How Long Does Zara Take To Ship?

How Long Does Zara Take To Ship?

If you’ve recently made a Zara order, you’re probably wondering when it will get to you. Sometimes the shipping times advertised are not always met, and you’re left frustrated while waiting to receive your shipment.

Whether you’ve ordered clothes or home items, we’ve got the shipping time details and information for you below. So, read on to find out the answer to the question, “how long does Zara take to ship?”

Zara Clothes Shipping Times

Zara Clothes Shipping Times

For Zara Clothes orders, you can expect a typical shipping time of two to four business days (according to their official website).

So for example, if you place an order on a Tuesday, you should be able to expect the delivery sometime between Thursday and the following Monday. The most likely situation is that it would arrive on Friday.

Their website details information for next-day delivery. Bear in mind that that is only available for Zara Clothes orders. Packages sent through this method should arrive the day after you bought an item.

You only need to ensure that you place the order before 12:00 pm between Monday and Friday for Zara to secure next-day delivery.

Costs for next-day delivery on Zara clothes orders vary. Usually, it depends on your delivery address. There is a flat-rate fee for delivery addresses in Alaska and Hawaii.

The price for standard delivery is the same for both Zara Clothes and Zara Home items, regardless of your delivery address or what the order consists of. Still, free shipping is available for orders.

Zara Home Shipping Times

Zara Home Shipping Times

Zara Home items take a bit longer to ship than clothes orders do. You can generally expect a 24 hour longer shipping time if you’re making a Zara Home purchase.

As stated on Zara’s website, standard delivery packages should arrive within three to five business days. That takes into account the 24-hour period that Zara Home items add.

So for example, if you make a Zara Home purchase on a Wednesday, it is most likely that it will arrive the following Tuesday. However, it could be anywhere in the range of the following Monday through Wednesday.

Unfortunately, there is no option for next-day delivery for Zara Home products. So, keep that in mind if you need your Zara Home order sooner than the three to five business day estimate.

If you do need a Zara Home item quickly, you could always opt for the pick-up point delivery option. That is where Zara provides a list of locations near you that they could ship to, and you agree to go there to pick up your order.

The pick-up point delivery option arrives in two to four business days, cutting off an average of one business day from your wait time.

Where Does Zara Ship From?

Where Does Zara Ship From?

A good indicator that influences the question “how long does Zara take to ship” is the company’s location. Zara is headquartered in Arteixo, Spain. Being a Spanish brand, all four of their distribution centers are based in the country.

Depending on the option you choose for delivering Zara products, your order could come from one of the four Spanish distribution centers. International shipping is, of course, a big factor in influencing Zara shipping times.

However, if they are out of stock for a particular item, Zara can do ship-from-store options. In this case, your order would be shipped from whichever store nearest you has the particular item you’re looking for.

Ultimately, it depends on what you’re ordering and the item’s availability. Most often, your shipment has likely arrived all the way from one of the Spanish distribution centers!

Does Zara Do Shipping Tracking?

Does Zara Do Shipping Tracking?

Yes, you will receive an email after you make a purchase. That email will include a link titled “Order Information.” If you click on this link, you should be able to keep up with the order tracking.

Zara will continue to send email updates throughout the shipping process. That will allow you to follow each stage of the delivery and monitor where your order is.

If you are signed up with a Zara account, you can also just simply login at any time and access the shipping information in the “My Account” section.

Both options will give you clear information about tracking your order, providing an estimated delivery date.

Where Can I Find My Zara Tracking Number?

You can find your Zara tracking number in the same places that you’ll find the shipping tracking information. You can either access it by email or by your pre-existing Zara account.

Why Is My Zara Order Taking So Long?

Why Is My Zara Order Taking So Long?

If it’s been longer than the stated shipping times above since you placed your Zara order, you may be looking for some answers.

In some cases, it is enough to delay a shipment if you live somewhere remote. Your delivery address could be one factor causing your shipment to take so long.

In other cases, you may have ordered on a weekend and expected the order within two to four days. But remember to take into account that only includes business days. That means that weekends are excluded from Zara shipping time estimates.

Relatedly, it could have been on or near a holiday when you placed your order. Not only are holidays not considered business days (even when they fall on Monday-Friday), but they are also super busy times for most brands and companies.

Around Black Friday, for example, Zara (and likely most other companies in general) is often inundated with an influx of online orders. The processing period could be much longer in these instances.

It is also possible that the distribution centers are out of stock of the item you ordered. If that is the case, there will be a delay in your shipping order reaching you.

There is usually never one blanket reason why a Zara order is late. It could be due to several factors that you cannot know until you ask.

This is why we recommend reaching out to Zara when it has been significantly longer than expected for your order.

How To Contact Zara

If your order is not on time, then one step you can do is to reach out to the company. Zara has a contact page that features a chat function. That will let you speak with a live representative to get some clarification and insight on your order.

It is also possible to call Zara anytime Monday-Friday between 8:30 am to 7:30 pm EST or on Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST. Their phone number is +1 (855) 635-9272.

And lastly, if you are experiencing a particularly long wait time or have not received the help you were looking for, you could always tag Zara on their social media platforms. They will often respond quickly and help with your situation publicly.

How Long Does Zara Take To Ship? Closing Thoughts

How Long Does Zara Take To Deliver Clothes?

So, how long does Zara take to ship? Well, estimated shipping times can always vary depending on the delivery address, time of purchase, stock, and endless other factors. While each service does have a typical estimated shipping time, it is not always possible to fulfill an order within it.

That said, Zarah’s shipping times like H&M and other competitors are pretty reasonable on the whole. Of course, it can be frustrating to be waiting on a shipment to arrive for longer than you expected. But, have patience: you’ll have a new outfit in no time!

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