter Sunday or summer picnic shopping. If you prefer not to show too much chest or want something more everyday, Lulus Floral Dress line might have something for you. Their shift dresses are great for walks on the beach or boardwalk or for just being comfortable.

There are not many crazy or unique designs for Lulus dresses, but they are still quite lovely and come at reasonable prices. Their Trending pages allow you to see the site’s bestsellers and what other women are currently shopping for.

Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique

So far, we have seen lots of glamor and style but not a lot of casual fun. Beginning Boutique enters the picture with many tops, bottoms, and dresses meant for fun and wild occasions.

Browse their Festival collection for crazy outfits to wear to the next music festival or all-around fun time. It is an especially fun collection for women who like a little sass and attitude to their look, with fun sayings and unique fabric prints.

Do not worry about finding fancy dresses at Beginning Boutique because they share some of the appealing cuts as Oh Polly. Women who like sexy slits and alluring necklines should give the collection a look.



Showpo is among the more versatile options on this list, so they have everything from formal wear to activewear. All pieces come in sizes 0 to 16 or XS to XXL. Plus, some of the activewear patterns would be fun to have.

They also have a complete denim collection stocked with pants and skirts for everyday wear. There are even some fun rompers and overalls for a throwback look. Their knitwear collection is similar and has dresses and tops built for stylish comfort.

You can shop accessories and makeup for a little extra style to complete your look. On the whole, Showpo is Oh Polly’s cute girl-next-door cousin.

Red Dress

Red Dress

Red Dress is one of those shops that manages to be casual and glamorous at the same time. If you look at their formal dress collection, the dresses look comfortable and beautiful without being over-the-top.

Like Oh Polly, the site is straightforward to shop on, since every usual category, like shirts, dresses, and so on, has categories of their own, i.e., long-sleeved dresses, mini dresses, maxi dresses, and more. So if you do not know what you are looking for, you will have an idea after browsing the shop.

They even have a “Dresses Under 50.00” category for shoppers on a budget. The collection is not limited to everyday dresses, luckily. There are a few dresses you might consider wearing to a shower or company party.

It is also fun to use their “Shop the Gram” page, which compiles different outfits with clothes and accessories from Red Dress. Click on any picture, and it will tell you where to buy each piece of the outfit.

Y.A.S from Asos

Y.A.S from Asos

Y.A.S takes the style and comfort of Showpo and adds a touch more fun to the mix. Of course, you will still find some casual everyday wear, but there are also some fun pieces to wear on your next downtown visit or if you want to set a new trend among your friends.

If you are looking for sexy or body-hugging dresses, you may need to look elsewhere, but there are many fun summer dresses, like on Oh Polly. Y.A.S seems to enjoy flowing, peasant-like dresses, with lots of bright colors and full skirts made for summer breezes.

This is also the first store on the list to prominently feature pajamas, comfy tops, and sweatshirts. They still have that Y.A.S style, so even the sweatshirts have a look all their own.



Be prepared to pull out the big credit card for Meshki since their clothes are slightly more expensive than other entries here. Their clothes are still very much affordable, but you might not find clothes on a tight budget here.

They have some impressive collections for different occasions, such as their new Soulmate Collection, which celebrates love for your friends, family, and especially yourself. Like Oh Polly, such pretty pieces provide you with form-fitting, beautiful fashions without spending your whole bank account.

Besides categorizing clothes, Meshki has a Trends list that lets you try different styles and eras, such as 70’s Retro, Mesh, Lace, Chocolate, White, and so on. Their Instashop lets you shop via Instagram and find similar items on the site. You might also check out the “Spotted On” tab to see which influencers featured Meshki clothes.

What Makes a Store Similar to Oh Polly

To be considered an Oh Polly alternative, a store must follow specific criteria. By itself, Oh Polly stands out for its quality, form-fitting clothes that any woman can buy and wear, along with different accessories to complete any outfit. While other stores might differ slightly in style, the following criteria are still crucial for stores like Oh Polly.

Offer Clothing for All Body Types

It can be disheartening to see beautiful clothing only available for a specific body type. Oh Polly, and consequently all Oh Polly alternatives, likes to make sure all women feel included in their selected style.

Clothing for All Kinds of Occasions

Stores like Oh Polly help women decide what to wear for any occasion, from just being comfy to making an entrance at a party. As long as something casual and something formal is available, such a shop might be your stop.

Affordable Prices

While high-quality clothing inevitably costs money, stores like Oh Polly do not ask you for a whole month’s salary just for a dress. At the most, you might shell out close to $200 for a fancy dress.

Easy to Shop

Sometimes you do not know what you want to look for. Oh Polly alternatives will have plenty of categories on their homepage pointing to different clothing styles.

In some cases, shops offer Instagram pages where users compile different looks using pieces from the shop. Links will appear beside the picture detailing where to buy the articles on the site and how much they cost altogether.

Top Stores Like Oh Polly, Final Thoughts

Sometimes you need to do a little searching to find the right style without breaking the bank. Between Oh Polly and all its alternatives, there are plenty of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles for any woman looking to expand their wardrobe. All stores are online, so great fashion is right at your fingertips.

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